Shepherd of One Piece

Shepherd is a Marine Headquarters frigate captain who tried to have the base closed while he was on G8.

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Shepherd’s Faces

Shepherd is a slender man with dark purple long hair, which he has tied into a ponytail. He has an oval face with a high forehead and large ears. He wears the typical uniform of a frigate captain, usually accompanied by purple sunglasses and light-colored gloves. Under his coat he wears a light purple jacket with a high collar.


Shepherd is an extremely unfriendly man. He was very angry that he wasn’t welcomed when he arrived at the G8 base, having sailed through a typhoon for hours. He holds a grudge against Commander Jonathan for refusing to give up his base and transfer. Because of this, Shepherd is trying to get the G8 base closed down.

Skills and Strength

As a frigate captain, Shepherd must have a certain amount of strength. His weapon of choice is the Eagle Launcher(イーグル・ランチャー Īguru Ranchā), which is a giant bazooka developed by Naval Headquarters that he claims has the strength of a small battleship. As a naval inspector, he must have tremendous authority, despite his relatively low rank. Thus, his tone with Commander Jonathan was more than unfriendly, despite the latter having a much higher rank.


Arrival and Captivity

Shepherd’s giant
“Eagle Launcher”

Frigate Captain Shepherd was not met by Commander Jonathan upon his arrival on G8, so he inquired of a marine as to his whereabouts. When the latter said that the commander was having lunch, Shepherd was very angry and angrily went off to find Jonathan himself. In doing so, Robin noticed the frigate captain, captured him, and later posed as him so she could move unnoticed on Navarone. Shepherd left it at that until he was discovered by someone and put in the dungeon with Zoro and Usopp, as he might be a member of the Straw Hat Pirates. Then, when Usopp claimed that Shepherd was really a crew member named “Condriano” (jap. コンドリアーノ, Kondoriāno) who had lost his memory, any denial was futile.

Liberation and defeat

However, Luffy ruined the trick when he joined Sanji in freeing Zoro and Usopp from the dungeon, but left “Condriano” behind. This made Commander Jonathan realize that he was not part of their crew. Thus, Shepherd was released and given back his uniform.

Later, when the Straw Hat Pirates was trying to retrieve their stolen gold, Shepherd appeared. He wanted to arrest the crew with his soldiers. When provoked, he brought out his giant bazooka called the Eagle Launcher. The first time he used it, he accidentally held the bazooka the wrong way around, so he hit his own people instead of the Straw Hat Pirates. Then, when he held it the right way up, his shot was redirected again with the help of Robin’s devil power, and the marines went down in numbers. Eventually, Shepherd was also taken out as Robin fired the bazooka downward, sending him flying into the air.

Afterwards, he wanted to advise Commander Jonathan to leave him in command, as the Straw Hat Pirates would surely be caught. However, the latter planned another trap, which he believed the Straw Hat Pirates could not escape. But because Shepherd planned to have the G8 base closed, Jonathan could not afford to succeed in his eyes, which is why Shepherd appeared again with his bazooka. When the Straw Hat Pirates tried to fly the Octopus and Shepherd tried to get them back on the ground, he accidentally hit the fortress’s cannons, allowing the Straw Hat Pirates to escape. Afterwards, he blamed Jonathan for it, but was then knocked out by Jessica.

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