Shoujou of One Piece

Seabed explorer Shoujou (jap. 海底探索王ショウジョウ, Kaitei Tansaku Ô Shoujou) is the boss of the orangutan pirate gang.


Sketches of his body

Its appearance resembles that of an ape. To be more precise, an Orangutan. He has very long and green hair, which is longer than he is tall. According to his own statement, he has not cut it since he was born, which is 27 years ago. He is a very tall person and wears a green captain’s coat and a captain’s hat with his Jolly Roger on it.


He thinks very highly of himself. For example, he thinks he can replace Crocodile, the previously fallen samurai of the seas. Also, Shoujou gets angry very quickly when he learns that someone attacked his brother. Furthermore, he also stands up for his friends, as he tried to help Mont Blanc Cricket when he was attacked by Bellamy and his gang.

Strength and skills

Shoujou is the captain of the Orangutan Pirates and thus commands a large crew. Together with his brother’s crew and Mont Blanc Cricket, he forms the Saruyama Alliance. His territory is an area near Jaya. He himself can emit sound waves with his voice and uses it to locate treasure with the help of a microphone. However, he can also use it as a weapon and was able to damage the The Going Merry.


About five or six years before they met the Straw Hats, Masira and Shoujou showed up at Mont Blanc Cricket’s house because they had heard he was the descendant of Mont Blanc Noland, the character from their favorite book. Together they formed the Saruyama Alliance, though they still commanded their own pirate ships. Shoujou’s ship was the Utan Sonar.


First meeting with the Straw Hat Pirates

Shoujou encountered the Straw Hat Pirates after they came from Mocktown and went in search of Mont Blanc Cricket. As he was searching for treasure, he spotted the The Going Merry and sailed straight for it. He and the gang immediately struck up a conversation and he told them that he was the only logical successor to Crocodile.

Further, he demanded that they pay Berry to cross his territory. The Straw Hat Pirates was visibly surprised, as they were currently already encountering the second to talk about territorial claims – the first being Masira.

When Masira’s name was mentioned, Shoujou brightened up and misunderstood the situation when he didn’t let Luffy speak out and only heard that they had fought his brother. Out of anger, he attacked the Going Merry with his attack, Havoc Sonar, and demolished it a bit. So that the Merry wouldn’t be damaged even more, the Straw Hat Pirates took flight.

Conversion of the The Going Merry & fight against Bellamy’s gang

Masira, Shoujou and Cricket were defeated

Later, he and Masira were near Mont Blanc Cricket’s house and suddenly heard a gunshot. Concerned for the welfare of their leader, they made their way to his residence. Surprised, the two brothers once again encountered the pirate gang. After misunderstandings were quickly cleared up, they befriended them.

While the Straw Hat Pirates was out in the forest trying to catch a Southbird, Shoujou, along with Masira and Mont Blanc Cricket, stood in the way of the Bellamy Pirates, who had come to capture Maron’s gold. However, they lost the fight. Although he was badly injured, he helped upgrade the The Going Merry and took it to the Knock-Up Stream with Masira.

The ringing of the Golden Bell

The Saruyama Alliance heard the ringing of the Golden Bell up in heaven. For them, the dream was now confirmed, and they decided to search for a new one. At the moment, they are searching for a legendary island called Nakrowa.


  • Shoujou (shoujou in the original) is related to an orangutan in many ways.
  • His favorite food is Rambutan.
  • He and Masira call themselves brothers, but they are not related by blood and even come from different blues.

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