Sodom of One Piece

Sodom is one of the two King Bulls of the Franky Family, along with Gomorrah (probably brothers).


Sodom is a yellow King Bull with orange fins and spikes on its back. As such, it belongs to the largest Bulls species by far. King Bulls look like a seahorse-horse mix, have four fins and a tail. Gomorrah wears a halter and sunglasses. While on land at Enies Lobby, he wore a saddle and some sort of roller skate on his fins.


Sodom is very grateful and extremely loyal to the Franky Family. He would even die for them. So he transported part of the Straw Hat Pirates through Enie’s lobby until he collapsed after being hit.

Skills and strength

Due to his size, one can assume a certain physical strength. That’s how Sodom and Gomorrah managed to almost single-handedly pry open the main gate of Enie’s lobby and defeat Oimo with the help of the Franky Family and the Galley-La boys. They also didn’t let the marines or government officials stop them on their way to the courthouse.


Sodom and Gomorrah were once devoured by a sea king when they were not yet fully grown. But before they died in its belly, the Sea King was slain by the Franky Family. The latter ate the Sea King and in the process found the two King Bulls in his belly. However, Franky was already full and therefore did not want to eat Sodom and Gomorrah anymore, for which the two were of course very grateful to him. Later, pirates beat up Sodom and Gomorrah, after which Franky then took revenge for them.

Since then, they have sworn eternal allegiance to the Franky Family, their lifesavers.


The sea train race

After the Straw Hats set off with the Rocketman to Enies Lobby to rescue Robin, the Franky Family asked if they could come along to rescue Franky. Luffy said yes, and they joined the sea train with Sodom and Gomorrah, with the two King Bulls initially acting more as a link between the Rocketman and the Franky Family’s ship, allowing them to survive Aqua Laguna together. It was only later, when they were cut off from the train by Yokuzuna and lost it, that Sodom and Gomorrah pulled the ship. When Enie’s lobby was in sight, they met up again.

Enies Lobby

Once the plan to rescue their comrades was known, the King Bulls jumped ship over the fence to Court Island, where they were made land-ready by Zambai, the Mozu and Kiwi, and the Galley-Las. They then joined them in attacking Kashii, who was bitten in the arm by Gomorrah. The group then managed to pin the giant to the wall and have him knocked out by Oimo. Paulie then wrapped Oimo in his rope, which Sodom and Gomorrah then dragged through the gate with them. Shortly after, Rocketman flew into the giant’s back and defeated him. Now the Straw Hats mounted Sodom’s saddle and set off for the courthouse with Gomorrah carrying the Franky Family. Unstoppably the King Bulls made their way through the island until Sodom was hit in the heart by a shell and Gomorrah took the Straw Hats over too, to push on alone with everyone on their backs. Once the government forces had defeated and tied up the Franky Family, the Galley-La boys, and the giants, the Buster Call was triggered. This resulted in no one guarding them and they were able to break free. As they fled, Gomorrah and Sodom were carried by the now friendly giants Oimo and Kashii. At the coast, however, the group was attacked by warships and they had to go down the slope, which they survived thanks to Paulie’s ropes and were able to escape afterwards.

Back in Water 7

In Water 7, the two King Bulls then received medical treatment from Chopper. The latter also told the Franky Family that Gomorrah would also be able to see again with a good rest. At the party the Straw Hats threw after their victory, Sodom and Gomorrah were also present. Later, Sodom and Gomorrah could be seen recovering at the Franky Family’s house.


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