Silver Mine Arc

During their journey to Zou, the Straw Hat Pirates and the Barto Club are attacked by the Silver Pirate Alliance led by Desire. They manage to get Luffy and Bartolomeo to Silver Mine, the Alliance’s base. There they meet Bill, the captain of the Silver Pirate Alliance.

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The latter takes out enemy pirate gangs in order to get to the top of the pirates. In their attempt to free themselves, Luffy and Bartolomeo end up in the underground silver mine along with Desire, who grew up in East Blue with Bartolomeo and admires Bill.

There they meet Aveyron, a Loren human, and other captured pirates from the Alliance, among others. The latter are holding Bill captive as slave laborers, having failed to complete their task of delivering enemy pirates and treasure to him. Desire doubts her captain, who otherwise appeared to care for his subordinates.

The pirates manage to defeat Aveyron and almost make it back to the surface.

Shortly before they do, however, they are stopped by Peseta, who blocks the exit from the mine with his men. Meanwhile, the rest of the Straw Hat Pirates and the Barto Club have also reached Silver Mine. Kinemon and Zoro enter the island and support Luffy and the others in their fight against Peseta. When he is defeated, Bill suddenly appears and now wants to personally take Luffy’s head. During their fight, however, it becomes apparent just how outmatched Bill is. In desperation, he melts all of Silver Mine with his devilish powers. After Bill’s defeat, they manage to escape from the island and Desire breaks up with her childhood friend Bartolomeo again after she turns down his offer to join his Barto Club with her gang.

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