Solitaire of One Piece

Solitaire is a star of the Beasts Pirates and one of the Vice-Prisoners of the Prisoner Mines on Wano Country.


Solitaire is a slender woman with long light green hair that stands up at shoulder height. On her head she wears a helmet with a large visor that covers the upper half of her face. Large horns protrude conspicuously from the sides of the helmet. Clothing is a long one-piece top and red gloves. Thanks to her Smile Devil powers, Solitaire has a total of six arms and even a long monkey tail.


Solitaire takes her post as vice-prison warden very seriously. She was very angry with her subordinates when she heard that some keys were stolen from the commander’s tower.

Skills and strength

Solitaire ate from a Monkey Smile, giving her extra arms. She apparently uses her extra limbs for swordplay. Thus, she possesses several swords for her extra arms. The fact that she made it to vice-prison warden in Udon shows that people have confidence in her abilities.


The prisoner mines

Just before Queen’s arrival, Solitaire found out that someone (Raizo) had stolen the keys to Luffy’s sea stone handcuffs. She immediately sounded the alarm and had the thief chased down and reported this to Babanuki. When Queen finally got the sleeping Big Mom away and put Babanuki in charge, he had the Excite bullets prepared. Meanwhile, Solitaire stood by his side. Nevertheless, Udon was eventually captured by Luffy and his companions, but Solitaire’s status remained uncertain.


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