Stussy of One Piece

Stussy is a powerful figure in the underworld, where she is known as the Queen of the Pleasure Quarter (jap. 歓楽街の女王, Kanraku-gai no Joō). Secretly, however, she is an agent of the CP0.


Stussy in her Outfit for the CP-0

Stussy is a petite woman with blue eyes and short-cropped, slightly wavy blonde hair. She has a very youthful appearance, which doesn’t seem to reflect her actual age. For the wedding on Whole Cake Island, she chose a salmon-colored, elegant dress. Meanwhile, for her job as the Tenryuubito’s bodyguard at the Cipher Pol, she wears a white dress, tie, and fishnet stockings.


Stussy appears to be a controlled and confident person who values good manners and knows how to behave in public. However, she is sensitive about her actual age and can be aggressive about it. However, after dropping her disguise, Stussy also shows a sadistic and manipulative side. Thus, she didn’t hesitate for a moment to sneakily attack Du Feld or threaten Morgans should he not do her bidding.

Skills & Strengths

Stussy masters the Rokushiki

Stussy must have significant influence in the underworld, because she’s important enough to be invited by Big Mom to one of her tea parties…. This fact is especially noteworthy since she actually works for the world government CP-0. As a member of the Cipher Pol’s strongest unit, Stussy is equally proficient in the usual skills and abilities of Rokushiki, such that she was able to incapacitate Du Feld with a finger gun. Likewise, she was strong-willed enough to withstand Big Mom’s King Shaki outburst. As a high-ranking agent of the World Government, she also possesses the skills of Armor and Observation Shaki.


The Tea Party From Hell

The wedding guests from the underworld

On the day of Charlotte Pudding and Sanji’s wedding, various representatives of the underworld arrived at Whole Cake Island to attend the ceremony as special guests of honor of the bride’s mother. For this reason, Charlotte Perospero used his devil powers to create a candy escalator that allowed them to easily travel to the plateau on the roof of the Whole Cake chateau. There they were met by Smoothie and provided with drinks. Afterwards, they auditioned for Big Mom herself, to whom they presented quite a few gifts and treasure chests, before she gushed overjoyed about the Tamatebako. All of them were impressed by this rare treasure and were very excited to finally see it in person. As the wedding couple entered the square, Stussy gushed about how the bride reminded her of her younger days, to which Du Feld made an inappropriate comment. After chaos descended upon the tea party when Luffy destroyed the wedding cake, Du Feld set about stealing the rare Tamatebako and making a run for it. Stussy followed him and rendered him harmless with a flying finger gun before sensing Morgan’s, whom she immediately forced to leave her involvement in the matter out of his newspaper report. However, both of them were shocked to find Du Feld’s lifeless body plummeting with the chest, causing the Tamatebako to explode. To escape the collapsing castle, Stussy used the Geppou and watched the supposed end of the Big Mom pirate gang with interest along with Morgans.

Stussy And Morgans Talking To Big Mom Pirates

Hours later, while Big Mom was already chasing the fleeing Straw Hat Pirates through Totto Land, Stussy and Morgans met up with Charlotte Mont d’Or and Tamago. They told them of the real reason behind the explosion. Mont d’Or then painted his fantasies that he would have the Straw Hat Pirates executed for their deeds and misdeeds, to which Stussy remarked that his remarks were rather frivolous and vulgar. A short time later she and Morgans took flight from Whole Cake Island, which resulted in Mont d’Or ordering their pursuit, as he wished at all costs to prevent the disastrous developments of the tea party from reaching the public. Together they left Totto Land in a balloon, with Morgans full of vigour cheering on the Straw Hat Pirates and celebrating their victory.

The Levely in Mary Geoise

The agent successfully managed to return to Mary Geoise, where she resumed her proper duties. When Saint Carlos tried to kidnap Shirahoshi, she appeared alongside Rob Lucci and Kaku in her capacity as an agent of CP-0.


  • Her age has been kept a big secret until now. When Stussy sees the beautiful Pudding at the tea party in her wedding dress, she feels reminded of her former self, whereupon Du Feld asks how many decades ago this should have been. From this, it can be inferred that Stussy already possesses an advanced age. In fact, her age is also listed as “secret” in her Vivre Card.
  • Her favorite food is apple pie.
  • Stussy ranked 170 in the 7th popularity poll, which is the first time it’s been ranked in the world.

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