Scarlett of One Piece

Scarlet was the mother of Rebecca and the wife of Kyros. She was also the daughter of King Riku Doldo III and the sister of Viola.


Scarlet was a young woman who bore a strong resemblance to Rebecca. Her hair was tied in a braid with two strands hanging loosely down either side of her face. During Rebecca’s flashback, she wore a long, light-colored dress that was decorated with buttons at the collar and some ruffles.


Scarlet was an extremely kind person who cared deeply for her daughter. She even went so far as to risk her own life just to get food for Rebecca. The fact that she did this even though Donquixote Doflamingo was about to overthrow the king and kill anyone who belonged to the royal family showed how much she loved her daughter.

Scarlet also often showed her generous side towards the dwarves, as she would often bring them food when they were misbehaved and scolded by King Riku. Towards Kyros, however, Scarlet initially showed a different side. She originally hated him because he was a murderer, but eventually fell in love with him anyway. In order to be happy with him, she even gave up her status as Princess of Dress Rosa and faked her death. This allowed her to live with her family, as the people of Dress Rosa would never have accepted a love affair with Kyros. She also passed on her aversion to violence to her daughter Rebecca.


Scarlet Doesn’t Trust Kyros At First

After Kyros was appointed commander of the royal army, Scarlet showed her displeasure with this by telling him that he would always be a murderer and she couldn’t understand her father trusting someone like that. However, after Kyros rescued her from some pirates who wanted to kidnap the princess, she fell in love with the former gladiator. To be with him, she even faked her own death. So she moved with him to the flower hill outside the city, where they lived happily and even had a child, whom they christened Rebecca. The king and Viola also visited the three of them very often, and Scarlet and Rebecca sold flowers they had picked in the great flower field.

The Toy Soldier Wears Scarlet

When the Donquixote pirate gang had taken over Dress Rosa ten years ago, their peaceful life ended as all the relatives of the royal family were hunted down. From the fields, they could already see smoke rising from the royal palace and Kyros, who had gone to help the king, told them to wait for him by the red flower bed. Scarlet and Rebecca narrowly escaped an attack led by Diamante thanks to the help of Kyros, who was transformed into a toy during the fight at the palace. Since they had lost all memories of him due to the transformation, he was only known to them as a one-legged toy soldier. They hid in a field of flowers.

However, when Rebecca became hungry after two days of escape, her mother set out to bring her some food. In town, however, she was surprised by Diamante, who shot her dead. When the toy soldier reached her, she told him to protect Rebecca before she died in his arms. Some time later, the toy soldier returned with Scarlet’s lifeless body. The toy soldier explained that he was unfortunately unable to protect her from Donquixote’s minions. However, he presented Rebecca with some food as this was her mother’s last wish. This also shaped Rebecca’s behavior of ignoring her hunger.

Scarlet was finally buried in the field of flowers where they had lived all those years. The grave was a simple wooden post surrounded by flowers.

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