Spa Island Arc

After the events on the Thriller Bark, the Straw Hats take a break on the artificial island Spa Island. There they meet Rina and her sister Sayo, who are on the trail of a secret of their father. But they are not alone, because also Foxy and the manager of the island Doran want to know what the secret is all about. However, they don’t stand a chance against Luffy’s crew and the island is also destroyed in the fight.
In the end Brook tries to become a true comrade-in-arms on board. In the process, he has a few mishaps, but a few encouraging words from Robin can bring him on the right path.

This article contains information that only comes from the anime, not the manga.
For more information on this, see Filler Episodes.
TV Episode GuideSpa Island Arc (Filler)

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