Señor Pink of One Piece

Señor Pink is a member of Donquixote Doflamingo’s pirate gang. There he is subordinate to Diamante’s Karo unit.


Señor Pink 10 years ago.

Señor Pink is a fleshy man with black hair who wears sunglasses and a dotted scarf around his neck. What is particularly striking about him is his baby clothes. He wears a pink baby bonnet on his head, a yellow pacifier in his mouth and a far too small purple top with the yellow inscription “LET’S BABY”, under which his corpulent belly peeks out. A yellow diaper with red stars serves as his undergarment. Contrasting with the toddler attributes is his small upper lip mustache.

Sixteen years ago Señor Pink was much slimmer and very particular about his appearance. He wore only the most expensive suits and silk scarves. His hair, too, did not look so wild then and was always combed. It was only after the death of his son and his wife’s accident that he put on baby clothes so he could see his wife’s smile again.


Señor Pink displays a rather disinterested and dry manner. So he only makes short remarks and doesn’t seem to be a big talker. He is described by his fans as mostly hard-boiled and very masculine, which contrasts with his clothing. While he is constantly surrounded by beautiful young women, he tells them that he is too old for them and has no qualms about ripping off their bikini tops to shut the women up. Nevertheless, the women continue to adore him and often nearly faint because of him. Still, Senor Pink seems to be a very helpful person, even if he won’t admit it, and took a hit for Machvise. Another time, he protected a cat. Later, he broke off a fight against Franky only because Franky had told him that an old woman needed help. In the aftermath, Senor Pink was relieved that it wasn’t so, even if Franky had tricked him.

Senor Pink is a proud and honorable fighter. Franky was so impressed with him and his manliness that he openly accepted every blow from Senor Pink, just as he took Franky’s attacks when he could have dodged them with his devilish powers. He was also willing to accept defeat if Franky would survive his strongest attack in return.

Sixteen years ago, Señor Pink fell in love with Russian. For her sake, he fooled her and kept his being a pirate hidden from her because she hated pirates. However, when she found out that he had lied to her, he tried everything possible to make her smile again. However, due to an accident, she found herself in a waking coma. The only thing that made her start smiling again was Señor Pink putting on her deceased child’s baby bonnet. From then on, instead of wearing expensive and classy suits, Señor Pink only wore baby clothes and also ignored what people and his comrades thought about it.

Skills and strength

Señor Pink swimsthrough the floor.

Senor Pink is described as a strong fighter. If he were to join the other three top officers in a fight in the Corrida Colosseum, they would have a 100% chance of winning. He has the powers of the Swim Fruit, which allows him to swim in solid surfaces, such as stone, among other things. In battle, he usually swims stealthily behind his opponent, grabs them by the back, and then throws them backwards to the ground, causing them to hit their head. Furthermore, he can even swim through buildings and even up them. Even otherwise, Senor Pink mostly only uses close combat techniques that require his bare fists. He is a strong fighter who has been able to take numerous hits from Franky, but inflict just as much damage on the latter. However, he is also capable of firing special diaper bombs from his diaper.

Sixteen years ago he was seen on Minion with a rifle, and ten years ago when he took over Dress Rosa with a sword on his back. However, he was not shown using these weapons as well.


Law joins the gang

Sixteen years ago, Señor Pink was there when Trafalgar Law joined the pirate gang. During a raid, he, along with Lao G and Gladius, enlightened Baby 5 about the tragedy in its home of Flevance.

Senor Pink was also present when Doflamingo killed his brother and Law ran away from the pirate gang.

Loss of his family

Señor Pink and his family.

Some time later, during a rainy day, Señor Pink met a woman named Russian. He immediately fell in love with her smile. During a conversation, she declared that the only thing she hated was pirates, to which Señor Pink pretended to her that he was a bank clerk. A short time later, they both decided to marry and even had a son, whom they named Gimlett. But Pink had to go on a long trip with his gang shortly afterwards. When he returned home, he learned from his wife that his son had fallen ill with a high fever and died a week after he left.

His wife made several attempts to contact the bank where he supposedly worked, and learned that he had lied to her. After an argument, Russian left the house even though there was a major storm going on. She was caught in a landslide and was later taken to a hospital. There, Senor Pink learned that his wife was trapped in a waking coma, unable to speak or even show an emotion. Desperate, Pink tried everything to get his wife to smile again. It wasn’t until he pulled up one of Gimlett’s bonnets that she actually seemed to smile again. From then on Senor only dressed like a big baby, no matter what his comrades or the people in the streets thought of him.

The acquisition of Dress Rosa

When Donquixote Doflamingo took over Dress Rosa, he was seen coming to Dress Rosa’s palace with the other important gang members after Mone gained them entry. While there, he remarked that the view from the palace would be good.


The Corrida Colosseum

To trap Straw Hat Luffy, Doflamingo called a tournament in his coliseum. The winner of the tournament would receive the Fire Fruit, which once belonged to Ace. However, to win the tournament, the opponents would first have to defeat the members of the Donquixote family who were participating in the tournament. These were Señor Pink, Dellinger, Lao G, Machvise, and Diamante.

At the toy house

Franky was no match to the overwhelming force.

When the plan to destroy the Smile Factory and free the prisoners there was to be implemented, Señor Pink was stationed with some of the gang’s henchmen at the East Entrance, the official entrance to the Toy House under Dress Rosa’s palace. Since Franky couldn’t fit through the tunnel into the factory due to his size, the cyborg had to take the east entrance to join Nico Robin and Usopp, as well as the one-legged toy soldier and the dwarf army. Senor Pink was seen with some young women who tried to stop him from fighting, to which he just told them to let him go. Shortly after, he was hit by Franky’s Coup de Vent, as were the rest of the henchmen, but he later swam in the ground towards the cyborg. As the fight progressed, Machvise showed up to stand by Senor Pink, with the marine joining him shortly after. Together, they managed to subdue the cyborg. However, as the toys transformed back into humans, Franky took the opportunity to flee in the commotion. However, shortly after, Luffy fell into the round along with Law and Zoro. Machvise, Senor Pink, and the added Dellinger tried to catch the three. But the pirates managed to play them off against each other.

Another fight at the factory

This time, Señor Pink loses.

Instead of returning to the palace like the rest, Pink made his way to the Smile factory’s new location, where he once again encountered Franky, figuring that’s where the cyborg was headed. Once again, the two adversaries came face to face. However, when Franky heard that the dwarves inside the factory needed his help, he initially managed to lure Pink away from the toy house with a lie about an old woman in need of help. However, after the latter realized he was being lied to, he returned to the toy house and tried to attack Franky, who threw the factory manager Kyuin in between to fend off the attack. The latter wanted to get back at the cyborg for this, but Senor Pink didn’t want anyone interfering in their battle of the men.

Each of them took 30 times the same attacks without deflecting them. They wanted to show their respect to their counterparts. But to finally bring it to a close, Senor Pink declared that he would now use his strongest attack. If Franky survived this one, he would have won in any case. He grabbed Franky, swam him up the tower of a building, and threw him from there onto his back. As they swam up, Senor Pink briefly mentioned Russian, hoping to see her again someday. After the attack, the cyborg was able to get back up and eventually defeated Pink. Meanwhile, Pink reminisced about his past with his wife, which brought a tear to his eye. After lying unconscious on the ground, Franky wondered who Russian was and hoped that Pink would be able to tell him more about her one day when they met again. After Luffy’s victory against Doflamingo, all the officers were arrested by the Navy.


  • In an interview, Oda mentioned that at first he had no intention of drawing Señor Pink’s past. However, when his editor heard the story in a meeting, he was so moved that Oda drew it after all.
  • Next to the cocktail gimlet, he loved to eat the dishes prepared by Russian.
  • His birthday, June 12, falls on the Day of Lovers, or Dia dos Namorados, in Brazil and was therefore chosen.

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