Shalria of One Piece

Princess Shalria belongs to the World Nobles. She is the daughter of Saint Rosward and the sister of Saint Charlos.


Shalria is a slender, tall woman with brown hair pinned into a tower hairstyle. She wears a full body suit with a bubble helmet so she doesn’t have to breathe the same air as normal people.

This suit has trim and ruffles all over her body in shades of red, as well as floral patterns and stripes. Underneath the suit, she appears to be wearing a red kimono. She is wearing dark red gloves with it. She also has orange sunglasses on and wears heart earrings.


Princess Shalria is a world aristocrat and thus a descendant of the founding kings who created the world government 800 years ago. As a result, she has many privileges and protections from the world government, making her arrogant and stuck-up.

She views normal humans as “subhumans” and wears a special suit that allows her to not breathe the same air as them. Shalria treats her like trash because of this. She is also ruthless and cold-hearted. This can be seen in the fact that she let her dog Saru urinate on the severely injured Devil Dias, in addition to shooting him because he didn’t deserve to live in the world as he is too weak. She also keeps masses of slaves, like her father and brother Saint Charlos.


On the way to the auction house

Princess Shalria shoots Devil Dias without a smoke.

Together with her father, Shalria was on her way to the auction house when her slave, Devil Dias, ran away. He didn’t get far, however, as his necklace exploded and nearly killed him. Shalria regretted that another one had “broken” while her father worried about his ever dwindling collection of captains.

Shalria then had her dog Saru urinate on Devil Dias. Shalria felt that Diaz had no reason to exist, so she shot him. Whether he is dead or still alive is unknown. The World Nobles then moved on. Princess Shalria asked her father to now be allowed to keep a giant as a slave, but he would not allow her.

In the Human Auctioning House

Shalria is furious.

Arriving at the auction house, the World Nobles took their places. When the top bid of the auction, Camie, was to be sold and Charlos, who had just arrived, offered the highest sum, Luffy burst through the roof. The latter also immediately knocked Charlos out, having shot Hatchan. Shortly after, Shalria also witnessed Usopp fly through the roof and land on Saint Rosward, knocking him out as well. Enraged, Shalria now stormed over to Camie, who was still trapped and unable to escape. Since Shalria blamed her for the mess, the princess wanted to shoot the mermaid. Fortunately, her plan was prevented as she was knocked out by Silver’s Rayleigh’s Haki.

After Bartholomew Kuma sent the Straw Hat Pirates on a long journey, Princess Shalria was seen talking to some marines. She was furious that the evildoer Monkey D. Luffy had escaped and vowed that she would make him and his crew suffer agony once she got her hands on them.

You lame dogs!!
That’s the limit of what Father-sama and
and big brother-sama had to go through…!!!
All our slaves escaped too!!!!
What do they think,
what the blood of the world’s “producers” is!!?
Once we catch them,
they’ll be crawling on the ground, begging for mercy…
I will make their “lives a living hell”!!!
– Princess Shalria on the Straw Hat Piratesbang


  • Her favorite dish is caviar wrapped in golden leaves.

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