Soran of One Piece

Soran is a worker on the Tequila Wolf bridge in East Blue.

This article contains information that only comes from the anime, not the manga.
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Soran is a little girl with long blonde hair that she has tied up in the back. She wears the typical worker suit of Tequila Wolf. This one is blue in color. On the suit is Soran’s number, which everyone on Tequila Wolf has. She has the number 3333. Since the worker suit is too big for her, Soran has rolled up her sleeves. She has also turned the suit inside out at the legs, with brown shoes peeking out from underneath. Because of her work at the bridge she is often dirty.


Soran has been a worker on Tequila Wolf since birth and is therefore a slave. Because of this, she can’t travel the world, which is why she makes up places around the world and paints them on little wooden boards.

Soran is a kind person. She took Robin, who had landed on Tequila Wolf through Bartholomew Kuma, into her camp. Under suspicion from the other workers, she affirmed she would take full punishment if Robin was discovered by the slave drivers. The two quickly became friends and Soran showed Robin her drawings of the places she had come up with. Robin then began to tell what islands she had already traveled to with her crew. Soran was very excited. But one of the workers had reported Robin to the slave drivers. They blackmailed Soran that they would break her drawings if she did not reveal Robin’s whereabouts. But she stood firm and did not betray Robin.


The stranger in the snow

Soran finds Robin in the snow.

Just as Soran was searching for wood in the snow, she found the injured Nico Robin, who had landed on the workers’ land as a result of Bear’s attack. She smuggled Robin into her camp and introduced her to the other workers. They were very suspicious at first, fearing dire punishment from the slave drivers if Robin was found here.

But Soran wanted to take full responsibility. Despite the doubts, Robin was allowed to stay and Soran took her to the attic of the camp and gave her something to eat. Afterwards, Soran asked Robin about her life. When the straw hat told her that she was sailing around the oceans on a ship with her friends, the girl was intrigued and wanted to know more, however, at that moment she had to continue working on the bridge.

After work, Soran enlightened Robin about the construction of the bridge. After that, the little girl asked where Robin was from. She answered that her homeland no longer existed and told that she had already traveled to many islands. Soran now took out her wooden boards with drawings of her fantasy places and said she had made up places because she couldn’t get away from Tequila Wolf. When Robin saw a drawing of a sky island, she couldn’t help but think of Skypiea and told Soran about her adventures. She was fascinated and wanted to hear more stories. The other workers also wanted to listen now.


The slave driversare trying to blackmail Soran.

But Robin was Captain Nezumid out to the slave drivers. They stormed the attic, but Soran and the workers affirmed that there was no woman who had smuggled herself in. Robin, meanwhile, had made her way outside to the rooftops. The slave drivers threatened harsh punishments and arrests if they didn’t get information. Also, when the slave drivers found Soran’s drawings and blackmailed her to destroy them if she didn’t say anything, Soran with a heavy heart didn’t reveal anything because Robin was more important to her. While Robin still fought the overseers with her devil powers at first, Robin stood far away from the camp and relieved Soran and the other workers.


Soran forgives the traitor.

After Robin’s incarceration in the prison tower, Soran and the other workers continued to work. As best she could, she tried to do her chores, even if she was harassed by the guards in the process. In the barracks, the workers continued to get only soup, except for the one Robin had delivered to the overseers at the time. She was given an additional bar of chocolate. While the other women despised her for her betrayal, Soran was convinced that Robin had forgiven the woman and therefore wanted to do the same. The worker had gone outside by now and Soran sat down with her in the snow. The woman would not give Soran any of the chocolate, nor did she regret betraying Robin. But after a moment’s silence, she handed her the bar of chocolate. In a moment of weakness, she began to cry and apologized to Soran for doing so, for she was doing it for her freedom. Since she had not yet thanked Robin for her sacrifice, Soran wanted to give her the chocolate instead of eating it himself.

Soran and Robin meet a revolutionary.

So Soran sneaked up to the prison tower. But this was guarded by a troop of guards. Luckily for her, a sudden explosion drew them away, allowing Soran to approach the prison unnoticed. While she was trying to gain access to the prison tower, a guard appeared behind her. Shortly after, he revealed himself as one of the revolutionaries, who wanted to free an old man – also one of the revolutionaries – from the prison. Just as Soran tried to open Robin’s sea stone handcuffs with the keys, they were discovered by the guards. Just in time, Soran was able to open the handcuffs and Robin took out her opponents using her devil powers. Afterwards, Soran told the archaeologist that she had a beautiful name, which she had only just learned. After Tequila Wolf was finally freed, Robin accompanied the revolutionaries, which led to a parting between her and Soran. Soran had painted a picture for her because of this.

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