Shiki of One Piece

Shiki is also known as a flying pirate. His nickname is “Golden Lion” (金獅子, Kinjishi). He was already a legend in Roger’s time and is still active today as a pirate to realize the plan he forged 20 years ago.

This article contains information unique to One Piece – Strong World (2009).


The steering wheel in his head

Shiki is a tall man with a relatively dark complexion. He has long golden hair that really resembles a lion’s mane. His beard is the same color. His cape is also striped gold and orange. Due to an accident during the battle with Roger, he got a steering wheel stuck in his head. Around his waist, Shiki has an olive green cloth tied, with another red cloth and a gold chain underneath.

On his lower body he wears orange colored shorts. Underneath these you can see his most noticeable feature, his missing legs. To replace them he has taken two swords as prostheses. All in all, it can be said that the nickname “Golden Lion” can probably be seen in his clothing style. In addition, Shiki is a cigar smoker.

… and he controls his devil powers with perfection.


Shiki is overall a very calm person who didn’t even really feel the steering wheel in his head. He wasn’t even shocked by this fact, merely noting that this sort of thing can just happen. This sort of thing is usually pointed out to him in a funny way by Indigo, who he often jokes around with. It’s also how they always strike their typical pose after cracking a joke. Sometimes Shiki confuses even the simplest things, such as Scarlett with his mother/aunt or the bird Billy with a guitar. Even in the mirror he saw himself with the steering wheel as a chicken.

However, should he ever fly into a rage, there is no stopping him, as he showed in Marine Ford. Another example of his mercilessness is when he shot one of his men for bringing him news of Roger’s, in Shiki’s eyes impossible, imprisonment. During a cyclone, he closed the doors to protect his equipment and simply let some of his men die. Shortly after, he also shot one of his navigators who, unlike Nami, made a false prediction.

Even though Shiki dislikes certain people like Roger, he at least acknowledges their strength. He has also received a lasting impression from this man, so that his last words during the defeat against Luffy were addressed to him.

Is another man from the East Blue going to stop me? Roger?!

– Shiki’s last words.

Shiki’s dream has always been world domination, which, after failing to work with Roger, he plans to achieve with a different plan. His first target is said to be the hated East Blue. This ocean is commonly considered the weakest in the world, and when Roger was executed there, as a “symbol of peace”, Shiki just couldn’t take it anymore.

Skills & Strength

Shiki Fights Extremely Skillfully With His Sword…

Shiki has added 50 pirate captains to his crew, which should give him a huge armada to command, much like Don Krieg. However, nothing is known about the strength and power of this gang. Furthermore, Indigo has bred him a real army of powerful monsters. Most of these beasts have supernatural size and strength, as well as special abilities that greatly increase the power of Shiki’s gang. To defeat Shiki 20 years ago, Garp and Sengoku had to combine their powers, which is a testament to Shiki’s strength.

He managed to escape from the Impel Down alone, with Shiki also showing his tremendous willpower. He severed both of his legs to escape. He proved his physical resilience one more time when he withstood a Kokutei Roseo Metel from Chopper without too much difficulty, and also managed to intercept another attack.

Shiki uses two very good swords, Outou and Kogarashi. The quality of these swords is evidenced by the fact that he has fought many powerful opponents with these two. However, since his imprisonment in Impel Down, he has been using them as legs. He can use his prosthetic legs extremely skillfully, creating slicing waves in the air similar to a rankyaku or sensory phoenix. But even unarmed and with bare fists, he is not to be underestimated, as he knocked Zoro deep into the ground with a punch.

Shiki once ate of a devil fruit, the Fuwa Fuwa no Mi, which allows him to nullify the gravity of inanimate things and restore them at will. This even allows him to hurl entire fleets of large warships at his enemies. In order to do so, however, he must have touched them first. Shiki can even fly himself through this power. However, he is an exception with this. He has even trained his devil powers to the point where he can make whole islands float or attack his opponent with huge shapes. Water is a special feature here: Although it actually neutralizes the devil’s powers, he can also make it fly.


Member of the Rocks

Before Shiki sailed the seas as captain of his own pirate gang, he was a member of the legendary Rocks Pirates, led by Rocks D. Xebec. His crew members at the time included Whitebeard, Big Mom, Kaidou and Captain John. Then, 38 years ago on the island of God Valley, a battle ensued between the Rocks pirates and Vice Admiral Monkey D. Garp, who was aided by the future pirate king Gol D. Roger. In the battle that would later become known as the God Valley Incident, the Rocks pirates were defeated.

Roger and Marine Ford

Shiki is made to fight by Garp and Sengoku.

Shiki appeared before Gol D. Roger with his entire fleet. He offered him to hand over the plan for the legendary weapon or die. He wanted to rule the world with the future pirate king as his right hand man. However, Roger refused and chose to fight. In the process, he was pressed extremely hard by the Golden Lion pirates and came close to defeat until the enemy fleet was destroyed by a sudden change in weather. Shiki, however, was left with a memento: a steering wheel stuck in his head.

Two years later, he received word that Roger had been captured. Shiki could not believe this and attacked Marine Ford. In his eyes, Roger was always strong, but for him to be so weak now, Shiki couldn’t get his head around it and wanted to kill him. However, after killing many marines, Garp and Sengoku confronted him for a fight in which half of Marine Ford was destroyed. Eventually, however, the two were able to triumph over the Golden Lion. He was taken to Impel Down in defeat.

Impel Down and Revenge

Shiki leaves his feet up.

But Shiki couldn’t take it any longer and wanted to escape, even though the Impel Down was considered absolutely escape-proof. But the pirate made the impossible possible and managed to escape two years after his imprisonment by cutting off his chained legs. This made Shiki the first and, for the next 20 years, the only one to cause such chaos in Impel Down. Hannyabal couldn’t stop him either, and then-vice leader Magellan wasn’t there in time. Shiki replaced his lost legs with his two swords from then on. Sengoku classified the escape as a huge mistake by the Navy and wanted to make sure that such a thing would never happen again.

Shiki met with Whitebeard once again and announced his disappearance. Doctor Indigo led him to an island where particularly formidable animals lived. He interrupted the doctor’s explanation and asked him how long it would take to realize his plan. The doctor answered that it would take 20 years.

Ok, in 20 years I will put my plan into action!!! I will create hell on earth!!!

– Shiki about his plan.


The order to the Amigo Pirates

Shiki with his confidants shortly before the attack on East Blue

The Amigo Pirates also wanted to become a part of Shiki’s gang and got the order from him to capture Boss again. Through this, however, he actually only wanted to test how strong the creatures of his really are. However, the gang was surprisingly defeated as the Straw Hat Pirates was on the same island. Shiki lost contact with the pirates and now suspected that the pirates’ defeat was due to Boss. Buoyed by this misinformation, he took one last look at his vast army of monsters. He then exclaimed that he was declaring on the entire world and readied himself for an attack on East Blue.

Warning and kidnapping

Shiki kidnaps Nami.

As Garp and Sengoku looked up at the sky in the late dusk, they saw not only Shiki’s ship, but some of their own floating in the sky. There was a large-scale alert throughout the base, and all the marines were desperately trying to fight off the pirate. Saying that this was just a warning, he let all the ships rain down on the headquarters, causing great damage. He then disappeared again, leaving the navy standing there dumbfounded. Shortly after, he began his attack on the East Blue, which was printed in all the newspapers. All over this ocean villages were completely wiped out and this was to be just a taste.

A few days later, Shiki’s pirates were about to be caught in a huge cyclone, but received word from the Straw Hats to get out of the way. Thus they escaped the storm just in time. However, one of his navigators hadn’t foreseen this, so Shiki unceremoniously shot him. He then flew down to the Straw Hats’ ship, where he wanted to find out who could make such accurate predictions about the weather. There he also explained his devil powers to them and invited them to join him in the gang. They declined, however, as they wanted to put a stop to the goings-on with still unknown perpetrators in the East Blue. Shiki thought of a ruse: He let them fly along using his devil powers, but then dropped them over his islands. Before he could do that, however, he grabbed Nami, which those present couldn’t stop. They were all scattered and had to scramble while he returned to his headquarters with Nami.

Preparing the grand plan

Nami reluctantly joins Shiki.

There he always tried to cheer Nami up with some dancing, which of course didn’t work. However, she quickly made friends with the newly bred animal Billy, with whom she went on the run. Shiki immediately had all the cameras searching for her and eventually found her in a village, along with Luffy, Zoro, Sanji, Usopp, and Chopper.

He made his own way there and a fight ensued, as the men would never give up their navigator. Although they worked together, they failed to hurt their opponent much and were defeated by just a simple but powerful attack. Nami decided to join Shiki’s gang and even Usopp, who was still conscious, could not dissuade her. In exchange, however, she demanded that her members as well as her hometown be spared, to which the golden lion agreed. Before that, however, Shiki had her speak a message – as a last words, so to speak – on a sound dial.

In the message, she asked Luffy and the others to come and save her. Shiki then returned to his palace with his new navigator, but she left in shock when she saw him wipe out an entire village on the broadcast. Nami decided to blow up all the groves of Daft Green in her area so that the beasts would no longer be deterred and wreak havoc on the palace. However, this was discovered in time and Shiki left Nami to die poisoned by the plants.

A reason to celebrate?

The Straw Hat Pirates interrupts Shiki’s ceremony.

In the meantime, all of Shiki’s allies had gathered at his palace with all of their troops. After the sake was poured and they were about to toast their gathering, a messenger suddenly arrived with bad news: All the guards were down and eight pirates would be approaching the throne room. At the same moment, Zoro and Sanji broke through the walls and the Straw Hats entered, this time with Franky, Robin, and Brook at their side. A huge fight broke out between the two gangs, fueled even more when Nami, with Billy’s help, actually managed to clear the trees out of the way.

So even the monsters stormed the palace and a real fight for survival ensued. Usopp and Chopper managed to free Nami in the meantime, but were confronted by Shiki. The latter intended to kill them once and for all, but Luffy was able to prevent it with Gear 2 and get a rematch in which he was nowhere near as inferior to Shiki. He also fought side by side with Billy, allowing him to chase the golden lion into the air as well. Meanwhile, Usopp and Chopper were threatening one of Shiki’s navigators, so he gave false information and they flew right into a storm. However, Shiki had defeated the Straw Hat with his partner and was on his way back to the palace to check on the situation.

Another man from the East Blue

Shiki on the verge of defeat.

Nami got in Shiki’s way, however, and told him that his entire plan had failed because the Straw Hats had already set explosives everywhere. Enraged, he went to attack, but it was directed at Usopp due to a Tenryu Boshi. As he was about to attack some more, the returned Luffy shouted to him that he was his opponent. The straw hat now activated Gear 3, and blew up his leg. He then stuck it into the thundercloud to charge it up, but the golden lion remained unfazed by the whole action.

You will not be able to do what you want!
Neither with my comrades nor the sea!
For I will never let you go from here
-Monkey D. Luffy before his final attack.

When he then approached with the Gomu Gomu no-Gigant-Thor-Axe, Shiki still desperately tried to defend himself with his devil powers, but Luffy was too strong and simply broke through. He thought of Roger one last time, but then falls unconscious into the sea. Shortly after, his devil power lost its hold on the islands and they fell into the sea. Whether Shiki survived this attack is still uncertain.


  • Although his story is mainly told in Movie 10, the character himself is part of the main story and thus canon.
  • Shiki always calls Nami baby-chan.
  • He and his partner Indigo act like a typical Manzai.
  • In Kurozumi Orochi’s flashback, he meets Kurozumi Higurashi, who possesses the powers of the Imitation Fruit. Among other things, she transforms into a man who looks confusingly like Shiki. So far, however, it is unconfirmed whether this is actually Shiki.

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