Summit War of Marineford

Ace, the commander of the 2nd Division of the Whitebeard Gang, had been searching for Marshall D. Teach, aka Blackbeard, for some time, as he once killed Thatch, the commander of the 4th Division of Whitebeard’s gang, while he himself was still a member of the gang. Ace set out to find Blackbeard, who had served in his division, as comrade murder is the worst crime that exists in Whitebeard’s eyes. For this, Blackbeard should be held accountable.

The announcement of a great event

After a long search, the two met on Banaro, which is very close to Water 7. A heated battle ensued, during which Blackbeard explained his motives: Thatch had found the Dark Fruit. It was only because of this one devil fruit that Blackbeard had been on Whitebeard’s ship for decades, as he saw a greater chance of finding the devil fruit that way. After Thatch found the fruit, Blackbeard killed him and ate the dark fruit.

The fight between Ace and Blackbeard, which raged on Banaro, was to be the catalyst for a very big event coming in the near future.

In the end, Blackbeard won the battle and handed Ace over to the world government. Through this feat, he was, as hoped, appointed Samurai of the Seas. Ace, on the other hand, was taken to Impel Down.

It was later announced that Ace’s execution was a done deal. This announcement is considered a declaration of war by the World Government against the Whitebeard Gang. In order to secure Ace’s execution, a large force of the Navy was ordered to the execution site, Marine Headquarters in Marine Ford. In addition, The Seven Warlords of the Seas were also summoned to Mary Geoise to assist the Navy. Jinbe did answer this call, but went on a rampage in Mary Geoise, not wanting any action taken against Whitebeard and Ace. Thus, he was arrested and taken to Impel Down.

Since Boa Hancock, the only woman among the samurai, has not responded to the summoning of the samurai, Vice Admiral Momonga has been sent to the women’s island of Amazon Lily to demand Hancock’s cooperation. If she continued to refuse to answer the call of the world government, her title would be revoked and her home island, which was known to be the Kuja pirates’ loophole, would no longer be safe from naval attack. Hancock finally agreed, on the condition that she be taken to Impel Down to see Ace first. This request was due to the intention of Luffy, who was on the island after Bartholomew Kuma’s attack and with whom the pirate had fallen in love, to save his brother from death. Hancock had to be in Marine Ford no later than a week from now, the date of Ace’s execution.

In the Impel Down

The Impel Down

After Hancock smuggled Luffy into the Impel Down without getting caught and got a quick glimpse of Ace, she left with Momonga for Marine Ford.
Meanwhile, at the Impel Down, Luffy, along with Buggy, an inmate who was imprisoned there but had escaped, caused chaos and freed several prisoners, including Mr. 2 and Mr. 3 from the Baroque Company.
Together, they attempted to free Ace, though Buggy and Mr. 3 had other plans than to penetrate further into the maximum security prison.
Together, they made their way down level after level through the underwater prison. However, Luffy was badly injured by Magellan, the head of the prison, and was captured in Level 5, Ice Hell. Buggy and Mr. 3 then turned their backs on him and tried to make their way to the surface. Mr. 2, however, freed his new friend. Luffy, continuing to be nearly immobilized due to severe poisoning, defeated attacking wolves with a Haki attack, but afterwards collapsed, as did Mr. 2 aka Bentham. They were taken by Inazuma to the secret Newkama Land, where they were largely cured by the head transgender and revolutionary fighter Emporio Ivankov using his devil power, but this cost Luffy several years of his life.

Luffy’s Alliance Fights Their Way Through Impel Down

After Luffy recovered, which took several hours, he and the transgender army headed to level six, where Ace was trapped. However, when they got there, it turned out that Ace had already been taken away. The cell he was trapped in contained only Jinbe, who Luffy and his crew freed to fight alongside them, as they decided to leave for Marine Ford now. They also freed Crocodile, who also agreed to fight.
On the way up, they have additionally taken Daz Bonez with them.
Together with the prisoners freed by Buggy and Mr. 3, they fought their way higher and higher. Concurrently, Blackbeard, together with his crew, entered Impel Down from above. They defeated many guards and then encountered Luffy and his pack. After Luffy learned that it was Teach who defeated his brother, thus putting him in this situation, he attacked him, but didn’t stand a chance. The fight was only interrupted by Magellan, who took on the Blackbeard gang.
Luffy’s alliance was thus able to escape from the prison and escape on a Navy warship originally assigned to secure Impel Down, and set course for Marine Ford. Only Bentham, who sacrificed himself for the group, was unable to escape.
The Blackbeard gang, meanwhile, were heavily poisoned, but were cured of these poisonings by Shiryu, the former deputy warden of the Impel Down, who had been captured but set free to secure the prison due to the uprising. As a result, Shiryu joined the Blackbeard Gang.

Battle of Marine Ford

The prologue

The powers that be in the Navy gather together

Meanwhile, Ace was being taken to the scaffold in Marine Ford. It was still three hours to the execution. There were 100,000 soldiers gathered in Marine Ford, including Sengoku, the three admirals Akainu, Kizaru, and Aokiji, and many vice admirals. Also present were five of the Seven Samurai: Hawkeye, Donquixote Doflamingo, Gecko Moria, Bartholomew Kuma, and Boa Hancock. Blackbeard, who had been present at the meeting of the samurai at Mary Geoise, was now absent. The crescent-shaped island was guarded by 50 naval warships. The scaffold where Ace was was the best guarded: the three admirals sat on chairs on a lower level of the scaffold, while a unit of giants formed a defensive line in front of the scaffold. Sengoku stepped up to the scaffold and told the story of Ace’s true origins: his father was the pirate king Gol D. Roger.

Whitebeard appears

Suddenly, a marine reported that the Gate of Justice had opened. Before Sengoku could even think about it, a fleet of pirate ships appeared on the horizon. Whitebeard’s allied pirate bands had arrived, but there was no sign of Whitebeard’s Moby Dick.
Unexpectedly, four coated ships appeared in the middle of Marine Ford Harbor. On the bow of the flagship, Whitebeard appeared and spoke to Ace that he was about to free him.

The war begins

Whitebeard now revealed his true powers: he had eaten of the earthquake fruit, which allows him to generate earthquakes in any place he can reach, whether this happens in the ground or in the air. Immediately, he created two massive tidal waves that threatened to flood Marine Ford from two sides. However, Aokiji stopped them with Ice Age, freezing the entire harbor. While the navy began shelling the frozen pirate ships, the pirates began storming the harbor.
After a brief exchange between Marco and Kizaru, during which it became clear that Marco had eaten of the Phoenix Fruit, Kizaru ordered the giants to watch for attacks from the air. The giants then joined in the fray as well.
Jozu broke out a huge iceberg from the icy tidal wave and threw it at his opponents. Akainu, who had eaten of the Lava Fruit, used Dai Funka, destroying the iceberg and some of the pirate ships. Akainu complained that all the forces scheduled to protect the scaffold rushed off.

Little Oars Jr. joins the fray

Suddenly, Little Oars Jr. appeared, a descendant of Oars who wanted to save Ace at all costs. He broke through the navy barricades, destroying an entire battleship in the process, while the giants pounced on him. Sinking the battleship now paved the way for the other pirates to get to the mainland.
Now Bartholomew Kuma attacked Oars Jr. with Ursus Shock, knocking him to the ground. Oars attacked Donquixote Doflamingo, but he expertly dodged him and cut off his foot. Oars Jr. now just kept crawling towards Ace, but was pierced by Gecko Moria with Tsuno Tokage.
Whitebeard gave orders to his men to take advantage of the space Oars had created and push on.
Meanwhile, some of the navy’s soldiers had fled in fear, including Koby and Helmeppo. But Akainu, who had now abandoned his position at the scaffold after all, caught some of the deserters and killed them. Koby and Helmeppo had witnessed this scene and were horrified at the Admiral’s cruelty. They could also overhear Akainu reporting that preparations were complete.
Suddenly, Captain Whitey Bay broke through part of the ice wall around Marine Ford with an icebreaker, creating two entrances for the pirates. Sengoku did not care about this development. He gave orders to Kranich to carry out the plan. This order was given to all the marines via telescreens. This did not go unnoticed by Whitebeard, who secretly looked forward to strategist Sengoku’s plan.

Luffy and the escapees of the Impel Down show up

Koby wanted to know from Helmeppo what the plan was that was now to be carried out. Helmeppo explained to him that they wanted to execute Ace now, before the scheduled execution time.
Suddenly, Luffy and the rest of the Impel Down fugitives fell from the sky and landed in the middle of the harbor. Immediately, several fights broke out while Luffy landed on Whitebeard and made it clear that he would save Ace at any cost. Whitebeard was visibly impressed by this and instructed Marco to make sure Luffy survived this battle. Meanwhile, Buggy, and thus the rest of the prisoners, also allied themselves with Whitebeard. Only Crocodile fought against Whitebeard.
Meanwhile, Boa Hancock gave Luffy the key to Ace’s handcuffs, whereupon the latter continued to advance towards Ace.
At that moment, Sengoku had all television connections cut, as he was about to move into the final phase of his plan. Now Sentomaru appeared with an army of Pacifista. The Pacifista were to destroy the pirates huddled in the bay, but since Whitebeard had anticipated this plan, the pirates were scattered far and wide, which pissed Sentomaru off. Sengoku’s new plan was now to surround the pirates with the Pacifista. The cyborgs began firing on the pirates, who had nothing to oppose them and were pushed farther and farther back.

The intrigues of the Navy

Squard wounds Whitebeard

Suddenly, a shocking news came for Sengoku: Buggy was able to steal a camera and make himself a hero in front of everyone again. Moreover, all the people in the background saw the slaughter, which Sengoku wanted to prevent.
Whitebeard now wanted to intervene himself, but suddenly Squard appeared next to him and stabbed a sword through his chest, to everyone’s shock. He did this because Akainu had told him that Whitebeard had made a deal with Sengoku: Ace and the Whitebeard gang would survive, while the New World pirates would be turned over to the Navy. The Navy knew that Squard’s former gang had been defeated by Roger’s gang and that Squard, being Roger’s son, must therefore hate Ace. For this reason, Sengoku had told all the world of Ace’s origins before the battle began. Squard was also willing to believe the Admiral’s lies because the Pacifista spared the members of Whitebeard’s gang. However, Whitebeard told him that the origin did not matter and no one should pay for his father’s crimes. He then took Squard in his arms. He forgave him for this attack and destroyed the icebergs with his devil powers. This created a possible escape route for the pirates. He shouted that only the pirates who wanted to should follow him, but that death would surely await them. Thus he managed to dispel the doubts of Squard and the rest of the allied pirates. Squard deeply regretted his stupidity. Then Whitebeard jumped to the island to join the fight himself.

Oz breaks through the Naval Barricades

Suddenly, walls went up all over the battlefield. The pirates had been surrounded by the navy, which Akainu took advantage of and launched a massive attack with Meteor Vulcano on all the pirates inside the barricades, causing major damage. This even caused the Moby Dick to break. Many pirates failed against the hard walls, even Whitebeard could not destroy them. Only at the place where Little Oars Jr. lay, the way was free, because his weight was too much for the barricades and his blood damaged the system. But this small gap was defended by the navy with many men, so that it was impossible for the pirates to leave the bay. Luffy was hurled over the wall on a wave by Jinbe. He landed right in front of the three admirals in the process, and was rather quickly defeated by them, saved only by Marco’s intervention. Meanwhile, it became clear that Oars Jr. was still alive. Whitebeard instructed him to stay down so he could play his trump card.
Ace was to be executed now, but Crocodile finished off the executioners. He did not want the navy to be the victor.
Now Whitebeard played his trump card, the Black Moby Dick, another of Whitebeard’s ships that had hitherto waited underwater for its turn, surfaced and was pushed by Oars through a gap in the defensive wall to the square in front of the scaffold. Earlier, the surviving pirates had gathered on it. Now that the pirates had reached Oris Square, Sengoku and Garp wanted to join the fight themselves.

Luffy, thanks to Ivankov. regains his strength

Due to his bad injury, Whitebeard collapsed. Marco tried to rush to his aid, but was pierced with two lasers by Kizaru. Jozu was also able to be frozen by Aokiji’s arm, while their captain took another hit from Akainu. Meanwhile, Luffy, who had temporarily lost consciousness from all the attacks he had taken, spoke to Ivankov and wanted him to administer the Tension Hormone a second time. At first the transgender King balked, but eventually gave the Straw Hat the adjuvant. Luffy was fit again and stood up one last time.
The executioners were getting ready to execute Ace, which is why Ivankov accompanied Luffy. Meanwhile, Marco tried to come to his captain’s aid, but Onigumo caught an arm of his with a sea stone handcuff. Kizaru seized the moment and immediately attacked Marco with his lasers. Meanwhile, Aokiji had also settled accounts with Jozu, freezing him completely. Whitebeard didn’t fare any better, as he was attacked by many high ranking naval members. However, with an extremely strong sword attack, he finished them all off. Despite the hard work of all the pirates, the executioners took a swing. Whitebeard had to admit to himself that there was nothing more he could do, when suddenly Luffy unknowingly released his Haoushoku, causing the executioners to collapse.

Ace gets freed

Ace is free

Luffy didn’t know himself what he had just done and kept fighting his way forward with Iva. Whitebeard hoped that the “Will of the D.” might still manage to save Ace. Inazuma, hidden in Ivankov’s hair, used his devil powers to create a path to Ace, which Luffy also ran right up. Just before the straw-hatted boy reached Ace, his grandfather Garp unexpectedly stood in his way. There was no way he was going to let him pass. Luffy, after a moment’s hesitation, switched to Gear Second, and Garp struck as well. But Garp couldn’t beat the boy he had watched grow up, which Luffy took advantage of to knock Garp off the bridge with all his might. When Luffy appeared on the scaffold, he tried to open Ace’s handcuffs, but Kizaru shot the key out of his hand and Sengoku applied his devil power. Suddenly, one of the executioners awoke again: it was the disguised Mr. 3, who wanted to grant Bon Kurei’s last wish. Sengoku, grown enormously by his devil power, lunged to strike, which Luffy was able to block with the help of Mr. 3. Nevertheless, Luffy was hit hard and the scaffold collapsed. While falling, many of the marines fired at them, but Ace was able to be freed by a wax key from Mr. 3 and protected them with his logia power. Squard now came with one of Whitebeard’s remaining ships and wanted to sacrifice himself out of remorse for what he had done by directing the attacks at himself. However, Whitebeard stopped him and ordered them all to flee now. This would be his last order.

The new era

The Blackbeard Gang appears in Marine Ford…

Akainu insulted Whitebeard, but this provoked Ace. A fight ensued between Akainu and Ace. The admiral, after severely wounding Ace, tried to take out Luffy, but Ace threw himself into the attack meant for his little brother. Knowing that he would not survive his severe wounds, he bid farewell to Luffy, Whitebeard and his gang with a few last words. He died in his brother’s arms. Luffy then fell unconscious.

Whitebeard sent Akainu bleeding to the ground after a brief struggle in which the pirate leader even lost part of his head. This blow also hit Marine Ford hard, creating a large gap in the floor which separated Whitebeard from his crew.

Blackbeard, who had recruited the prisoners of the Impel Down Catharina Devon, Vasco Shot, Avalo Pizarro, and San-Juan Wolf, was suddenly recognized on the remains of the scaffold with his previous crew.

Whitebeard’s countenance in death

Teach and Newgate engaged in a fierce exchange of blows, in which Whitebeard tried to kill his former son. But Teach, hopelessly outmatched, called his crew to his aid, who attacked the pirate emperor. They shot and pierced him several times. Badly hit, Whitebeard announced to the world that the One Piece actually existed. The wounds he had sustained now caused the remaining life to seep out of him. Whitebeard died standing.
The Blackbeard gang covered Newgate’s lifeless body under a black cloth, under which their captain disappeared. The rest of the crew made sure that no one could get near him. Meanwhile, the Whitebeard pirates began fleeing the island, including Jinbe with the unconscious Luffy in his arms. However, Aokiji prevented the stampede by freezing the sea. Akainu reappeared on the scene and demanded that Jinbe hand over Luffy. Blackbeard reappeared under the shroud and showed his new power: besides the Dark Fruit, he was now able to control the powers of the Earthquake Fruit. He declared war on the world and attempted to sink Marine Ford, but was prevented from doing so by a massive shockwave resulting from an attack by Sengoku.

The end of the war

Shanks wants to end the war

Akainu tried every means to get hold of Luffy, but Jinbe, Ivankov, and the remnants of the Whitebeard pirates prevented the admiral from doing so, as they now wanted to protect Luffy instead of Ace. Even Crocodile held Akainu back, as he didn’t begrudge the navy a victory. Whirling through the air, Jinbe and Luffy were caught by the fleeing buggy, when suddenly Law appeared with his crew in a submarine, announcing that he had come to rescue Luffy.

Ace and Whitebeard were buried…

Meanwhile, marines and the Pacifista had joined the pirates and began a fierce battle again. The navy wanted to destroy the pirates at all costs. However, some of the marines had misgivings about continuing the fighting. Koby tried to stop the fighting and stood in Akainu’s way, but he tried to destroy the small cadet. His blow was blocked by the emerging Shanks, who had come with his crew to end the war.
Luffy and Jinbe, both unconscious, were taken by Buggy onto Law’s boat. As they fled, they escaped attacks by Aokiji and Kizaru, but the Navy assumed that the ship had been destroyed and Luffy was thus dead. Boa Hancock went in search of Luffy with a navy ship. Hawkeye, who had not agreed to fight Shanks, also retreated. Shanks announced that anyone who wanted to continue fighting would have him and his gang against them. Fighting then ceased by mutual agreement, and with the Whitebeard pirate band present, Ace and his captain were buried on an island in the New World.

The consequences of the battle

Moria is under attack

After the great war, there was a power vacuum in the New World. Whitebeard, who was one of the four emperors and had quite a few islands under his control and thus in his protection, was now missing. Islands he had once protected were under attack by pirates. Since Whitebeard had confirmed the existence of the One Piece shortly before his death, many new pirates set out to find the treasure and become pirate kings.

The war of retaliation

Also, it seems like the Samurai of the Seas would be restructured. After the battle in Marine Ford, Gecko Moria was attacked by Donquixote Doflamingo and several Pacifista. He was to be eliminated. According to Flamingo, this order came from a higher power than Sengoku. However, he later reported to a member of the World Government that Moria was able to escape through his Shadow powers, which created a huge problem for the government, as his death had been reported in the newspapers previously.
Sengoku resigned as a fleet admiral after the war. However, just like Garp, he was to remain in the Navy and train young soldiers. Garp took Helmeppo and Koby under his wing. A great battle started between Akainu and Aokiji for the vacant post, from which Akainu emerged victorious and thus claimed the post of Grand Admiral, while Aokiji quit the navy.
A year after the battle, Blackbeard, in a retaliatory war between the Blackbeard pirates and the remaining members of the Whitebeard pirate band led by Marco, was able to prevail and establish himself as Emperor in the New World. The Whitebeard pirate gang then went into hiding. Marco, in order to protect it, settled in Whitebeard’s home village and practiced medicine there.

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