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The Shandia chief is the head of the Shandia and acts as a decision maker. However, he does not seem to have command over the Shandia warriors, who follow Wyper, the descendant of Kalgara, when he calls for battle. In the near past, the chief has stopped the Shandia warriors from doing something stupid a few times.


The chief is an older man with graying hair and a full white beard. On his head is an animal head, which is decorated with feathers on the back of the head. The animal head comes from a cloud wolf. He wears a sleeveless cloak that is striped brown and black. Underneath he wears purple clothing, which is fixed around the waist with a green cloth.

The chief possesses a kind of regency staff. This is made of wood and is decorated with fur and feathers. At its tip is a carving depicting an orange face with a green back of the head, to which two feathers are attached. It strongly resembles that of his ancestor.

Like all sky dwellers, the chief wears wings on his back.


Because of his advanced age, the chief can make wise decisions in many situations. He can evaluate many situations better than the younger Shandia warriors. He knows the history of the Shandia and thus keeps the memory alive. Unlike Wyper, he has actually been striving to reach an agreement with the Celestials for some time to prevent war.


Stories of the past

Wyper and Laki listen to the chief

When Wyper and his comrades Genbo, Braham and Laki were still children, they listened to the chief’s stories. The chief told them a lot about Shandora and his ancestor Kalgara. He was very impressed by this. That’s why he often talked to Laki in the evenings about these stories and how much his ancestors inspire him. He also made a promise that one day he would take back the “Golden City”. When he grew up, he also started to fight for it and the Shandia attacked the Upper Yard several times without success. At another time, the chief told the young Wyper the story of Kalgara and Mont Blanc Noland.

Negotiations with Gan Fall

Negotiations remain unsuccessful

Gan Fall, since he was God in Skypiea, wanted to end the war between the Shandia and the Celestials. Therefore, he came to the Shandia village and offered to return parts of the Upper Yard for peace and wanted to make amends. However, Wyper refused, as he wanted the entire Upper Yard. After provoking Gan Fall, Wyper finally lost his temper and started a brawl. Even Braham and Mantis together couldn’t stop him. But Gan Fall tried several more times later and just before he succeeded, Enel took over the rule of Skypiea. Because of this, peace was out of the question and the fighting began again.


The flight from Enel

Now only prayer helps

When the Shandia were ordered to flee by some of the inhabitants of Angel Island, they quickly complied and made their way to Clouds End. At the Shandia village, the last of them prepared to flee and waited in the ships for the chief. He stood before Kalgara’s statue and asked for its protection. At the same moment, at the foot of Giant Jack, Wyper remembered the chief’s tale of Kalgara and Noland.

Shortly after the last ships had left, Enel destroyed the village with his lightning bolts. After Enel also destroyed the Celestial Gate, the Shandia, along with the Celestials, could only watch what was happening in the Upper Yard. When Enel created the grand finale with Raigoh to send Skypiea back to the Sea of Blue, the refugees, who had to watch the spectacle idly, could only pray.

When Luffy was able to dissipate this ball of thunder, everyone cheered and harbored new hope. Luffy was finally able to defeat Enel, and a single loud chime rang out over the island.

The feast

Wyper wakes up again

The ships with the fled Celestials and Shandia docked at the Upper Yard after Enel’s defeat. A little later, the chief was asked if the was really over. But he did not answer.

He visited his protégé Wyper at his sickbed, which was set up in the ruins of Shandora, and waited for him to awaken. When Wyper awoke in the hospital, he immediately wanted to know the location of the bell tower they had to protect. The chief urged him to be quiet. Their home is the sky, but the Vearth itself makes no distinction between sky-dwellers and Shandia. And the last thing anyone wanted now was another fight, and in doing so he opened a curtain to reveal a huge party. Even Nora and the cloud wolves joined in the celebration. Braham and Zoro drank together and everyone was happily gathered around a massive fire.

The Golden Bell

Robin at the Poneglyph

A few days after the celebration was over, a Shandia told the chief that they had found the Golden Bell still hanging on the Giant Jack. Everyone was to come to the East Coast to help. Robin, who overheard this, had new hope of seeing the Poneglyph after all. On the East Coast, the Shandia tried to pull up the bell tower, but only succeeded with the help of the Sky Warriors.

The bell tower, including the bell, was pulled up and stood again on the Upper Yard. One pillar had broken off. Some wanted to know from the chief what was written on the poneglyph. They didn’t need to know, the important thing was:

Keep the truth in your heart…

…We who pass on history… with the ringing of the great bell.
-UpperYard, The Chief and Robin over the Golden Bell.

Astonished, the chief asked if she could read the language. Robin went to the Poneglyph, which said something about an Ancient Weapon with the name of the god Poseidon and the place where it is hidden. It is a different weapon than the one in Arabasta, but Robin was not looking for any weapons and walked away disappointed. Someone pointed next to the stone where there is another sentence in ancient writing, ‘I landed here and will spread this story everywhere…Pirate Gol D. Roger’ Gan Fall told her about a pirate named Roger who visited Skypiea 20 years ago. Gan Fall thought Luffy resembled Roger. Asked about the D. Robin said it must have a crucial meaning in the story. Robin went on to talk about the Poneglyphs.

There are two types of stones. Some contain information, others are signposts. The sum of all the texts makes the Rio Poneglyph, only this one reveals the whole hidden story and the Pirate King has already spread the story. The stone on the bell tower has already done its job. With tears in his eyes, the chief realized that they don’t have to fight anymore and the wish of their ancestors was fulfilled. Robin must pass the texts on to the last island of the Grand Line, Laugh Tale. In thanks, the chief offered Robin and the Straw Hat Pirates the broken gold pillar.

When Robin appeared, followed by the celestials with the wrapped gold pillar mistaken for a cannon, Luffy immediately blew a laugh and shouted to Robin to hurry. Everyone ran back to the ship.

The new head

Later, the Shandia chief once again asked Gan Fall to take the title of god as the head of the country in order to unite the country. Gan Fall, who had always wanted peace, was the only one who could do it. He is non-partisan and neutral, he said, a god is something to cling to. Although he wanted to devote himself to pumpkin farming, he accepted the offer.

What has become of them

The Chief in the Cover Story

Long after the Straw Hat Pirates had left, he sat laughing and drinking with Gan Fall on a bench in the forest. In the background, Pagaya and Pierre toasted.

Two years later, when the newspaper reported the return of the Straw Hat Pirates on the Blaumeer, the chief, Gan Fall and Pierre were sitting in front of the Golden Bell drinking pumpkin juice. Everyone was thrilled with this year’s harvest.


  • His favorite food is pumpkin juice.

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