Squard of One Piece

Squard is the captain of the Great Whirlpool Spider pirate gang from the New World, which was allied with the Emperor Whitebeard. He is also called “Whirlpool Spider” (jap. 大渦蜘蛛 Ō Uzu Gumo).


Squard is a middle-aged man, as evidenced by his half bald head; he wears his remaining hair long. Around his forehead he has tied some sort of bandana or band that partially covers his spider tattoo. His face is marked by wrinkles on his forehead, eyes and around his mouth. His very pointed teeth are noticeable, this gives him something predatory, which is emphasized by his peculiarity of sticking out his tongue often. As for his clothing, it can be said that he wears black boots, matching his, to the navel reaching, black pants, which are decorated in the abdominal area and have ruffles at the ends. He also has a white shirt with ruffles on the collar. His appearance is completed with a loose black tie and a coat.


Squard is a very loyal and companionable pirate. He cannot stand betrayal. If he is firmly convinced that he and his comrades-in-arms have been betrayed, he is not even afraid to attack one of the most powerful pirates in the world, even if it might cost him his life.

It hit him very hard that Gol D. Roger killed his former comrades. His hatred for Roger later transferred to Ace after he learned that he was the biological son of his friends’ nemesis. However, through the words of Whitebeard, he realized that it is wrong to hold a son responsible for the actions of his father.

Skills and strength

Nothing is known about Squard’s abilities and strength yet, but he seems to be a swordsman.

That Whitebeard wanted to give Squard command of all the pirate bands in the fight in Marine Ford suggests how much confidence Whitebeard has in the captain and the military strength that must come from Squard.

Squard uses two swords in battle. His first sword is a katana, attached to his belt, and his second sword is a gigantic sword that is at least twice his size and is always in his scabbard. This sword is not attached to his body, but is carried around by the captain. It is also the weapon he uses to pierce Whitebeard.


Squard has managed to make a reputation for himself in the New World with his gang. However, his entire crew was wiped out by Gold Roger, which is why he has a deep hatred for him. He later joined Whitebeard.



Squard attacks Whitebeard

He and his gang, along with 42 other New World pirate bands, all of which were allied with Whitebeard, had sailed to naval headquarters to fight for the liberation of Ace. On Whitebeard’s orders, Squard, along with the other New World pirates, began attacking the naval forces.

When the battle had been going on for a while, Whitebeard tried to reach Squard via a Den-den Mushi to give him command of all the pirate bands, but Squard was unavailable to Whitebeard. Whitebeard then handed over command to the Decalvan brothers.

After the Pacifista, led by Sentomaru, had intervened in the battle, Squard, already clearly marked by the battle, appeared on the Moby Dick behind Whitebeard. In his hand he held a gigantic sword. Whitebeard was glad to see Squard alive, as he needed him because Whitebeard wanted to go to the front himself. Squard reported to the Emperor what the situation was with the other pirate bands. He also noted how honorable it was to die for Whitebeard and that any of the pirates there were also willing to give their lives. He then rammed his sword through Whitebeard’s stomach.

Squard realizes his mistake

Shortly after, Squard was rammed into the ground by Marco. Squard, however, was able to knock him away. He said that Whitebeard was supposed to have negotiated a deal with Sengoku. In exchange for the lives of the New World pirates, Ace’s life was to be spared. However, after it was revealed that Squard had been tricked by Akainu, who had told him this plan, Whitebeard forgave him for this misconception. Squard then broke down crying, angry with himself for being so easily manipulated by the Navy and for not trusting Whitebeard. When Whitebeard personally intervened in the battle and called all the other pirates to fight, Squard was still full of hatred for himself, but was reminded by Marco that there was no use in him just moping around here, but that he should act.

After Luffy freed his brother, but subsequently everyone was stuck on Marine Ford, Squard appeared with a ship to rescue everyone to make up for his mistake, but Whitebeard disagreed and issued his final order. They were all to escape and he would stop the navy. When Ace died and was later followed by Whitebeard, murdered by the Blackbeard gang, Squard wept bitterly. Finally, Sengoku declared the war over, after the appearance of the Redshirt Pirates, and everyone left the battlefield. This information comes from an anime filler.

After the battle, Squard attended the funeral of Whitebeard and Ace on an island in the New World, along with the other allied pirate captains and many others.


  • Squard’s favorite food is cheese.

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