Serizawa of One Piece

Serizawa is a dyer and teaches Bellamy, who has left the pirate life behind.


Serizawa is an elderly gentleman with an extremely bushy upper lip beard and a large mouth. He wears a tall, tapered headdress with a small Jolly Roger attached to the end. Further, he wears glasses, a dark long-sleeved top, with the sleeves rolled up, and an apron. On the front of this is the kanji “染” (meaning dyeing). While teaching Bellamy, he could also be seen holding a wooden club in his left hand.


Serizawa is a very strict teacher, so Bellamy was seen with several bumps on his head, which Serizawa gave him with his wooden club. Also, Bellamy was sweating profusely while coloring because he just didn’t want to do anything wrong.


After Bellamy turned down the offer to join the Straw Hat Grand Fleet, he ended up on an island that specialized in dyeing cloth. The former pirate apprenticed himself to Serizawa, but he proved to be a very strict teacher and gave him several bumps. However, this made Bellamy try all the harder.


  • His name was not revealed until Vivre Card ~ One Piece Picture Encyclopedia.

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