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Scratchmen Apoo is the captain of the On Air Pirates and one of the eleven Supernovae who had gathered on the Sabaody Archipelago to venture to the New World. Nowadays, these pirates, along with Blackbeard, are known as “The Worst Generation”. He is nicknamed “The Rumble of the Sea”which is probably due to his way of fighting with sounds. Along with Eustass Kid and Basil Hawkins, he formed an alliance to overthrow Red Shanks. However, he was already a subordinate of Kaidou at this point and merely lured the alliance partners into a trap.


Before the time jump

Scratchmen Apoo is a rather large long-sleeved human. His skin has an orange tint to it. He has brown hair that is fairly long but only still present in the middle of his head. To the left and right of this hair is a short hairline in the shape of a lightning bolt. On the back of his head, he has very long hair that is held together with several blue ribbons and goes all the way down over his hips. Apoo has orange headphones on all the time. Furthermore, he wears glasses with green tinted lenses. Between some of his teeth, Apoo has black lines, making his dentures resemble a piano. On his upper body, he wears a red dress with orange collars. In the middle of his suit is the Japanese character for “noise” (音). At the bottom of this are white and blue decorations. Around his waist, Apoo wears a yellow cloth. Underneath, he wears purple three-quarter length pants and black shoes. Since he is a long-armed human, his arms are correspondingly long and have two joints per arm.


Scratchmen Apoo is a very combative person, even getting into it with Eustass Captain Kid just because the two looked at each other askance. Most of the time his combativeness is combined with interest in what is going on, as when an admiral came to the island and his entire gang wanted to flee, he said they would stay to see what happens. However, should he face an overpowered opponent, he does not simply run away, but first attacks him to make him angry and then runs away. However, this has been his undoing. Apoo seems to have a mind of his own, as he never listened to the advice of his pirate gang.

Skills & Strength

Apoo’s “Battle Music” Style

Apoo is one of the 11 supernovae and has a bounty of 350 million berry. These two factors already say a lot about his dangerousness. In addition, he has eaten of a devil fruit and thus can use music as a weapon and turn his body parts into instruments. This is done, for example, as a cutting sonic wave, which he used to sever Kizaru’s arm. He can also emit drum-like sounds, which he uses to cause explosions. However, he was already defeated after one attack from Kizaru. Luffy and Zoro looked very bad against him on Onigashima, taking heavy attacks because they didn’t understand his devil powers. They apparently only have an effect if you can hear them.

He is proficient in armor and observation shaki.


On the Sabaody Archipelago

Kizaru explodes

He accidentally messed with Eustass Captain Kid on the Sabaody Archipelago just because he was said to have “looked at him askance”. He later witnessed Zoro’s altercation with Saint Charlos. After the danger due to Zoro possibly facing an admiral was averted by Jewelry Bonney, Apoo expressed that Zoro was a true beast, as he felt an immense killer instinct from the swordsman. When it was announced that an admiral was coming to the Sabaody Archipelago because Luffy attacked a world aristocrat, he wanted to see how everything would go now, but his crew wanted to get away from the archipelago and tried to convince their captain to flee.

When Kizaru demonstrated his power, Apoo was quite taken aback by it. His men again tried to persuade their captain to flee, but Apoo only asked where was the pleasure in running away from an enemy. Further he said that it is better to make the enemy angry and only then run away from him, which shocked his people and they asked him what he was up to. While Kizaru and a Pacifista were in the process of defeating the other Supernovae, Apoo intervened and his devilish power was revealed for the first time: he performed a strange dance, using individual body parts as instruments. This caused Kizaru’s arm to be severed, and in the end the Admiral exploded. However, the Admiral survived, as he is a Logia user, and was able to defeat Apoo with only one attack afterwards.

During the big battle

When the battle of the Whitebeard Gang and the Impel Down escapees along with Luffy was already in full swing, Apoo was once again seen on the Sabaody Archipelago. He had managed to leave the island along with his crew, but returned once more to watch the TV broadcast of Portgas D. Ace’s execution. He was certain that the broadcast was not accidental, but deliberate, so as not to let the pirates and the rest of society in on the Navy’s true agenda. Later, Apoo and his crew were seen heading toward Fish-Man Island. As they did so, they watched the proceedings on Marine Ford from a distance.

In the New World

Apoo and his band of pirates had dropped anchor in the New World on a spring island. There they were pursued by a horde of wild boars, which drove the pirates to a cliff. Aware of this, Apoo ordered his crew to jump off the cliff, however, they were able to continue running in the air, as were the boars.

At an unknown time, Apoo (as well as Kid, Urouge, and Capone Bege before/after him) entered Big Mom territory – but apparently without achieving any major success, as Charlotte Brûlée later made disparaging remarks to Luffy about what she considered to be vastly overrated representatives of the “Worst Generation”.

Pirate Alliance

Kids alliance with the other pirate gangs

After the Straw Hat Pirates’s two-year split, the Kid, like many other pirates and brokers of the underworld, followed Caesar Clown’s introduction of his latest chemical weapon, Shinokuni, via a video Den-den Mushi. The Kid himself wasn’t that interested in buying the weapon, but thought it would be good to read up on such things. After seeing Luffy and Law on the screen, Kid wanted to move on to more important things. He had previously invited Hawkins and Apoo to join him at his hideout, who were already waiting for him. Apoo, however, in Kid’s absence, took the hideout half apart to make sure they wouldn’t be set up. Kid then got angry, which sparked an argument that Killer tried to settle. Killer explained that the other two pirate captains had been called together to propose an alliance. As the newspaper reported, that alliance came to pass.

Encounter with Kaidou

The alliance faces Kaidou

The alliance read about the events in Dress Rosa in the newspaper while they were having a party on an unknown island. Literally out of the blue, the Alliance witnessed a suicide attempt by Kaidou, who dropped himself from the Balloon Terminal. Afterwards, the Alliance members learned that Apoo had long been Kaidou’s subordinate and had lured them into a trap. While the Kid and Killer fought back and were captured, Hawkins joined Kaidou as well. Later, Apoo informed Kaidou via a Den-den Mushi that contact with Jack had been broken.

Battle on Onigashima

Scratchmen Apoo informed Kaidou via Den-den Mushi that he had arrived in Hakumai on Wano Country to participate in the Fire Festival. By his side, the Numbers could be seen.

Apoo Surprises Luffy

On the day of the Fire Festival, he was then present on Onigashima, heating up the crowd as a DJ while Queen greeted them. However, Luffy and Zoro quickly caused a commotion, blowing their cover. Apoo recognized them and reported it to Queen before going into battle with them himself, wounding them severely with his devil power. However, the Kid was also on the scene and gave the traitor a metal fist with his Punk Gibson attack.

Apoo quickly got back to his feet and retaliated, but further attacks were ineffective as Killer informed the others of Apoo’s powers, whereupon they covered their ears. Later, he attacked Sanji and Luffy. The attacks did no damage, but Apoo remarked if they could fight with their ears covered. Afterwards, he mourned at the sight of the defeated Numbers and goaded Hatcha. However, X. Drake as well as Zoro appeared and stopped him together.

When Queen released the Ice Demon Virus, Apoo tried to escape, but the doors were locked and instead Queen threw him the only antidote. As a result, he became a target and was chased by everyone. Eventually, however, he was able to escape distracted by X. Drake by Zoro, causing the antidote to fall into the hands of the enemy alliance. As Apoo then attempted to rise again, X. Drake in his dinosaur form snapped. Apoo was able to break free, but was unable to get past Hyogoro and X. Drake, who stood protectively in front of Chopper….


Apoo as a child
  • His name is a reference to the Chinese pirate Chui A-poo. (see also origin of the name)
  • In SBS volume 64 and the end credits to One Piece movie Z, Apoo is seen as a child.
  • In SBS volume 72, Oda shows us what Apoo would look like if he were female.(Show image [hide])
  • In the SBS to Volume 81, it is revealed that his favorite dish is Tom yumwhile he hates mayonnaise.
  • In the SBS to Volume 82, Oda announces that Scratchmen Apoo’s hobbies are DJing and surfing.
  • According to the SBS to Volume 88, Apoo would be a DJ from China in the real world.
  • When asked in the SBS to Volume 95 which plant and animal Apoo would most resemble, Oda answers poppy and orangutan.
  • Like many characters in One Piece, Apoo has a unique laugh. An “A” is followed by several “pa”, meaning “Apapapapa”.

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