Stansen (Non-Canon) of One Piece

Stansen is a member of the Phoenix pirate gang and took the place of vice-captain after Bigalo’s death.

This article contains information that only comes from the anime, not the manga.
For more information on this, see Filler Episodes.

When the Phoenix Pirates had just arrived from the New World, their vice-captain dead and their captain badly injured, they were attacked and defeated by the Accino Family. Lest the rest of the crew meet Bigalo’s fate, Stansen surrendered and made a deal with the Accino Family that they would let them live in exchange for them working for the family. Stansen has since been considered a coward and traitor among his comrades.

At one point, when the Straw Hat Pirates encountered the former pirate gang’s ship and offered to help them, Stansen intended to turn the Straw Hat Pirates over to the Accino Family. Unlike the rest of the Phoenix Pirates, Stansen didn’t seem to have any major qualms about lying to the Straw Hat Pirates. He also pretended to be the leader for now, even though this is Puzzle.

However, when Stansen’s plan failed, the rest of the gang confessed the bitter truth and no longer wanted to be ordered around by Stansen. After Puzzle regained consciousness, the gang hoped for a change for the better, however Puzzle felt that Stansen had done the right thing as Puzzle had lost his fighting spirit.

When Luffy, Chopper and Jiro left to retrieve their teams’ flags, Stansen went along with the rest of the crew. He and his teammates managed to defeat the Penguins for a short time, giving Luffy and company some backup. As Puzzle’s old fighting spirit reawakened as well, the gang resumed their pirate existence.

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