Speed Jiru of One Piece

Speed Jiru is commander of the fourteenth division of Whitebeard.


Speed Jiru is a man of medium height with a fair complexion. His eyes, nose and head shape are very rounded. He has slightly pointed ears. His face, on the whole, resembles that of a Pig.

His clothing is typical medieval for a lancer. His actual clothing is a uniform red and covers his torso as well as his arms and legs. Over this he wears a white sleeveless cloak. On his feet he wears burgundy boots and as headgear a truncated cone hat, reminiscent of a Fez, Morocco. As weapons he also carries a shield and a lance. On the hat, the cape and the shield is the sign of the Whitebeard gang.

Skills and strength

Not much is known about Speed Jiru’s strength, but since he is one of Whitebeard’s commanders, it is reasonable to assume that he must be very strong. In regards to his name“Speed Gill”, it can be assumed that he is very fast.



The pirates advance again.

Speed Jiru was first seen trying to back up Luffy with Haruta, Fossa, Izou, Kingdew, and Namur when he was attacked by Kizaru. He then reunited with the captains and commanders as Little Oars Jr. brought the black Moby Dick forward with his last ounce of strength. After Ace’s and Whitebeard’s deaths, the entire Whitebeard gang, including Speed Jiru, stood in Akainu’s way to prevent him from killing Luffy as well.

The war of retaliation

A year after the events on Marine Ford, a retaliatory war broke out between the remaining Whitebeard pirates and the Blackbeard pirate gang, but the Whitebeard pirates were heavily outnumbered. Speed Jiru’s status or whereabouts have not been known since.


  • Its head shape is very reminiscent of a Great helmet. This was used in the Middle Ages for official knight fights.

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