SWORD is a secret special forces unit (jap. 機密特殊部隊, Kimitsu Tokushu Butai) of the Navy whose exact mission is currently unknown. However, it seems that they are only entrusted with missions that involve the world’s highest-ranking enemies. The extent to which the world government has knowledge of this special unit and its missions is as yet unknown. In contrast, the SWORD unit is not aware of all the activities of the World Government, specifically Cipher Pol 0.

Known members

PositionNameRankDevil Fruit
Capt:X. DrakeRear Admiral *Dinosaur Fruit, Model: Allosaurus
Member:Kobysea captainnone


  • SWORD and the world government’s secret service, the CP0, seem to be exact counterparts in name. Aigis is a shield in Greek mythology, while SWORD embodies a sword.
  • Like Sengoku and Donquixote Rosinante, SWORD uses code words to ensure a secure exchange of information.

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