Shakuyaku of One Piece

Shakuyaku is a bartender at the Bottakuri Bar on the Sabaody Archipelago. She is friends with Silvers Rayleigh and was over 40 years ago, as well as then Empress of Amazon Lily Pirate.


Shakuyaku is an older woman who appears very young and athletic despite her age. She wears her black hair shoulder length with bangs. She has a fair complexion and brown eyes, she is also a chain smoker. She wears black and orange patterned pants, which were fixed with a pink belt. On her upper body, Shakuyaku wears a pink shirt with a large neckline and a black spider on it, also a black jacket with a white back and two blue stripes on the sleeves. She used to wear only the shirt and blue hotpants.


Shakuyaku is a friendly woman, so she let Luffy storm her fridge even though she didn’t know him. However, she only treated the Straw Hat Pirates so kindly because she recognized Hatchan, who knew her from his childhood, and concluded that the pirates must be friends with Hatchan. Other people, who try to steal from her or want to cheat her, she treats quite unfriendly, she beats them up. Besides, Shakuyaku knows a lot about how things work in the world, so she knew Luffy from the newspaper she read after the incidents on Enie’s lobby. She also knew right away that Chopper’s favorite thing to eat was cotton candy, which Luffy was very surprised about.

Skills & Strength

Over 40 years ago, Shakuyaku was a great pirate herself. Nothing else is known about her strength.


Shakuyaku welcomes Hatchan

More than 40 years ago, Shakuyaku was a pirate and made the oceans unsafe. In the process, she was also hunted by the legendary naval hero Monkey D. Garp. She has maintained a close friendship for many years with Silvers Rayleigh, the vice of the pirate king Gol D. Roger. After Roger was executed, Hatchan came to visit her bar often. Rayleigh was also there often. In addition, Shakuyaku, Nyon, who was living on the Sabaody Archipelago at the time, and Rayleigh had protected Hancock, Sandersonia, and Marigold after they escaped from slavery. In her letter to Nyon, Shakuyaku noted that the sisters had turned out splendidly since they fled 13 years ago.


Shacky’s Bottakuri Bar

The friends at the first meeting with Shakuyaku

When Luffy, Chopper, Brook, Camie, Pappag, and Hatchan found themselves in search of a coating craftsman, the latter led them across the archipelago to Shacky’s bar, where she was beating up a patron. She seemed unfriendly to the Straw Hat Pirates, but then when she saw Hatchan, she burst into joy, as they hadn’t seen each other in ten years. Shacky and Hatchan chatted a bit about their lives. Currently, Luffy and Brook were helping themselves to the bar’s refrigerator. She told them that the Straw Hats were the number one topic of conversation.

Hatchan then wanted to get to the real reason for the visit, but Shakuyaku already knew. She told them that Rayleigh hadn’t been around for half a year, that he was supposed to be somewhere on Sabaody Archipelago. When Shakuyaku mentioned Sabaody Park as Rayleigh’s favorite place, Luffy, Chopper, Brook and Camie freaked out with joy. When asked if she wasn’t worried about Rayleigh, she simply replied that he was 100 times stronger than any of the pirates.

However, the barkeep urged the pirates to be careful, as there were many other pirates in the archipelago, and only not far from those was the naval headquarters. The visitors left the bar and continued to search Sabaody Park for the artisan.

But meanwhile Camie was kidnapped and was to be auctioned off. When the world aristocrat Saint Charlos bid 500 million berry on her, Luffy snapped and punched that one in the face.

As a result, Luffy also met Rayleigh the handyman. The navy showed up and after a short fight the pirates were rescued by the Fly Fishing Raiders and flown to Bottakuri Bar.

Refuge in the bar

The gang takes refugein the Bottakuri Bar

At first all attention was on Hatchan, who had been shot down by Saint Charlos, and needed immediate attention. Shakuyaku was already waiting for the gang and immediately provided a bed for Hatchan. Meanwhile, Rayleigh revealed that he used to sail as vice under Gol D. Roger’s flag and served as his right hand man.

Astonished at this, the Straw Hats were ashamed that they had not realized it at once. Hatchan now explained why he maintained such a close friendship with Rayleigh. He had saved the then shipwrecked Rayleigh’s life some 20 years ago.

After a long conversation about the death of the pirate king and the end of the gang, as well as the fact that Rayleigh had not been present at the execution of his captain, first Rayleigh said goodbye, as he now wanted to charter the pirates’ ship, later the Straw Hat Pirates also parted ways with Camie, Hatchan, Pappag and Shakuyaku. They were to meet there again in three days to continue their journey.

What they didn’t know, however, was that Admiral Kizaru of Naval Headquarters had already reached the archipelago and began his search for the troublemakers. Meanwhile, Camie and Pappag tended to Hatchan and worried about Luffy & Co. Hatchan reassured them, assuring them that they were very strong. Shakuyaku now interjected that they were probably facing an admiral.

Meanwhile, the Straw Hats had been devastated by Kizaru, Sentomaru, and Bartholomew Kuma and scattered all over the world.

After the great battle

During the Great Battle of Marine Ford, Shakuyaku wrote a letter which she gave to Rayleigh before he swam to Amazon Lily and presented the letter to Nyon.

After the battle, Shakuyaku was seen outside her bar with Camie, Pappag, Duval, and the Fly Fishing Raiders. While they were talking, Bartholomew Kuma joined them. However, Shakuyaku doubted that he was an ally.

Two years later

Two years later, the Straw Hat Pirates was back together after their breakup. Shakuyaku greeted them individually after their arrival spread over several days.

She also came along to the Thousand Sunny as the Straw Hat Pirates, which was still waiting for Luffy though, prepared to leave.


  • Shakuyaku’s relationship with Rayleigh is not clear-cut. While they are referred to as friends in the Databook One Piece Blue, in the manga (in Japanese) Rayleigh refers to her as “Uchi no hito” (うちの人), which can be translated as husband. In the Databook Vivre Card ~ One Piece picture encyclopedia ~ on the other hand, a romantic relationship is implied.
  • She is called“Shacky” by Hatchan.
  • She calls Luffy“Monkey-Chan.“
  • Shakuyaku is the Japanese name of the Paeonia lactiflora.
  • Her favorite drink is whiskey.

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