Schollzo of One Piece

Schollzo is a member of the Franky Family and was employed by the Galley-La Company after Franky joined the Straw Hat Pirates.


Schollzo is an average-sized, muscular man with shoulder-length, light purple hair. He wears glasses with wide frames and reddish lenses. He wears only metal shoulder pads with pink stars and purple gloves, as well as a bracelet of some sort as an upper body covering for each. He also has a rope tied across his torso. He also wears a light-colored sash and dark pants.


Schollzo, along with many later Franky Family members, lived the life of a scoundrel in the back streets of Water 7. However, one day they met Franky, who defeated them all and gave them food. He then formed the Franky Family and Schollzo became part of it. Under Franky’s leadership, they became bounty hunters, protecting Water 7.


Confronting the Straw Hats

After the Straw Hat Pirates reached Water 7, Zoro guarded the The Going Merry, but he was shortly sought out by some members of the Franky Family, including Schollzo, who were after his bounty, and a fight ensued. One attack from Zoro was enough and they were all defeated.

Later, the Franky Family was able to steal three suitcases full of Berry from Luffy, Nami and Usopp, however it was taken back from them by Paulie, after which it was returned to the Straw Hats. Shortly after, however, they encountered Usopp alone and stole two of the three suitcases worth 200,000,000 from him.

They reported this to their boss Franky and handed over the money and although Usopp gave chase, the Straw Hat Gunner was unable to do anything and was once again defeated. However, the united Straw Hat Pirates showed up at Franky House during Franky’s absence and destroyed the headquarters.

Franky’s revenge failed, however, after which he met with his subordinates again and hatched a plan. They were going to use Usopp, who was spotted alone at the ship, to trap the Straw Hats. They were able to capture Usopp, then went through the streets of Water 7 and shouted this out to lure the Straw Hats into the warehouse, but ran into Rob Lucci and were defeated.

However, after Franky was beaten up by the CP9 and went to Enie’s lobby, they accompanied and supported the Straw Hats. An alliance was formed between Galley-La Company, Franky Family and Straw Hat Pirates.

Enies Lobby

Arriving at Enie’s lobby, the Franky Family took the lead and made sure the main gate was opened. However, they then encountered the two giant gatekeepers, Oimo and Kashii. With the help of the Galley-La Company and the Rocketman falling on one of the giants, they were able to win.

On the King Bulls, they made their way inland and took out masses of enemies, but were then shot at from all directions. They reached the courthouse and some of the Franky Family, including Kiev, joined Paulie in facing Judge Baskerville. However, they succumbed and were shackled.

Paulie, however, had “tied himself up” and then freed the Franky Family members and they attempted to flee the island as a Buster Call was announced on Enie’s lobby. On the shoulders of the now allied Giant Gatekeepers, they were able to reach the coast, but a Navy ship under the command of Vice Admiral Strawberry was waiting there and fired on the group.

They fell into a crater, but Paulie’s net was able to save them all and on a sea train the Franky Family escaped from the bombed island.

The farewell of Franky

Back on Enie’s lobby, the Franky Family started rebuilding their quarters and later they partied with the alliance partners. However, the next day they showed the Straw Hats wanted posters of them and there was also a bounty on Franky’s head, so the Franky Family asked them to take their boss.

Schollzo later participated in the theft of Franky’s swim trunks, which led the Franky Family to take their boss to the Thousand Sunny. With tears in their eyes, they then bid him farewell.

Iceburg then offered the desperate and leaderless members of the Franky Family the prospect of employment with the Galley-La Company. After the time jump, it turned out that from then on they worked for Iceburg and the Galley-La Company as “Zambai’s company union”.

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