Skypiea Arc

With the help of the Knock-Up Stream, the Straw Hat Pirates reach the sky. Arriving in the Snow White Sea, the gang drop anchor and meet Conis and her father Pagaya, who invite them to their home. While Nami takes the Waver for a spin, the others explore the island and Sanji prepares a meal. When Nami returns, the White Berets have already arrived to arrest the Straw Hats for trespassing. However, they pose no threat to Luffy and his friends. Fearing similar situations, Nami urges them to leave Skypiea and already boards with Zoro, Chopper and Robin. Before Luffy, Usopp and Sanji can join them, the The Going Merry is towed away by a special Lobster Express towards the Upper Yard. The others must take the Floating Crow to the Upper Yard as well to pass one of the trials so they can meet their friends again. They choose the test of the balls.

Meanwhile, Zoro, Nami and Robin want to scout the area around the sacrificial altar. In the process, they discover the secret of the island. Meanwhile, Chopper, who was supposed to be watching over the The Going Merry, has to deal with another priest. Gan Fall, the Knight of Heaven, comes to his aid, but the two are defeated. When Luffy, Usopp, and Sanji finally show up at the sacrificial altar, the crew devise a plan to find the gold and then get off Celestial Island as quickly as possible. Meanwhile, the Shandia have heard that one of the priests of the Upper Yard has been defeated. They see it as their chance to declare war on Enel and the remaining three priests. Meanwhile, Usopp, Sanji, and Nami take the still-injured Gan Fall to the agreed-upon meeting place and learn some interesting things about the Upper Yard’s history. Meanwhile, the gold hunting party gets to deal with a giant boa and eventually get separated. In the process, they get caught up in another wave of Shandia attacks. Robin gets to deal with a Divine Soldiers, while Zoro has to deal with Braham, and on the The Going Merry, Sanji gets into trouble due to Enel’s visit. Finally, on the The Going Merry, Hotori and Kotori show up to avenge their twin brother Satori. The fighting continues in the Upper Yard as well, with Chopper taking on Gedatsu, Robin having to stand up to Corporal Yama, and Enel and the Shandia not remaining idle either.

Conis and Pagaya have now also made their way to the Upper Yard. There they learn that Enel wants to transport Skypiea back to the Blue Sea. Conis immediately goes to warn the other sky dwellers.

In the Upper Yard, things come to a head. After Zoro defeats the priest Ohm, he meets Nami, Gan Fall, Aisa and Pierre, but they are devoured by the giant boa and find the wandering Luffy inside. Nami and Gan Fall, however, are fortunately able to free themselves. Now Enel joins them and the four remaining, Zoro, Robin, Wyper and Gan Fall, choose him as their next, however they fail to defeat Enel. When Luffy and Aisa manage to free themselves from the boabauch, they find their friends badly injured. Luffy goes in search of Enel in order to free Nami. After a few attempts, he is finally able to defeat Enel, ring the golden bell once more, and the Straw Hats make their way back to the Blue Sea.

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