Tajio of One Piece

Tajio is a young cook on a naval ship.

This article contains information that only comes from the anime, not the manga.
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Tajio wears the robe typical of a navy cook. He has red hair, black eyebrows and glasses.


Since the kitchen boy is from the Navy, he doesn’t trust pirates, so he didn’t want to accept the soup Sanji offered him. However, after a few words from Sanji, he ate it. Also, when it comes to cooking, he is very eager and enjoys it.


Tajio has only been working as a kitchen boy for half a year, and in that time he only had to do chores like washing dishes or cleaning vegetables. He had never cooked a dish on his own, so he could only finish the curry dish with a little help from Sanji.


Tajio spilled the curry dish

Six months ago, Tajio started as an apprentice on the Navy ship.

Before Tajio met Luffy and his gang, he had poured out the curry dish for the lunch of some high-ranking naval officers. The cook in command told him to make a new one. This, however, he failed to do.


Tajio cooks under Sanji’s supervision

Tajio, standing at the railing of a naval ship, spotted the Straw Hat Pirates’s ship coming out of the fog and was so startled that he fell overboard. Robin rescued him and Tajio woke up again in the Straw Hats’ ship and was offered soup by Sanji. He recognized Sanji as a master chef. Sanji decided to go to the Navy ship with Tajio to help him with his curry dish. Thanks to the little help from the Straw Hats’ ship chef, Tajio remembered lessons that the Navy chef had once explained to other chefs. Eventually, he said goodbye to Sanji again. At the meeting of the navy captains, Tajio still helped serve his curry dish, which tasted delicious to the captains.


  • Like Sanji, he believes in the existence of the All Blue.

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