Silk of One Piece

Silk is a young woman from Romance Dawn.

This article contains information taken from Romance Dawn 1.


Silk in manga

Silk is a young girl with blonde hair and brown eyes. Especially in the manga, she bears a very strong resemblance to Nami. She wears a black shirt (shown in blue in the Romance Dawn story) with a white V-neck, short plaid pants, and black boots. Her clothing style is also somewhat reminiscent of Nami’s in the beginning of the story.


Silk sees the town she lives in and its villagers as her greatest treasure. She also hates pirates, as she was left behind by them when she was a small child and her village was ravaged by pirates.

Skills and strength

Silk fights with a saber-like sword, but seems to be inexperienced in combat, as Luffy can easily dodge her sword blows. Another point for this is the fact that she was initially shocked when she attacked Luffy with the sword, thinking she had decapitated him. In the fight with Gally the Sicklebearded, she is clearly outmatched and is quickly disarmed by him. She is also not afraid to kick a man in a very painful place to free herself.


Silk was left on the island 15 years ago as a baby by her father, who was a pirate at the time, after he destroyed the village. She was then raised by the villagers. Nothing else is known about Silk’s past.


Silk runs a restaurant called “Cafe and Bistro”, where she also cooks for Luffy. She is still mothered by the villagers, although she is now self-employed. When Gally’s ship arrived in port, she was in her restaurant, but immediately grabbed her sword and ran for the coast. There she was pulled back by a villager and, after breaking free, she encountered Luffy. After a small fight between the two, she went with Luffy to her restaurant. There, the two became friends and told each other their stories. Later in the story, she threw herself over Luffy’s straw hat as protection from Gally and saved Luffy from drowning after he was pushed into the water by Gally. At the end of Romance Dawn Sory cried because she couldn’t stop Gally, but Luffy did it for her.

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