Take Aim! The Pirate Baseball King

Target. Pirate Baseball King is the special to the 5th movie, which is about 5.30 minutes long. It takes place after the Skypiea arc, as Gan Fall and some other sky dwellers can be seen. The setting of the baseball game is a huge, stadium-shaped black ship, around which the ships of the participants and spectators are anchored.


First, Luffy steps up to bat. Arlong throws the ball, but Luffy stares Kiss, who is the catcher in the first round, in the face and gets the ball in the butt and is thrown against the wall along with Kiss and Gan Fall.

Next up is Zoro, Hatchan is the pitcher. Zoro uses three clubs, which is why Hatchan throws three balls at once. But Zoro hits so hard with his attack [Hidari san ga bakuretsu], “Flying Triple Explosion Strike” in fansub, that all three balls shatter.

The ship in which the stadium is located

Now it’s Usopp’s turn to throw to Arlong. Before he starts, Luffy tries to run to the next base (steal a base), but he doesn’t make it as Arlong reacts quickly and throws the ball to Hatchan. The ref calls Luffy out, but Nami yells at the ref to take a good look. Because Luffy has his legs stretched and his feet still on first base. However, when Kiss and the ref there take a closer look, they notice that he is a tiny bit off base.

Now Arlong throws the ball right at Usopp, who tried to tiptoe away (Yes, on his toes! His shoes seem to be broken). But Usopp just manages to dodge it and the ball slams into the wall. Kiss gets it and is about to pass it on quickly when he notices Usopp running down the bases at a monkey pace. When Usopp is almost at the fourth base, he tries a jump, but then he gets caught with his nose on the ground just before the base and is out.

The flags

Then it’s Sanji’s turn, but he’s not paying attention to Arlong’s throws, he’s paying attention to Nami. When he has already caused almost three strikes, he holds the last ball with his foot and hurls it out of the stadium with a “Great Shot”. Nami then congratulates him, but immediately regrets it, because now he’s in a love frenzy again and doesn’t walk on, which is why he’s quickly out.

Now we see a punch from Arlong (Robin threw), which Zoro doesn’t catch and which knocks Chopper out of the way, but Robin catches him with Cent Fleurs. She passes it around so Sanji, Luffy, and Zoro can each intercept Hatchan, Hatchan, and Arlong at their base.

Then the last (9th) inning begins in which the Straw Hat Pirates must score, as they are down 0-3. The batter is Luffy and Arlong throws. On the first pitch, Luffy can’t react and on the second pitch, his bat breaks. Therefore, Luffy wants to hit the third ball with his arm. In doing so, he uses the “gum-gum homerun” attack, which is remotely reminiscent of the gum-gum twister. The ball knocks Moo Cow over (as well as Buggy in pieces against the wall, because he gets it in the face) and the Straw Hat Pirates makes a “full base home run” and wins the game.


Baseball playerNumberPirates
Luffy1Straw Hat Pirates
Zoro60Straw Hat Pirates
Sanji34Straw Hat Pirates
Nami73Straw Hat Pirates
Chopper13Straw Hat Pirates
Usopp69Straw Hat Pirates
Robin26Straw Hat Pirates
Arlong1Arlong Pirates
Kuroobi?Arlong Pirates
Hatchan8Arlong Pirates
Kiss9Arlong Pirates
Momoo?Arlong Pirates
The Straw Hat Pirates

There are two pirate teams competing in this match, Arlong’s gang with Arlong, Hatchan, Hatchan, Kiss and Moo Cow against the Straw Hat gang with Luffy, Zoro, Nami, Usopp, Sanji, Chopper and Robin.

The four umpires are sky dwellers, Gan Fall is behind the batting point. A special feature of this match are the balls: They are steel balls with spikes (as on a flail). The match is commentated by Buggy and Bon Kurei, who sit in a reporter’s booth at the top of the stands. (You can also see Pandaman and Wapol as commentators in the adjacent booths).


The ominous scoreboard
  • Pandaman also makes an appearance in this special.
  • The scoreboard says “PASSWORD [←][→][→][A][B]” at the top.
  • Among the spectators are also marines
  • In one scene, you see a player from Arlong who has a normal human hand (you only see the lower half of his body), but a dark blue leg. He is standing next to Zoro and is quite slim.
  • You never see Moo Cow’s back, and you never see the number on Hatchan’s jersey, so the numbers are missing here. And both Arlong and Luffy wear the “1”.

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