T Bone of One Piece

T-Bone, also called the“Ship Cutter” (jap. 船斬り, Funekiri), is a Rear Admiral of Naval Headquarters and a former knight.


T-bone after the time jump

T-Bone’s appearance seems quite fearsome that even his own people are afraid of him. There is something chivalrous about his outfit and his sword. T-Bone has very pale skin and longer curly hair. He is also noticeably missing a tooth in his upper row of teeth. His sword is straight as a die and he hates all swords that are not. Like most naval officers, T-Bone wears a white naval coat.


Despite his creepy exterior, however, he is an extremely helpful and caring person on the inside. If one of his men is wounded, he will unhesitatingly tear a piece from his coat to dress the wound.

He also despises swordsmen who fight with more than one sword. He refers to himself as “Honest-and-Fair-Bone”.

Skills and Strength

T-Bone is a swordsman who fights with a longsword called Bamboo. With his sword, he is also able to cut a sea king or ship in half lengthwise. Hence his nickname “ship cutter”. T-Bone also seems to have an iron will. Thus, after the last two carriages were uncoupled, he continued to pursue the sea train along the tracks, even though he could have lost his arms and legs in the process.


On the Sea Train: Fight with Zoro

T-Bone is defeated by Zoro

To increase the security of the transport of prisoners Cutty Framm and Nico Robin, Captain T-Bone was detached from naval headquarters and assigned to CP9 as support. On the sea train, he and his men guarded the fifth car.

When he noticed that an unwanted guest had gained entry into the sixth railcar, the boxcar that Usopp and Franky were in, he took action and cut the door of the railcar with his attack “Bonsoir” as it was nailed shut by Franky. Noticing that there was no one in the last two wagons, he climbed up to the roof where he saw Sanji and the fugitives who were in the process of disconnecting the wagons where T-Bone and the soldiers were.

Though he ordered the soldiers to run back immediately, by then it was too late. Helplessly he remained behind and immediately decided to take up the pursuit on the rails, even if it might cost him his arms and legs. After some time – after Zoro had divided the wagons of his subordinates – he met the Rocketman, in whom Zambai immediately recognized the ship cutter with great respect.

Courageously, Zoro confronted the famous captain, whose attack “Big Bird” was intended to sink the Rocketman and thus bring justice. But Zoro recognized this and counterattacked, defeating T-Bone, destroying his sword and hurling him into the sea.

The Battle of Marine Ford

T-Bone arrives at Marine Ford

In the wake of the summoning of all the forces of justice to battle with the Whitebeard gang, many important naval officers arrived at Marine Headquarters at Marine Ford, including T-Bone. There preparations were made to defend against the Whitebeard pirate gang, who were expected at headquarters on the day of the execution to free Ace.

After the battle had gone on for a bit and it became apparent that Little Oars Jr. wasn’t dead after all and got back up, T-Bone was shocked. But eventually Ace and Whitebeard met their deaths and Shanks declared the war over.

Two years later

T-Bone broke the news to the new Grand Admiral Sakazuki that he had encountered Admiral Fujitora in Mary Geoise. However, despite Sakazuki’s orders that Fujitora was not to enter any naval base until he brought him the heads of Trafalgar Law and Luffy, he was granted entry.

Fujitora pointed out that Mary Geoise was not technically a naval base, to which T-Bone could not think of a suitable response. Therefore, T-Bone reported to the Grand Admiral, even if it angered him greatly. The tense situation was not helped by Sengoku’s brief appearance, which only angered Sakazuki more, much to T-Bone’s chagrin.


an earlier draft of T-Bone
  • He probably owns a new sword, since his old one was destroyed in the fight against Zoro.
  • His favorite food is mild-tasting vegetarian dishes.
  • An earlier draft T-Bones was released in One Piece Green, in which he doesn’t look as bony. However, his character was also planned differently, so he was initially supposed to be a petty macho man.

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