Sheepshead of One Piece

Sheepshead is a pirate and subordinate of Emperor Kaidou. He is the headliner of the Gifters, a division of Kaidou’s pirate gang.


Sheepshead is a man with a well-toned physique. Like many of Kaidou’s crew members, he also has horns on his head. His clothing is black and his eyes are covered by a pair of glasses, also black. On his upper left arm is a spotted tattoo and his hands are encased in gloves. He also wears a striking belt, which bears a resemblance to that of a wrestler and has Kaidou’s Jolly Roger on the front.

His hairstyle changes when he uses his powers. In the normal state, his hair is thin and combed back. In the opposite case, it becomes curlier, resembling the fur of a sheep.


Sheepshead often appears very confident, but also very feisty. He is loyal to all who are higher to him within the gang and demands respect from others as well.

Skills and strengths

Sheepshead can use his devil powers to turn his hands into the horns of a sheep, increasing his penetrating power. Brook was able to deflect one of his attacks and then wondered how much power he could wield. Despite this, Sanji was able to defeat Sheepshead with a single attack that even matched his name.


In search of Raizo

17 days before Luffy entered Zou, Sheepshead, led by Jack, marched into the Minks’ home with other members of the Beasts Pirates. They demanded to hand over the ninja Raizo to them. The Minks pretended not to know who Jack and his people were talking about, but the pirate attacked civilians without hesitation and ordered his people not to stop until someone handed Raizo over to him. The battle-hardened Minks resisted the pirates until Jack used one of Caesar Clown’s poison gas weapons.

About two weeks later, the Thousand Sunny reached Zou, but most of the Straw Hat Pirates was still on Dress Rosa. The troop that had reached Zou entered the island. Some time later, Nami, Brook and Momonosuke were surprised by an eruption of water masses and shortly after by Sheepshead. Brook was able to fend off an attack from him in time, and Sanji flew in with his Skywalk and defeated him with a well-aimed attack.

While Luffy, his gang, the two rulers of Zou and the samurai of Wano Country were forming the “Ninja-Pirate-Mink Alliance” and the people of Zou were celebrating, a fleet of ships from Kaidou approached once again, with Jack on it. Hanging down beside him, upside down and bound, was Sheepshead, who had been badly beaten up for his failure. Jack asked him how dare he come back with the answer, “Raizo is not there.” One of Jack’s henchmen suggested wiping out the Minks while they were still weakened. Jack, however, saw no reason to rush, for his plan was to kill the elephant Zunesha in retaliation, thus sinking the Minks’ habitat in the sea. But Zunesha sank the enemy ship instead, leaving Sheepshead’s status uncertain.


  • Its name is based on the card game Schafkopf.
  • His favorite dishes are all kinds of vegetables and corn.

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