Straw Hat Grand Fleet

The Straw Hat Grand Fleet is an association of seven organizations with the goal of assisting Monkey D. Luffy, or the Straw Hat Pirates, should they need help.


Corrida coliseum and alliance against Doflamingo

Abdullah, Bartolomeo, Blue Gilly, Boo, Cavendish, Hajrudin, Ideo, Jeet, Orlumbus, Sai and Suleiman participated in a tournament held by Doflamingo to win Ace’s Fire Fruit. After the fights, all the losers were supposed to receive medical treatment. However, this was actually a ruse to keep them trapped in an underground dump. Trébol then took people out of there one by one so they could be turned into toys by Sugar to do slave labor for the Donquixote Pirates.

At the same time, the dwarves of the Kingdom of Tontatta, led by Leo and the one-legged toy soldier, and aided by the Straw Hat Pirates, launched Operation SOP to overthrow Doflamingo. Eventually, Usopp managed to scare Sugar so badly that she lost consciousness and all the toys transformed back.

When Doflamingo’s devilish powers forced the islanders to attack each other or Luffy and his friends, Luffy, Zoro, and Law set out to take out Doflamingo. Cavendish, Don Chinjao as well as Hajrudin and many other gladiators from the Corrida Colosseum joined the three. So the new alliance raced off together to take on the Donquixote pirate gang. The gladiators decided to fight the officers so that the Straw Hat could make it to Doflamingo unhindered. After defeating them, they were healed by Mansherry and tried to stop or slow down the birdcage. This bought Luffy time to defeat Doflamingo.

Foundation of the Straw Hat Fleet

While Luffy recovered from his fight against Doflamingo, the former fighters of the Colosseum discussed how to proceed. They all decided to sail permanently as an alliance under the flag of the Straw Hat Pirates. After Luffy recovered and the navy – led by Fujitora – moved out to capture him, the pirates fled from the navy on Orlumbus’ ship with the help of the civilian population. Once at sea, Cavendish, Bartolomeo, Sai, Hajrudin, Ideo, Leo, and Orlumbus communicated their decision to Luffy. Meanwhile, Ideo, Blue Gilly, Abdullah, and Jeet had formed the XXX Gym Martial Arts Alliance. The exchange of sake bowls was supposed to seal the alliance. Luffy, however, refused, as he felt commanding a fleet of several pirate gangs was too uptight. He didn’t want to have supreme command over them, but to continue to allow them their freedom. However, if one ever needed help, he would rush to the rescue and vice versa. The seven leaders were then only more convinced of their resolve. Therefore, Bartolomeo and the others grabbed their sake bowls and drank to seal the bond with Luffy despite his refusal. At the Straw Hat’s protest, they replied that they would now join him without his consent and thus it was their free decision so he need not worry. Thereupon, the Straw Hat Grand Fleet was formed. Each ally took a portion of Luffy’s Vivre Card before parting ways.


The seven gangs or organizations sail as an alliance under the flag of the Straw Hat Pirates and thus under the command of Monkey D. Luffy. The order of the alliance partners was drawn by lot and thus has no significance in terms of strength or size. In addition, all alliance partners are equal. The representatives of the individual gangs have placed themselves under Luffy’s command of their own free will and without his consent.

Luffy doesn’t want to curtail the freedom of the individual and rejects the supreme command of such a large fleet as too uptight. Therefore, the alliance does not sail together, but each has his own adventure. It only meets when Luffy or an alliance partner needs support and calls for help.

Known members

PositionNameBountyDevil Fruit
Beautiful Pirates
(75 members)
Barto Club
(56 members)
Captain/Commander/Agent:Bartolomeo200.000.000Barrier Fruit
Staff officer:Gambia117.000.000none
Happo Navy
(approx. 1,000 members)
Ideo Pirates
(4 members)
Member:Blue GillyUnknownnone
Tontatta Pirates
(approx. 200 members)
Captain/Commander/Agent:LeononeSewing Fruit
Warrior:BiannoneInsect fruit, model: hornet
Warrior:KabunoneInsect fruit, model: rhinoceros beetle
New Giant Pirates
(5 members)
Yonta Maria large fleet
(approx. 4,300 members)


  • The Straw Hat Grand Fleet will one day reunite due to a crucial incident to make a significant mark on history.
  • Including the Straw Hat Pirates, the Straw Hat Grand Fleet has the third highest combined bounty of all pirate gangs. Only the bounties of the Big Mom pirate gang and the Beasts Pirates are even higher, while the bounties of the Red Hair pirate gang and the Blackbeard pirate gang are still unknown.

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