Shu of One Piece

Shuu is one of the captains sent to Enie’s lobby as a result of the Buster Call. He ate from the Rust Fruit.


Shuu as a young marine.

Shuu is a tall, slender man. He wears the typical attire of a naval officer of his rank. This includes the blue pants and his white top. Around his neck he wears a blue tie. Like any officer, he has his rank insignia on his shoulders. The most noticeable thing about Shuu is his large white cap and white mouth cloth, which almost completely cover his head.

Skills and Strength

Shuu is a captain in the navy. So he must have some strength that earned him this rank. Also, the captain has eaten of the Rust Fruit. Thus, he can rust metallic objects with lightning speed. He proved his speed when he intercepted a sword blow from Zoro with his hands and rusted the sword before suffering a cut.This fact only occurs in the anime.

However, Shuu can not only rust metal, he can rust anything. When he rust Zoro, the latter became immobilized. However, should Shuu be interrupted in this process by someone else’s attack, the rust disappears again.


Buster Call on Enie’s Lobby

Shuu takes on Zoro.

When Spandam accidentally triggered the Buster Call on Enie’s lobby, Shuu was called up to the ships with him. After a long bombardment of the island, merely the Bridge of Hesitation and its immediate surroundings stood.

This place was also where the Straw Hats were, with the exception of Luffy, who was still fighting Rob Lucci in the support pillar. However, since the World Government wanted Nico Robin alive, they had to cease fire and attack the Straw Hats.

Only men who had at least Major rank were allowed to do so. Right at the beginning of the fight, Zoro attacks Shuu, but he parries the blow and lets the sword rust. Nothing more is seen of the rest of the fight, but Zoro fought again with other captains shortly after, indicating a victory for him.


  • Shuu also makes an appearance in the One Piece movie Z, the twelfth theatrical film.
  • In One Piece – Stampede, Shuu attacks Douglas Bullet alongside fellow Vice Admirals. After their crushing defeat, a marine comments that the Vice Admirals are defeated in a single blow. This suggests that Shuu has been promoted to Vice Admiral – at least in the movie.

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