Sterry of One Piece

Sterry is the son of a nobleman, but was adopted by Sabo’s parents when he was eight. He waited for a favorable opportunity to become part of the royal family and eventually married Princess Sarie Nantokanette. After the mysterious death of the king and prince, Sterry now followed in the line of succession, making him the reigning king of Goa.


Sterry as a child

Sterry is a nobleman and makes a suitably well-groomed impression. At eight years old, he has fair, combed hair and a strikingly shaped nose. Besides a noble suit, he wears a red bow tie and a white frilly shirt.

As an adult, Sterry has grown much taller. As the reigning king of Goa, Sterry now wears a crown. His clothes also turn out accordingly noble. He wears a bright ruffled shirt and over it a jacket with collar and Epaulette. Furthermore, he has a blue sash and a neckerchief tied around him.


Sterry is a snooty little boy who lets his title of nobility go to his head, making him feel better than other people. He didn’t care if hundreds of people died in the fire near the town. Furthermore he insults people who seem inferior to him. Thus he openly told Sabo to his face that he stinks. However, according to his teacher, Sterry seems to be quite intelligent and his adoptive parents consider him very promising.

Even as an adult, his attitude has not changed. He still acts arrogant, thinks he is better than everyone else and therefore wants to become one of the world’s aristocrats. His greed for power is so great that he also wants to sit on the “empty throne”, which is located in Mary Geoise’s castle, which would symbolically make him king of the world.

He also behaved quite rudely towards Vice Admiral Garp, the hero of the Navy, as he is also originally from Goa and would therefore be one of Sterry’s subjects as well. He reacted in shock and anger when Garp did not show him the respect he felt he deserved. This is contrasted with Sterry’s unworldly and fearful character. Sterry views fish people merely as fish and discriminates against them. He had a great panic when King Neptune touched him, as he had heard rumors that fish people carry rare diseases, so he tried to stay away from them as much as possible. He even collapsed out of fear because of it.

Sterry also spread panic loudly when riding the Bondola to Mary Geoise, as he was afraid of the altitude and the wind was rocking the gondola too much. Furthermore, he was worried that a flock of crows would burst the bubble of the gondola, causing them to plummet.

Skills & Strength

As acting king, Sterry rules over the kingdom of Goa, which makes him subject to numerous subjects. Since Goa is a member state of the World Government, Sterry also gets the right to attend the World Conference of Kings in Mary Geoise – the Levely.


Sabo chokes Sterry

After Sabo was caught by his father and brought home, his mother introduced him to his adopted brother. Sabo was less than thrilled with his appearance. In his room, Sterry told his brother about the planned attack on Gray Terminal. Sabo choked up at Sterry, wanting to know exactly what was going to happen.

Sterry told him that the Gray Terminal was to be burned, as it was a disgrace to the kingdom and the king wanted to spare the World Nobles, who were currently visiting the East Blue with envoys from the world government, the sight of it. Sabo was appalled that the trash was going to be burned as the people living there would lose their homes and livelihoods. Sterry asked him if he had not been listening properly: the king wanted to burn all the garbage that was there.

Sabo realized that the people living in Gray Terminal were also just going to be burned. He jumped out of the window and went to a house where preparations for the fire were being held. Later, Sabo watched as the fire blazed on the pile of garbage.


Twelve years later, Sterry was the reigning king of Goa. He and his wife Sarie were on their way to Mary Geoise to attend the next Levely. They stopped at Loguetown, where they could see Gold Roger’s scaffold from their hotel. When they finally reached the Red Port, the harbor on the Redline, Sterry, his wife, and several other Regents of the World made their way to the Holy Land of Mary Geoise with the aid of the elevator system. When they reached the top, they rode an automatic moving walkway to Mary Geoise Castle. There Sterry was taken to the “empty throne” where no one had ever sat before. The empty throne symbolized that all kings of the world were equal, so it was forbidden to sit on it.

Like the other kings before, Sterry was supposed to take an oath and give his word never to sit on that throne. However, Sterry was secretly excited about this throne and was eager to sit on it, which would make him the king of the world.

During the crossing back to Goa, Sterry learnt, thanks to the latest issue of the World Economic Newspaper, that Sabo was in Mary Geoise at the same time as he was, which stunned him.

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