Shyarly of One Piece

Madame Shyarly was a fortune teller on Fish-Man Island, but she broke her crystal ball after the Straw Hats won. She is also the manager of the Mermaid Café and Arlong’s younger stepsister.


Shyarly is a shortfin mako shark mermaid. She is taller than average and has black hair. She seems to have a general preference for dark clothing, so she wears a black jacket with a plunging neckline that accentuates her tail fin, which is also black.


She’s very easy to piss off, so she completely lost it when Luffy asked if mermaids could fart. However, she can also be very good-natured, so she gave Camie a day off to show her friends around Fishmen Island. Likewise, she previously allowed Sanji to rest at the Mermaid Cafe, even though he was part of the pirate gang that once defeated her brother, Arlong. Unlike Arlong, she doesn’t hate people out of hand, but believes that everyone has to see things through their own eyes to form an opinion. In addition, she sometimes seems slightly melancholic when she thinks about her talent as a clairvoyant, because she often can’t bear to see only the bad in the future.

Skills & Strengths

Shyarly looks into her crystal ball

Shyarly is a fortune teller – even at the age of three she foresaw the birth of the mermaid princess in ten years and later the beginning of the great pirate era. She also saw the death of Whitebeard and the end of the war.

Despite these amazing abilities, Madame Shyarly hates her gift because it allows her to foresee all disaster. However, she cannot predict exactly when things will happen or for what reason, only that they will. Besides this extraordinary gift, Shyarly should also have all the other disadvantages as well as advantages of mermaids, such as good swimming skills and the ability to talk to fish, but the sluggishness on land.


When Shyarly was very young, her father took her to the Piscean District to live with her stepbrother Arlong and left her to her own devices. At the age of three, she already predicted the birth of the Mermaid Princess, and in response to Gol D. Roger’s questions, added that it would happen in ten years. Her words were believed even by the king.

At the age of four, she prophesied that the great pirate age would soon begin and it did with the execution of Roger another year later. Later, while Arlong was sowing hatred towards humans in the Fishmen’s District, Shyarly heard Hatchan’s story about Silvers Rayleigh, who he said always behaved differently towards him than the humans in Arlong’s tales.
Later, she also predicted the war on Marine Ford and Whitebeard’s death.


First meeting with Luffy

Luffy and Co. Meet Madame Shyarly

When Sanji was taken to the Mermaid Café by Camie, Chopper, Luffy, and Usopp to recover from his blood loss, the friends met Madame Shyarly, who allowed Camie to take the day off so she could show her friends Fishmen Island. She later foresaw a terrible fate for Fishmen Island, which is why Luffy would be found and driven away: Shyarly saw in the future that Luffy would destroy Fishmen Island. To Princes Fukaboshi, Manboshi, and Ryuboshi, she reaffirmed her prediction a short time later, which worried the three brothers.

Fight against the New Fishmen Pirates

Hody Jones has taken down Shyarly

After Hody Jones had defeated the three princes of Fish-Man Island and his plan was in full swing, Shyarly’s appearance interrupted all of the Great White’s efforts. She told him of her vision, and that thus Luffy, not he, would destroy the island, for which reason all his efforts were in vain.

Hody then summarily punished the oversized mermaid by knocking her out with an attack, and continued on with his plan.
Shortly thereafter, of course, Shyarly was helped by a doctor, meanwhile anxiously watching the pirates’ battles against the fish-men.

The fact that the Straw Hat was standing up for the Fishmen’s Island surprised Shyarly, whereupon she told some of the children of her attitude never to be influenced by others, but always to see for yourself and form your own opinion.

After the battle

After a victory was won against Hody and his men, thus saving Fish Man Island from annihilation, Shyarly naturally rejoiced along with everyone else over their human saviors. Ultimately, the fact that she was so wrong about Luffy made her destroy her crystal ball, never wanting to see the future again.


  • In the Weekly Shonen Jump version of Chapter 644, Shyarly was shown as a young woman. This was corrected in volume 65, and Shyarly was drawn as a little girl according to her age.
  • Her favorite drink is black tea sweetened with rose jam.

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