Skirt of One Piece

Skirt is one of the Yeti Cool Brothers. They are known as the Assassins of the Snow Mountains (jap. 雪山の殺し屋, Yukiyama no Koroshiya) and work as hitmen for Caesar Clown.


Rock’s huge body is completely overgrown with fur, just like a Yeti. Because of their size, no one has really seen the Yeti Cool Brothers’ faces. However, sometimes when Rock looks to the side, you can make out his profile. Other than a hat, pants, a yellow tie, and his gun, Rock doesn’t appear to be wearing anything on his body.

Skills & Strengths

Despite their size, both Rock and Scotch are exceedingly fast. According to Brownbeard, the only evidence that they were anywhere at all are the footprints they leave behind. Their weapons were made by Caesar Clown, which is why they are capable of shooting down entire icebergs or even releasing certain gases.


At an unknown date, Rock and Scotch formed the Yeti Cool Brothers on the Grand Line. They each earned a bounty of 20 million berries, but were eventually caught by the Navy and taken to Punk Hazard, where forbidden experiments were performed on prisoners. After Caesar made the island uninhabitable four years ago by a poison gas accident and the Navy abandoned the island as a base, the Yeti Cool Brothers worked for Caesar Clown as assassins.


Rock and Scotch attack the Straw Hats with KYP.

The Yeti Cool Brothers were sent to eliminate the Straw Hat Pirates. On the way, they encountered Zoro, Brook, and Sanji, who was in Nami’s body. They attempted to finish them off, but were only able to put them to sleep for the time being, but gave word that they were to be collected as they made their way to the rest of the Straw Hats.
After Scotch attacked Brownbeard, Luffy showed up and tried to attack the two. However, they disappeared before Luffy could even land a hit. In the process, they discovered that they had kidnapped Nami, who was in Franky’s body. They did this because they had orders to deliver Franky’s body, which contained Vegapunk technology, to Caesar. However, they used Nami as bait for the time being to lure Luffy into a trap. Nevertheless, they failed to defeat Luffy, whereupon Rock was defeated by him in battle.


  • According to Brownbeard, the Yeti Cool Brothers possess very soft voices.
  • Its name and that of Scotch could be based on the drink Scotch on the rocks.
  • Roast chicken and whiskey are his favorite.

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