Smiley of One Piece

The Slime (jap. スライム, Suraimu) was Caesar Clown’s pet and was named Smiley. He was actually the remains, compressed by Crown, of the gas released by the accident on Punk Hazard four years ago. Through the salamander fruit, the resulting slime gained consciousness. After eating a special candy, it became the poison gas cloud “Shinokuni”.

Skills and strength

Since Smiley is made of poisonous gas, you can die just by inhaling its fumes or just touching it. On top of that, if you cut it, more gas will escape and if you light it, there will be a huge explosion. Furthermore, the Slime is capable of splitting and thus even firing itself. By consuming the devil’s power, it can also transform into an axolotl or something in between the slime and the animal. His greatest weakness is water, but he also makes it poisonous. By eating a special candy, Smiley dissolves into a huge cloud of gas, which spreads very quickly. If a person is hit by this cloud, a hard stone layer forms around his body and makes him unable to move. This poison is deadly, but the affected person dies only after one day. Against Shinokuni there is a protection possibility, namely Vegapunk’s protective suits. These were developed by him to protect himself from Caesar Clown’s gases.


Four years ago, a major accident occurred on Punk Hazard due to one of Caesar Clown’s experiments. Two entire research units were destroyed and due to the poisonous gas, the once thriving island had to be abandoned immediately, leaving only prisoners behind. However, when Crown, who had escaped from the Navy, returned to the island, the Gas Man compressed the poisonous remains to create Slime, which he christened Smiley.


For his latest experiment and the extermination of his enemies, Caesar Clown sent some of his men to release Smiley. While the latter eventually destroyed everything in his path, he had to shoot his way across the central lake in small pieces. While some pieces appeared at Caesar’s battle site against the Straw Hat Pirates and the G-5 Marines, causing chaos, other pieces attacked the group around Zoro, Sanji, Brook, and Kinemon. However, with his technique, the latter was able to destroy a part of Smiley, which enraged the latter and he therefore chased the four.

During the chase, Smiley reached a large screen with a large candy in front of it. Caesar announced himself through the screen and wanted to tell Smiley what would happen if he ate the candy. But the slimy salamander didn’t listen and ate the candy in one bite. The candy contained a compound, which Smiley dissolved and turned into a new poison gas, which Caesar named Shinokuni. However, in order to create Shinokuni, Caesar had to sacrifice Smiley, as his poison was an important ingredient. As the new poison gas slowly spread around the island, it touched a fruit basket in the process, turning a normal fruit into a devil fruit, which was probably Smiley’s.


  • His favorite dish was Caesar’s sweets.

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