Simon of One Piece

Simon is the main villain in the Gameboy Advance game One Piece Secret Treasure of Phantom Island.

This article contains information unique to One Piece Secret Treasure of Phantom Island.


Simon wears a white suit with gold trim, over which he wears a coat. His shoes are painted black and have a small heel. He also has white gloves and a sort of Monocle over his eye. His stature isn’t exactly strong, but he still wears a sort of oversized golden ring around his neck, with a disc attached to the back of it that is also golden.

He has blond hair combed back, a black goatee, and black sideburns. In general, his overall appearance is very noble. He also appears to possess a thick golden book. However, nothing is known about its contents.


Simon pays attention to his outward appearance and can be compared to a “gentleman”.

Skills and strength

He has the power of the Paper Fruit. This allows him to turn into paper and also create it. Also, as usual with a Logia Fruit, he can ward off attacks by turning into paper.

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