Saruyama Alliance

The Saruyama Alliance consists of three formerly independent pirates who cooperate in recovering treasures lying on the seabed around Jaya. They recover treasures, extract valuable information from them, and examine the ocean floor.


Past – Mont Blanc Crickets Piratesbang

Once upon a time, Mont Blanc Cricket formed a band of pirates and went to sea because he was tired of being laughed at and ridiculed all the time because of his ancestor Mont Blanc Noland. He went to sea with his crew for some time until, by chance, he landed on Jaya 10 years ago and told his crew there that he would no longer sail with them but would stay on the island. They laughed at him and went on without him. Then 5-6 years ago, Masira and Shoujou showed up at Cricket’s house because they had heard he was the descendant of Noland, the character from their favorite book.

Present – Meeting with the Straw Hats

The Straw Hat Pirates encountered Mont Blanc Cricket after they docked Jaya. Cricket thought the pirates were trying to steal his gold, so he attacked them. Sanji was already ready to fight, but Cricket collapsed earlier due to his diving sickness. After being tended to by Chopper, he apologized to the Straw Hats for his reaction and the two gangs became friends. Cricket also revealed to Luffy and co. that they could get to the Sky Islands with the help of the Knock-Up Stream, as well as a Southbird. As a result, everyone celebrated together boisterously.

Masira and Shoujou have their own pirate gangs, but also listen to Cricket’s orders and have joined forces with him to form the “Saruyama Alliance”.

Masira Pirates

The Masira Pirates specialize in salvaging sunken ships. To do this, they have fitted their ship with extensions to allow them to lift heavy loads from the ocean floor. The Straw Hat Pirates first encountered Masira and his gang shortly after the St. Briss fell from the sky and it was decided to dive for the wreckage themselves and determine the reason why the ship fell.
Later, Masira and company were attacked by the Bellamy pirate gang, robbed and beaten to a pulp. For this, Luffy summarily took revenge while Masira repaired and modified the The Going Merry.

Orangutan Pirates

The Orangutan Pirates led by Shoujou specializes in salvage, just like the Masira Pirates. However, instead of sunken ships, they have hidden treasures in their sights. For this purpose, the crew members, called Utan Divers, are equipped with diving suits.
Shoujou and his gang were also attacked and beaten up by Bellamy and his men. Thereupon, therefore, he too thanked the straw hats avenging them by working on the The Going Merry.

Known members

PositionNameBountyDevil Fruit
Capt:Mont Blanc Cricket25.000.000none
Masira Pirates:
Orangutan Pirates:
Team:Utan DiversUnknownnone

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