Shachi of One Piece

Shachi is a crew member of the Heart Pirates.


Shachi’s appearance on Wano Country

Shachi is a medium sized man who, like most of the Heart Pirates, wears a white suit with his crew’s Jolly Roger on the back and left chest. He also wears brown boots and a green balloon cap with a red peak, revealing his long brown hair underneath. On both forearms he has some sort of red tribal tattoo, but this has not yet come out as a whole.

After the time jump, he has exchanged his cap for a darker one, which now resembles an orca whale in shape and color, in keeping with the meaning of his name. On Wano Country, his appearance has also adapted to the culture of the land, so he wears a dark Yukata with the symbol of his gang on both the right and left sleeves. He wears a sword in the waistband on his left side.


Not much is known about Shachi yet, but like Penguin, whom he is often seen with, he seems to be a nice guy and loyal to his captain Trafalgar Law. Furthermore, he regularly admonishes his nakama Bepo whenever he acts strangely. He also seems to be very fond of women, for example, he visibly enjoyed the thought of taking a peek into the realm of the Kuja.

Abilities and Strength

Not much is known about Shachi’s abilities and strength, but he couldn’t resist Silvers Rayleigh’s Haki in the Human Auctioning House and fainted from it. From this, it can be concluded that he is not particularly strong mentally.


Shachi and Penguin were known to be troublemakers in their teenage years. 13 years ago, on Swallow Island, they harassed Bepo, who was helpless against the boys. Trafalgar Law observed the scene and rushed to the aid of the young polar bear mink. Shachi and Penguin now attacked Law in pairs, but were quickly rebuked by him. Bepo, Shachi and Penguin were so impressed with the stranger that they later joined his band of pirates. Thereupon, their journey together took them to the Sabaody Archipelago, at the end of the first half of the Grand Line.


Sabaody Archipelago

Shachi first appeared when Killer and Urouge fought each other on the Sabaody Archipelago. There, he stood in the background alongside his captain Trafalgar Law, along with other crew members. Later, he was in the auction house with the other Heart pirates, where he passed out after Luffy’s attack on Saint Charlos by Rayleigh’s Haki. When altercations with Navy soldiers ensued, Shachi joined the Kid Pirates in battle against a Pacifista along with the rest of the crew.This information comes from an anime filler.

With combined forces, the Heart Pirates and the Kid Pirates managed to defeat the Pacifista after a tough battle. However, shortly after their victory against the Pacifista, another cyborg confronted the pirates.


They all seemed to have survived the battle without any major injuries, and so the Heart Pirates initially watched the battle on Marine Ford from a safe distance on the Sabaody Archipelago, as did most of the other Supernovae. But their captain didn’t seem to want to watch the end and so he ordered Bepo to set sail. Eventually, the gang also showed up at the battle and brought the weakened Luffy onto their ship to treat him, narrowly escaping Kizaru and Aokiji’s attacks. On their ship they finally treated the badly injured Luffy, Shachi was also present there. Eventually, Boa Hancock found Law and his crew and offered to take Luffy to Amazon Lily to recover.

Amazon Lily

Two weeks after the events in Marine Ford, the Heart pirates were still on Amazon Lily. In the process, Shachi and Penguin seemed very taken with Hancock and the other Kuja. After Silvers Rayleigh showed up on the island, Law and his men left, but explained to him beforehand that the Straw Hat’s recovery would take another two weeks.

The New World comes later

Law doesn’t want to leave for the New World just yet

It was later learned that Law’s gang would linger on the first half of the Grand Line even after their departure from Amazon Lily. Of all the Supernovae gangs, Law’s gang was the only one to do so other than the Straw Hat gang. When Penguin asked why they didn’t want to leave for the New World, the captain replied that he was still waiting for the right moment. He wanted to avoid what he saw as pointless battles there for the time being, especially since Blackbeard had just begun to make his mischief there. In the end, his subordinates should not ask so much, but simply follow his orders.

Departure to the New World – Zou

The crew is reunited

While their captain stayed alone on Punk Hazard and formed an alliance with the Straw Hats, the rest of the crew waited for Zou to return. But unexpectedly, a force of the Beasts Pirates, led by Jack, showed up there and demanded the surrender of the samurai Raizo. The Minks pretended to know nothing of such, and a battle eventually ensued, joined by the Heart pirate band against Jack to protect the home of their comrade Bepo. But the fight, which lasted five days, was finally decided in Jack’s favor, by the use of a poison gas. However, when he heard of Doflamingo’s defeat and capture, he left to free him.

Shachi made another appearance after Luffy trespassed into the sacred whale forest and was attacked by Guardians Rody and Blackback, until the fight was finally interrupted by Wanda and the situation was resolved. Following this, the Heart pirates heard from Luffy that Law was also on the island and were happy to see him again later, but he had some things to discuss with them, so they went deeper into the forest. When the Straw Hats were at Nekomamushi, Shachi and crew joined them as well and Law just casually introduced them, which annoyed them all, but not too much, so they ended up celebrating together. After the ninja-pirate-mink-samurai alliance was formed and the reappearing Jack was defeated by Zunesha, the alliance split up again for the time being, but Law promised that he and his crew would be waiting on Wano Country for the force to free Sanji.

Wano Country

As it turned out, the Heart pirates kept their promise and had left for Wano Country. There, the first three members to make an appearance were Bepo, Shachi, and Penguin. The three watched from the top of a mountain as Luffy and Zoro entered the city of Okobore and considered stopping them before they caused chaos, but they took no action for the time being until Luffy and Zoro entered the city of Bakura, where three headliners of the Beasts Pirates resided. So they informed their captain, who immediately also feared that the two straw hats would attract attention. The situation did not improve and to make matters worse, Bepo ate a poisoned fish from the river on the way to said city, causing him to stay behind while Law, Shachi, and Penguin watched the chaos begin in Bakura and Basil Hawkins could be seen at the gates of the city. However, they eventually reached the ruins of Oden Castle and met the Samurai and the Straw Hat Pirates, whereupon the history of Wano Country as well as that of his group was explained to those present by Kinemon. Along with the rest, Shachi then saw the arrival of Emperor Kaidou in Kuri and narrowly escaped his attack by the devil power Shinobu. While Luffy was captured and Law took refuge in the forest, Shachi continued to work on the plan with the Remnant, distributing messages to possible allies in Wano Country undetected.

However, he, Bepo, and Penguin were later captured by the Beasts Pirates and held in a prison in the Rasetsu District in the Flower Capital in an attempt to lure their captain out of the shadows. In the process, the lives of the three prisoners were bound to his using Hawkin’s devil powers, and Bepo was also taken to an unknown location. Forced to make a deal, Trafalgar Law allowed himself to be captured instead of his companions. However, under no circumstances were they allowed to tell Luffy that Law had been captured. Their connection with Hawkins was severed and they, along with the rest of the Heart Pirate gang, met up with Nami’s group and presented her with the revised message. However, the Heart pirates also mentioned among themselves that their captain’s life was ahead of schedule.

Attack on Onigashima

After Law escaped on his own, they reunited and began the attack on the day of the Fire Festival. On the open sea, they came to the aid of the samurai alongside all the other allies. While part of the alliance infiltrated Onigashima, the Heart pirate gang with some “Red Sword Sheaths” circumnavigated the island in the Polar Tang, using Law’s devil powers from the backside to go directly inside Onigashima. Once at the back, Law teleported the Sword Sheaths, Bepo, Shachi, and Penguin to the mainland. Shortly after, battle broke out and the Heart pirates got involved. While their captain fought Kaidou and Big Mom on the top, Bepo, Shachi, and Penguin continued to fight 100-beast pirates inside. While doing so, they also heard Sanji’s cries for help. .


  • His name was not mentioned until the SBS to volume 62.
  • Shachi Means Orca.

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