Shirahoshi of One Piece

Shirahoshi is the daughter of King Neptune and thus princess of the kingdom of Ryuuguu. She is known throughout the oceans as the most beautiful woman in the world, surpassing even Boa Hancock.


Shirahoshi’s size as a baby

Shirahoshi is truly a beauty. She wears her hair down with a fish hair clip on the back of her head. She is also extremely huge, so Luffy didn’t even notice he was standing on her torso at first. Shirahoshi has a striped tail fin. She also wears a beaded bra and a light-colored skirt. Furthermore, she wears shell earrings.

On the reverie, Shirahoshi is wearing a light blue top.


Shirahoshi is extremely timid, as she is very afraid of being kidnapped by human traffickers or pirates.

She is somewhat naive and inexperienced due to the fact that she was locked up in a tower for a long time for her own protection and only learned a little about the outside world through her mother. However, she is also very inquisitive and asked Luffy, regarding life on land, several things at once during their first meeting.

Since neither her father nor anyone else has ever been angry with her, or even yelled at her, Shirahoshi is very sensitive and starts crying very quickly.


Already in her childhood she can call sea kings

Like all mermaids, Shirahoshi is able to communicate with fish. But she also possesses the very rare gift of imposing her will even on sea kings. This power is also the ancient weapon Poseidon.

Furthermore, like her mother Otohime, Shirahoshi is proficient in the Observation Shaki.


Already ten years before her birth, 26 years ago, the only three-year-old Shyarly prophesied that Neptune would have a daughter in just ten years. Another prophecy also said that every 100 years the destructive weapon Poseidon would be reborn and the assumption was obvious that it would be Neptune’s still unborn daughter.

Shirahoshi with hercomplete family

Shirahoshi grew up in the palace, and even as a baby was twice the size of a full-grown man. During her childhood, she and her brothers were taught about the outside world by their mother, Otohime. One day, when a world aristocrat’s ship crashed off Fish-Man Island and Otohime rushed to the harbor to help Saint Mjosgard, he took her hostage so that his former slaves would not kill him.

When Shirahoshi saw this, she wept bitterly and cried for her mother, whereupon some sea kings appeared. Saint Mjosgard then fainted, saving Otohime. Some time later, Shirahoshi’s mother traveled to the mainland to obtain confirmation that fish people and humans were equal. Upon her return, she explained Shirahoshi’s special power to her sons, because of which they must always protect their sister well and be careful not to make her cry.

Then, when Otohime had almost reached her goal of collecting enough signatures for her petition, it was suddenly set on fire. Shortly after, Otohime was gunned down by an unknown person. Vander Decken IX used the chaos to touch Shirahoshi, thus getting her as a target for his devil powers. To keep Shirahoshi from starting to cry again, Manboshi and Ryuboshi tried to calm her down. Otohime’s children promised to complete their mother’s dream.

However, ever since Vander Decken touched Shirahoshi, he often tries to kidnap and attack her, so Neptune had his daughter locked in a tower for 10 years, for her own protection.


Encounter with Luffy

Luffy discovers Shirahoshi

As Luffy walked around the palace to find something to eat, he unknowingly entered Shirahoshi’s room and climbed on the sleeping princess’ body. After Luffy protected her from an axe attack, Shirahoshi told her about herself and Vander Decken IX, who had been tormenting her for 10 years. Luffy suggested she leave the palace and go on a walk with him. If they were attacked, he would protect them.

Shirahoshi wanted to go to the Sea Forest to visit her mother’s grave, but in order to get Shirahoshi out of the palace unnoticed, Luffy’s advice was for the giant mermaid to hide in Megalo’s mouth. However, the shark was unable to hold her when they reached the city and therefore spat the princess out, after which it appeared to some of the city’s residents that Luffy had kidnapped the princess.

At that time, Sanji and Chopper were just there, trying to escape with Luffy and the princess before the angry crowd attacked them. However, Vander Decken IX also appeared, who was now finally going to grab Shirahoshi. Luffy overpowered the latter in a very short fight, after which everyone continued on to the Lake Forest again.

In the lake forest

Shirahoshi prays at her mother’s grave

When they finally arrived there, they were already expected by Jinbe, who was shocked to see Shirahoshi. The latter in turn took the opportunity to finally pray at her mother’s grave.

While Jinbe told his story, Shirahoshi befriended Nami since she had a similar past. However, shortly after, the princess was more than shocked when Jinbe revealed to her that King Neptune had been captured. When Hody Jones announced his execution a little later, Shirahoshi wanted to help her father at all costs, but Jinbe stopped her.

Gyoncorde Plaza

Shirahoshi bravely confronts her tormentor

After everyone had gathered for the battle against the New Fishmen pirate gang, Hody Jones revealed that it was he who once killed Queen Otohime. To the surprise of all present, however, Shirahoshi admitted in the process that she had known this truth for a long time and had only kept it to herself in order to uphold her mother’s last will and desire for less hatred and violence. Jones called her naive and stupid because of this act, whereupon the battles against the fish people began.

Shirahoshi was to be crushed by Surume in the process, however Luffy drew the giant squid to his side, promising to protect his brothers who were being threatened by Hody. When Vander Decken showed up a little later with Noah threatening to crash into Fish Man Island, Shirahoshi also mustered all her courage and bravely faced the Fish Man, as well as the giant ship, asking that all the innocents be spared. Although Manboshi and Ryuboshi were able to rescue the princess from this danger for the time being, Hody Jones defeated the brothers with ease shortly after, which is why Luffy had to intervene.

During the latter’s fight against the Great White Shark Fishman, he destroyed large parts of the Noah, but also inflicted greater and greater injuries on himself, causing Shirahoshi to despair. When she finally began to scream, several sea kings suddenly appeared, stopping the Noah from crashing into the fish-man island. The oversized beasts had followed Shirahoshi’s strong feelings, which, as an Ancient Weapon of Poseidon, enabled them to control Sea Kings.

After the battle

Caribou attacks Shirahoshi

After this victory, Shirahoshi also celebrated the approaching peace together with the Straw Hats and everyone else, but as she got tired, she finally retired to her room. There, however, Caribou appeared, who tried to catch her, but was defeated again by Luffy and co.

After thanking the princess for this, Luffy finally told Big Mom to fight, with Shirahoshi deeming the rubber boy strong enough to take on the empress herself. She then bid farewell to the Straw Hat Pirates, who had to sail on towards the New World, promising Luffy not to cry so much in the future.

In addition, the Straw Hats promised her that the next time they met, they would take her out of the ocean on another adventure.


Shirahoshi meets Rebecca and Vivi

As the Levely approached, Shirahoshi was asked if she would like to accompany her brothers to the Holy Land of Mary Geoise. She initially refused because she was too scared and didn’t want to break her promise to Luffy, but Fukaboshi still managed to convince her because of Otohime’s wish. Before they left Fish-Man Island, they saw quite a few children walking around with straw hats.

When they left, Shirahoshi hoped that she would finally stop calling Luffy weak. As per policy, the royal family was escorted to Mary Geoise by the Navy – in her case, former Vice Admiral Monkey D. Garp. On their way up to the Holy Land, Shirahoshi was completely mesmerized by the endlessness and beauty of the sea and the surface.

Once at the top, the giant mermaid princess immediately attracted all attention before befriending Rebecca and Vivi as she overheard their conversation about the straw hat. Later, Saint Charlos wanted to make Shirahoshi his own, but was saved by Saint Mjosgard, who was deeply in debt to the royal family of Fishmen Island because of his shared past with Otohime.

At the end of the negotiations, the Neptune family was also accompanied on their way back by Garp. The latter stayed at the Ryuuguu Palace for a cup of tea and short talk about the Levely. In the end, he informed the royal family about an incident that mainly concerned the kingdom of Arabasta. Shirahoshi was worried about Vivi because of that.


  • In the minibook “Dive to Grand World” published in 2012 for the 15th anniversary, Shirahoshi’s height was estimated to be about 17m.
  • Luffy, because her name is too complicated for him, nicknamed Shirahoshi the Scaredy-Cat.
  • Shirahoshi would have donated blood to Luffy as well, but she doesn’t have the same blood type as the pirate captain.
  • Her favorite is sea grape pasta.

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