Savarin of One Piece

Savarin is a world-renowned food critic.

This article contains information unique to the spin-off Shokugeki no Sanji.


Savarin has an extremely corpulent physique. She wears a sleeveless orange top with brown stripes and a skirt, which is worn by a belt, whose decorations remind of various fruits. Her hair is tied up in a pointed bun. She also wears earrings that resemble cherries in shape and a pearl necklace with a gemstone in the shape of a strawberry. Furthermore, there are four rings on each of her hands and high heels on her feet.


Savarin is a hidden woman notorious for her scathing restaurant reviews. She looks down on third-rate chefs and doesn’t care about wasted food. Further, in her opinion, business is all about money and prestige, which is why she thinks the ideals lived at the Baratié are moronic.

Skills & Strength

Despite her personality, or perhaps because of it, Savarin is highly regarded and has influential patrons within the political and financial worlds. Her cooking skills must be supreme, as she cooks for kings and other regents while also organizing banquets. Because of her column, which has great influence on a restaurant’s reputation, her reviews are highly regarded. Her criticism decides whether a restaurant will be well visited in the future or go down the drain.


Savarin sought out the baratié after hearing about the infamous floating restaurant. After eating something, she loudly criticized the food for all the patrons to hear. She spotted Sanji, who she thought was a waiter, and called him over. She demanded to speak to the chef, but Sanji replied that he was not in the baratié as he had to get supplies. Sanji was upset, however, as she was already leaving and thus wasting the food. Patty, Carne, and other cooks demanded that Sanji let her go, provided she also paid decently, but Sanji would not let her go. Savarin then made a bet with Sanji: she would try another dish, but if she didn’t like it, she would write badly about the baratié, thus bankrupting it. Despite Patty and Carne’s objections, Sanji took the task and challenged Savarin instead. If she liked his dish, she would have to finish all the dishes on her table. Meanwhile, Zeff also returned from his errands, but he left the cooking to Sanji.

Sanji then served her his crawfish dish, and when Savarin tasted it, she was shocked at how a simple waiter could prepare such a dish that even top-notch chefs of the finest restaurants struggled at. Sanji, however, replied that he was in fact the head chef and then told her to place her bet and not waste any food. Savarin was subsequently overwhelmed by the taste and slumped, at which point Sanji asked his colleagues to show her the way out.


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