Suna Suna Clan

The Suna Suna Clan (jap. 砂砂団, Suna Suna Dan) were a group of kids and good friends from Arabasta. The secret camp of the gang was the clock tower in Arbana.

Known members

Fellow Strugglers:Natto
Fellow Strugglers:Kebi


The new member

Vivi wants to become a member of the desert kids

The story of the Suna Suna Clan began when young Koza visited King Cobra in Arbana with his father Toto. He wanted to complain because it wasn’t raining in his village, but the king replied that even he couldn’t control the weather. However, he still wanted to help the village, so he arranged for the palace to cut back a bit. Outside the door, Koza met Vivi, who called him a crybaby, whereupon an argument ensued. When the princess returned to the palace shortly afterwards, bleeding, it became clear that she had been in a fight. Toto wanted to take the punishment immediately, but Kobra denied it, saying that they were still children. After this experience, Vivi sought out Koza and his friends on the outskirts of town to be allowed to join them. A fight broke out again, as a result of which Koza appointed the young girl vice of his gang of children out of respect. This was also observed by Kobra and Igaram, who were happy that Vivi had made friends.

Mugging Vivi

Koza wants to save Vivi

The next morning, Vivi came by Koza’s house. Toto greeted her and said that his son was already on his way. The princess wanted to go look for him, but met some men led by the robber Agotogi, who asked her if they could accompany her. Then the rest of the desert kids showed up and warned their friend that they wanted to kidnap her. A fight ensued, but the kids didn’t stand a chance. Vivi fled to the ruins, where she was cornered by Agotogi. Koza rushed in and attacked the bandit again, injuring him in the face. The boy did not give up, however, and bravely continued to pummel the enemy until he was finally able to actually bring him to his knees. As the overpowering remaining kidnappers joined the fray, Kobra and Igaram, along with Chaka and Pell, suddenly appeared and rescued their charges.

Koza is wounded

Koza goes to Yuba

Koza came to the infirmary, where he soon got better. Together with his father he decided to go to an oasis to found a town there. Thus, Koza and Vivi parted ways, and with them the desert kids for the time being, until all of them, with the exception of Vivi, re-formed as a rebel army a few years later.

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