Stronger of One Piece

Stronger is the name of Doc Q’s horse from Blackbeard’s band of pirates. Like his owner, a ship’s doctor, Stronger seems – in irony to his name – to be of weak physical constitution and to leave a sickly impression.


Stronger is a pale blue horse with a white mane covering his eyes like a pony. Proportionally, it has very long legs and therefore looks like a rickety old horse. It is equipped with a brown bridle and a corresponding saddle.

Skills and strength

Nothing is known about his abilities yet. Although Stronger seems to be very ill, he is still able to carry Doc Q.


The Blackbeard Gang on Jaya

On Jaya in Mocktown, Stronger steps into action for the first time. The sick-looking Doc Q has fallen off him and is lying on the ground amidst onlookers. While Luffy, Zoro, and Nami help him back into the saddle, Stronger himself nearly collapses, groaning and spitting blood, under the weight of the ship’s doctor. After Doc Q offered Luffy an apple from a basket of partially exploding apples as a token of gratitude, Stronger rode off with his owner. Later, the Blackbeard pirates pursued the Straw Hats at sea, but the latter got caught in the knock-up stream while the pursuers’ raft was destroyed.

The Blackbeard Gang on Banaro

Later, the Blackbeard gang went ashore on Banaro and Stronger again seemed anxious to carry Doc Q. They encountered the commander of the Whitebeard pirate gang’s second division, Portgas D. Ace. Doc Q and Stronger seemed to take no part in the fight and watched Ace’s defeat.

The Blackbeard Gang at Impel Down

In the Impel Down, Stronger also carried Doc Q with difficulty, but the entire gang was defeated and covered in poison by Magellan after another encounter with the Straw Hat Captain. They were saved by an antidote from former Impel Down member Shiryu, who subsequently joined the gang as well.

The Blackbeard Gang on Marine Ford

On Marine Ford, the Blackbeard gang, augmented by dangerous escapees from the Impel Down, watched the battle between Whitebeard’s Alliance and the Navy. They saw their chance and together attacked the weakened Whitebeard. After the latter’s death, Doc Q helped the others and threw a black cloth over Blackbeard and Whitebeard on Stronger’s back. They were subsequently attacked by Sengoku, but escaped when Shanks declared the war over.

The Blackbeard Gang in the New World

In the New World, the Blackbeard pirates captured Jewelry Bonney, but fled when they discovered Akainu.


  • In the Databook One Piece Green, Stronger is not shown as a separate member of the Blackbeard pirate gang.
  • Just as Doc Q is somewhat reminiscent of Donquixote in appearance and with the “Q.” in his name, the same can be said of Stronger, who, much like Rosinante, Donquixote’s horse, also appears to be a scrawny old horse.
  • Stronger’s favorite food is carrots with no bombs inside.

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