Shimoi Zappa of One Piece

Zappa is a young naval officer and former protégé of Aokiji. He is stationed at the naval base on Fron Island in the New World.

This article contains information that only comes from the anime, not the manga.
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Zappa as a young marine.

Zappa is a scrawny-looking young man with wavy, longer silver hair. Over his light checkered shirt he wears a purple coat with fur collar, matching purple knee-length pants, and brown gloves. His footwear is striking, consisting of brown boots that are also trimmed with fur up to his knees. Zappa has his white navy coat tied in the front with both of his sleeves. On his back he carries two swords.

As a young naval recruit he still wore a more discreet naval outfit, consisting only of a naval cap, a white collared shirt and a blue collar. He also wore blue trousers. His two swords were attached to his back by two brown belts that ran across his torso.


Zappa is very fond of women and always tries to win them over. Therefore, he was quite depressed after every woman at the Fron Island Naval Base rejected him. Nonetheless, he immediately proposed to Nami when he spotted her in the base’s canteen, even though she’s a pirate and he’s a marine. He also only fought Luffy because he believed this would win Nami and Carrot over.

Skills & Strength

Zappa fights with two swords and is able to attack with flying sword strikes. He can also ignite his swords to create a large fireball. In addition, Zappa has mastered Geppou and can thus move in the air. However, as a marine, Zappa is also very resilient, as he was able to quickly recover from both Carrot’s Electro and Nami’s Thunder Breed Tempo attack.


Zappa is in love with Nami.

While Bonham greeted her old friend Grount, who had returned to the naval base after a long time, Zappa wept bitterly into his food, since all the women on the base had rejected him. He quickly got himself together, however, when Carrot loudly called Nami’s name through the mess hall. He quickly spotted the disguised Nami and appeared in front of her, drunk with love. Although he knew of her identity, he proposed without hesitation, but Nami rejected him in disgust. The navigator escaped, but Vice Admiral Prodi had long since tracked Luffy down in the mess hall and sounded the alarm on the island. Grount, Bonham, Zappa, and the other marines surrounded Luffy and Carrot, who then fled the canteen. The trio of marines gave chase and Zappa was able to confront the two in a corridor. He wanted to defeat Luffy so he could have Nami and attacked him with his swords. When Carrot interfered and attacked him with Electro, he keeled over. He recovered quickly, however, and continued the chase with Grount and Bonham to the warehouse.

Once inside the warehouse, Zappa attacked Luffy one more time, but was again knocked out by Carrot’s Electro. Drunk with love, the marine got back up and proposed to both Carrot and Nami, which Nami returned with a Thunder Breed Tempo attack. Before the Straw Hat Pirates left the warehouse again, Zappa attacked them with a fireball. Luffy redirected the attack to a water tank, which then came crashing down on Zappa.

The promise of one day defeating Luffy…

The pirates reached the coast and Zappa and Bonham wanted to pursue them, but Grount had lost his fighting spirit since Luffy had defeated him. Because the two could not convince him to continue fighting, they finally ran to the coast alone to continue the fight. There, however, they were quickly defeated by Luffy, as was Vice Admiral Prodi. Even Grount, who had arrived in the meantime, was no match for the Straw Hat captain. After the Straw Hat Pirates escaped from the naval base, Grount, Bonham and Zappa promised each other to defeat them next time.

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