Sanji of One Piece

Sanji Vinsmoke (in the original Vinsmoke Sanji), also known as Black foot Sanji (jap. 黒脚, Kuro Ashi), is the Cook of the Straw Hat Pirates. He was the head cook at the floating restaurant Baratié before joining. His goal in life as a cook is to find the All Blue. He worships not only the female members of the gang, but every lady he meets. Furthermore, he refuses to use his kicking arts against women, even if it means his death. Originally from the Kingdom of Germa of the Northblue, he is the third son of the Vinsmoke assassin family. After the kingdom reached East Blue from Northblue via the Redline with their landmobile ships, Sanji fled from his cruel family to become a chef.

In Luffy’s gang, he also often takes on the role of strategist. Due to their exceptional strength and loyalty to Luffy, Zoro and Sanji are also known as the Wings of the pirate king (jap. 海賊王の両翼 , Kaizokuou no Ryouyoku) denotes.


Sanji at the beginning of the journey

Sanji is 21 years old and 1.80m tall. Before the time jump he measured 1.77m. Most of the time the Cook wears a suit in combination with a shirt and black shoes. Sanji rarely wears special clothes, like his sunglasses, which were actually only used in Arabasta. Rather more often he wears a cooking apron of the brand Doskoi Panda. Like everyone else, he changes his clothes from time to time. He has blond, slightly longer hair, which always covers at least one of his eyes. Of these, a fringe covers his left eye. Above his right eye, a crinkled eyebrow adorns it. If he happens to spot a pretty woman, his eye can also take the shape of a small heart. In addition, Sanji is a chain smoker. He is rarely seen without a cigarette in his mouth. While searching for Camie on the Sabaody Archipelago, you can even see three cigarettes in his mouth at once. Furthermore, Sanji cut himself in the right thumb in the past, which is why he now has two scars there. This happened when he peeled an apple. Like any other character, Sanji goes through changes.

After the time jump of two years, Sanji’s appearance has changed slightly. The beard on his chin has grown into a real, small beard. On the upper lip, on the other hand, there are signs of a beard again. In addition, Sanji’s bangs no longer cover his left eye, but now his right. You can see that he also has a curled eyebrow on his left eye, which curls in the same direction as the one over his right eye. However, it is curled on the inside and not on the outside at the edge of the face.

On Punk Hazard, Sanji was placed in Nami’s body by Trafalgar Law’s abilities. In addition, he has blue eyes in her body.



In general, Sanji has a tough, rough and cool character. Unlike his comrades-in-arms Usopp or Chopper, the Cook usually remains calm and collected even in tricky situations. In addition, Sanji is quite perceptive and can deduce more complex relationships. For example, he realized that Trafalgar Law was conspicuously preoccupied with Donquixote Doflamingo, even though the stop on Dress Rosa was only planned as a layover. On Zou, Sanji had come to realize that the change in his wanted poster from “dead or alive” to “alive only” was the responsibility of his family, who had arranged the wedding with the Charlotte family. He usually thinks before he acts, unlike Luffy. Sometimes he adopts an alter ego, similar to Usopp, who sometimes takes on the role of Sogeking to make some of his appearances more dramatic. In Arabasta, he became Mr. Prince (jap. プリンス-san, Misutā Purinsu) (by putting on sunglasses) and was the only hope for freedom for the trapped crew members in a sea stone cage in Crocodile’s lair. Using the name Mr. Prince, Sanji and Chopper tried to lure Mr. 0 and Miss Bloody Sunday out of the Gold Rain Casino. While Chopper played decoy outside the casino, Sanji remained undetected inside. Mr. 0 was now chasing Chopper, who he thought was Mr. Prince, and Sanji was able to free his crew. On Enie’s lobby, he saved Sogeking from being killed by Jabra and named himself the “Hunter”. These traits are a stark and interesting contrast to his otherwise lovelorn nature towards women.

Sanji is also a loyal and trustworthy friend. On the Thriller Bark, he showed his determination to sacrifice himself for his captain and crew, who were threatened by Bartholomew Kuma. Badly beaten, however, he went down again at the hands of Zoro, who wanted to sacrifice himself. However, even during their two-year separation, Sanji showed that he wanted to support Luffy and for that he also faced his personal hell to become stronger. On Zou, he reiterated how convinced he is that Luffy will become Pirate King. Accordingly, Sanji would make great sacrifices for his friends should they come into danger.

To guarantee the safety of his crew and also his foster father Jeff, as well as the other cooks of the Baratié, Sanji was willing to perform the marriage with Charlotte Pudding, as his father and Big Mom blackmailed him with his friends. He put his adventure with the Straw Hat Pirates and his own dream on the back burner for this. Since Luffy had made his way to Whole Cake Island despite everything to get Sanji back, the ship’s cook even instigated a fight against his captain to make him disappear. However, Luffy recognized the pain Sanji felt during their fight and saw through his lies. Originally, Sanji wanted to solve the problems with his family on his own, but only regained his courage when he reconciled with Luffy. Thus, Sanji remembered that he could rely on his captain and his crew.

This trust became clear on Onigashima, when he was once again trapped by his chivalry and tortured by Black Maria. She demanded that he call Nico Robin to his aid, who has important knowledge about the Poneglyphs. Despite the fact that he lured her into a trap with this, Sanji followed Black Maria’s demand, knowing full well that Robin would be able to handle Black Maria. Afterwards, Robin thanked Sanji for this trust in her.

Family relationship

Qualities that distinguish him from his twin brothers are his generosity and helpfulness. The latter know no empathy and are completely unscrupulous. Since the genetic manipulation that his father performed on him was unsuccessful, Sanji has remained a normal person. From an early age, he was passionate about cooking and would sneak into the kitchen of the Kingdom of Germa and always bring his dishes to his mother’s bedside. He also served his food to rats. This made his mother incredibly happy, as Sanji became exactly who she had always wanted him to be.

Despite his noble origins, which meant he always had numerous servants at his side, Sanji was not above cooking for others. His father and the rest of his family did not understand this. Because he remained physically weak and could not keep up with his siblings, he was always mocked and beaten up by his twin brothers. Apparently Sanji suffered some kind of trauma from this, as he was shaking all over when Ichiji and Niji returned to Germa. His father also considered him a disgrace, which caused Sanji to leave Germa and become a real cook. When he eventually hired on at the Baratié, he finally found a father figure in Jeff, who raised him as his own son from then on. For this reason, Sanji could not bring himself to let his hated family die on Whole Cake Island, because otherwise he would have disappointed Jeff.

Dealing with women

Sanji with heart eyes.

The Cook is a charmer through and through and tries to ensnare every pretty woman he sees. This attitude strongly contrasts his otherwise sovereign and nonchalant personality. His behavior then changes in an instant to that of an over-the-top Casanova, acting like a jerk in the eyes of others. His right eye usually takes on a heart shape (rarely both eyes, as when he first saw his fiancée-to-be Charlotte Pudding) and he flirts for all he’s worth to seduce his “prey”. In the process, Sanji also sometimes dances around wildly, proposes and compliments them, or even dedicates poems to them.

He also gives them special treatment when it comes to cooking. While the other crew members usually only have to eat the leftovers that Sanji cooks, he always conjures up highly exclusive dishes for Nami and Robin, who are particularly fond of him, in order to win their affection. In general, however, Sanji handles just about every pretty woman this way, because he is a man who loves all women. Even as a child in the Baratié, Sanji would often gush about women and get distracted from his real work, earning Jeff’s wrath. Because of this trait, Sanji also likes to lose sight of his actual focus.

On Dress Rosa, he devoted himself to Violet, who asked him to kill someone, even though Sanji was in charge of destroying the Smile factory. Similarly, on Onigashima, the love-struck chef immediately entered Black Maria’s brothel in search of women, but without paying attention to enemies who might jeopardize the samurai’s mission.

Sanji is enthralled by the beauties from Whisky Peak.

However, Sanji is often envious of others when they have more luck with women than he does. After Sanji learned that Luffy was with the most beautiful woman in the world, Boa Hancock, on Amazon Lily during the time jump, he reacted angrily because he had ended up in his own personal hell at the same time. Together with Brook and Kinemon, he also threatened Momonosuke when he shamelessly pressed himself against Nami’s chest and went swimming with Robin.

After a two-year stay on the island of the trannies, Sanji was overjoyed when he finally saw real women again. This even went so far that whenever he saw Nami in her skimpy outfit, he got massive nosebleeds. This had thrown him out of Sunny’s coating a few times. On Fish-Man Island, Sanji peaked when he saw the many, pretty mermaids. Sanji lost so much blood that he desperately needed a blood transfusion. He finally got this from the tranny twins Splash and Splatter, which shocked Sanji greatly. Sanji’s reaction towards women returned to normal after he petrified at the sight of the mermaid princess Shirahoshi. On Punk Hazard, on the other hand, Sanji received the good fortune of ending up in Nami’s body through Trafalgar Law. He enjoyed it so much that he even got nosebleeds in her body.

His behavior towards women also includes the fact that he would rather die than ever fight a woman (at most, he blocks attacks). He adopted this attitude from Jeff, who is also convinced that you must never hurt a woman and treat her with respect and decency. This iron rule was literally beaten into him as a child. Since then it is important to him to protect every woman and to fulfill her every wish. He then reacts extremely brutally and angrily as soon as someone insults a woman or hurts her. On Punk Hazard, for example, he showed up at the right moment to protect Tashigi from Vergo because he had heard a woman’s tears. On Germa, on the other hand, he found Cosette already beaten up and did not hesitate for a moment to call his brother Niji to account for his actions when he appeared before him. However, he does not necessarily always follow his trait of doing anything for a woman. On Whole Cake Island he met his fiancée Pudding, but did not want to marry her in favor of his friends, although he was very fond of her.

Sanji is in Black Maria’s trap.

However, this attraction that women have for him regularly gets him into trouble. In Enie’s lobby, while looking for the keys to Robin’s handcuffs, he met Kalifa, a CP9 agent. The latter wanted to kill him, but Sanji couldn’t go against his principles. He let a few chances to meet Kalifa slip away and was eventually defeated by her. Also on Dress Rosa, Sanji initially fell for Viola, who was supposedly helplessly clinging to Sanji, who quickly let his guard down as a result. This led to him falling for her trap, which allowed her to use her devil powers to figure out the Straw Hat Pirates’s plans.

Fortunately for him, Viola did not really belong to Donquixote Doflamingo. Thus, he realized that she did not really want to do evil and discovered that she was forced by Doflamingo to do what she did. Viola was so impressed by Sanji’s behavior that she henceforth opposed Doflamingo. The ship’s cook on Onigashima was less fortunate, as Sanji’s peculiarity once again made him an easy target. Because he interrogated a supposed woman in distress, Black Maria was able to capture and torture him. Not even wearing armor haki, Sanji wanted to protect himself during Black Maria’s blows, otherwise he could have hurt her.


Sanji’s dream is to find the All Blue. As a child, he was laughed at by the other cooks for believing in a fairy tale. But Sanji is not dissuaded, even more so when he meets Jeff, who also believes in him. So Sanji vowed to find the sea, which houses all the fish of the oceans. Another dream of his was to find and eat the invisibility fruit. However, this dream was shattered when he met Absalom on the Thriller Bark, who already had this ability.

According to Sanji, he wanted to use it to help many people, but he immediately blurts out the real reason he would have used it: he would have gone peeping. To take revenge for this and for Nami’s kidnapping, he takes out the zombie commander. On Wano Country, Sanji’s dream finally comes true, because there he activates his new Raid Suit from the Germa 66. With the abilities of Stealth Black Sanji can make himself invisible, which he immediately takes advantage of and goes to stretch in a bathhouse. Ironically, and to Sanji’s annoyance, he receives this ability from his hated family of all people. However, since they are dealing with one of the Four Emperors on Wano Country, Sanji swallows his pride and tests out the Raid Suit. To distance himself at least a little from the Germa, he puts on the alias O-Soba Mask to.

Food reference

As a ship’s cook, handling food is Sanji’s daily routine. He is very careful not to waste food and to use all the ingredients of the food. In addition, Sanji does not tolerate any actions that violate this attitude. At the Baratié, he beat up Fullbody for wasting food. Sanji is also strict with children when it comes to wasting food. This trait fundamentally sets him apart from the rest of his family, who always have enough to eat because of their background. At one meal together, Sanji urged his twin brother Niji to eat his dish, but he refused because he found it disgusting.

When Niji threw the food at the cook Cosette, it fell and Sanji ate it off the floor. Sanji didn’t always look at food that way either, though. When he worked as a ship’s cook on the Orbit as a child, he was disgusted that the cooks ate guests’ leftovers. This changed when he was stranded on a deserted rock with Jeff for about three months and was on the verge of starvation. Since that incident, he treats food with respect. Therefore, it is also very important to him that other people have enough to eat and do not go hungry.

For Sanji, the food is then in the foreground, everything else can be settled afterwards in his opinion. It also doesn’t matter if Sanji helps an enemy back on his feet with it. That’s why he also served Gin a meal, because he was very weakened and starved, although he belonged to a pirate gang. For the same reason, Sanji vehemently refused Capone Bege’s plan to poison the wedding cake for Big Mom because he had a reputation to lose as a chef. He only wanted to bring down the empress with the help of the taste of his cake.

Rivalry with Zoro

Sanji’s eternal rival Zoro.

Sanji often argues with Zoro, who usually teases the cook about his attitude towards women. The two then briefly clash verbally or physically. They usually have a derogatory nickname ready for the other (Sanji usually calls Zoro “…”). Marimo” (a type of green algae). On Little Garden, their competition was expressed by betting against each other to see who could hunt down the bigger dinosaur for provisions.

On Punk Hazard, Sanji intentionally mixed razor blades and poison into Zoro’s lunchbox, which practically didn’t bother him at all. In addition, Sanji was pleased after his bounty increase following his escape from Deadland, because it meant his bounty was now higher than Zoro’s. Nevertheless, the two appreciate each other and know about each other’s strength. On Thriller Bark, Sanji wanted to stop Zoro from sacrificing himself and offered Bartholomew Kuma his own head instead. Even though Sanji and Zoro often clash, they work together when it counts, like in a knockout wrestling match.


Sanji’s reaction to his first drawn profile.

Ever since his first bounty was placed on Luffy, Sanji has wanted to get his own wanted poster. Therefore, Sanji is completely stunned at the sight of his first wanted poster, because due to the clumsiness of the marine photographer, no photo of him was obtained. Without further ado, a photo was drawn, but more badly than good. This “trauma” is later brought out in him again when he meets Duval, who strangely enough looked exactly like his mugshot.

Sanji found it very difficult to accept this mugshot and even spat blood because of it. After Whole Cake Island, when his mugshot is finally revised with a real photo, Sanji is once again massively depressed, however, because from now on his family name Vinsmoke, which he despises so much and actually doesn’t want to be associated with, is written on it. Sanji seems to be on a real losing streak in this regard, because something always leads to him being dissatisfied in at least one respect. Nevertheless, he bragged to Zoro that at least the sum was higher than that of the swordsman.

Skills & Strength


Sanji is a master of kicks.

Although Sanji has not eaten any devil fruit, he is one of the strongest members of the Straw Hat Pirates, along with Captain Luffy, his eternal rival, swordsman Zoro, and former Samurai of the Seas Jinbe. He had to undergo rigorous training from an early age to become stronger. His father Judge had his children undergo a rigorous training program as they were to become the future leaders of Germa 66. His father even taught Sanji how to use swords. However, Sanji did not make the same progress as his siblings, as the gene modifications their father performed on them did not work on him.

As a result of his suffering with his family, Sanji eventually fled from his family and ended up with Jeff, from whom he was taught his rather unique fighting style. Sanji doesn’t fight with weapons like swords or pistols like ordinary pirates, but uses only his feet, which display a tremendous kicking power. Occasionally, he also does a handstand and lets his legs rotate in the air, as in his Party Table Kick Course attack, with which he can attack several opponents at once. The reason for this idiosyncratic style is that, as a chef, his hands are sacred to him. If they were to be injured, his entire cooking would be in jeopardy.

That Sanji’s hands are sacred was especially evident on Whole Cake Island, when his father put exploding bracelets on him to make him compliant so he would perform the wedding to his fiancée Charlotte Pudding. Sanji has only ever used his hands once in battle, specifically in a duel with the CP7 agent Wanze. The latter had previously shown behavior towards Robin that was unforgivable for Sanji and then also called himself a cook. Since the fight took place in a kitchen wagon of the Puffing Tom, he could resort to kitchen knives with which he could defeat the “noodle monster”. This fight also revealed another “skill” of the Cook. With the help of his Parage Shot, Sanji is able to change the facial structure of his opponent. With a continuous series of kicks to the face, he gave Wanze and Duval a prettier face.

Sanji’s handling of kitchen knives is masterful.

Sanji possesses a strong physical strength beyond that of a normal human. In the battle against Black Belt, he withstood several attacks from the latter’s fish-man karate underwater and was able to hold his breath for a very long time. He was able to defeat the fish-man, who is naturally ten times stronger than a human. On Little Garden he was able to kill a T-Rex and on Skypiea he survived a lightning attack by Enel.

During the time jump, Sanji was hurled by Bartholomew Kuma to the women’s island Momoiro. There, on the one hand, Sanji always had to run away from the trannies living there, who wanted to make him a tranny, and on the other hand, he fought against them to obtain the 99 vital recipes. Upon Sanji’s arrival on the island, he found that the pushy trannies were very strong and gave Sanji probably the worst two years of his life. Nevertheless, his training was extremely effective. By the time he returned to the Sabaody Archipelago, Sanji was already showing significant progress. While before the time jump he had noticeable problems inflicting damage on a Pacifista, after two years the Cook was able to break the neck of one of the cyborgs with a single kick.

Sanji can fly.

Furthermore, he has developed his skills to the point where he has mastered his Blue Walk. Thanks to the constant running away on Momoiro, Sanji has trained his legs, which allows him to move extraordinarily fast in the water. Usopp said that his speed is equal to that of a fish man. On a related note, he can withstand a water pressure of over five thousand meters; a pressure that would crush a submarine like the Shark Submerge 3. Sanji has also acquired the Sky Walk technique, which allows him to fly. This attack is practically identical to Geppou. He appropriated it when the trannies on Momoiro no longer offered him any excuses on land. In doing so, Sanji can even transport multiple people through the air, as he demonstrated on Wano Country. On Dress Rosa, Sanji showed that even long distances were no problem, as he flew from downtown to Green Bit. So unlike his family, who need their Raid Suits to fly, Sanji doesn’t need any aids. That he was now his family’s equal in terms of physical strength was shown in the battle against his father, Judge Vinsmoke, before Sanji was stopped from attacking his father further by a human shield. He was able to defeat his brother Yonji in a fight, however, which surprised his father.

In general, Sanji is not only incredibly strong, but also (reaction) fast. At Big Mom’s tea party, Sanji quickly enough dodged an attack by Charlotte Katakuri, who had shot a jelly bean in the direction of the cook. However, it is not clear if this was due to his observation shaki. On Cacao, however, he moved at such a fast pace that he was able to land a kick on Charlotte Oven, a high-ranking member of the Big Mom pirate gang, without the latter noticing Sanji directly. In the same move, he rescued Chiffon and got her out of harm’s way. This gave the impression to those present that Pound had caused the attack on Oven, as he was about to strike at the same moment. Oven was also surprised by this attack, but at least he knew that the blow against him could not have come from Pound.

One of Sanji’s extraordinary abilities is his sense for pretty women. On Punk Hazard, for example, he could sense Tashigi’s tears when she was confronted by Vergo, after which he made his way to the scene to save her. Also, he can sense honest sincerity in them, as in the case of Robin, who Sanji knew was lying on Water 7. Also, when Violet lured Sanji into a trap, Sanji was sure that she didn’t really want to do that, but was forced into it, which made Violet turn against the Donquixote Gang and support the Straw Hat Pirates. The same thing happened on Whole Cake Island with Pudding, who was reduced to tears by Sanji because, unlike many others, he did not condemn her for her third eye. Sanji realized that she was not being honest with herself.

Diable Jambe

Sanji’s glowing leg.

After the time jump, Sanji also applied Diable Jambe with both legs, as in the brief exchange of blows against Donquixote Doflamingo.

During his journey, Sanji has constantly improved his kicking technique, and has even developed an extremely effective technique to free comrade-in-arms Nico Robin, which makes his kicks literally “hellish”. By spinning very quickly on one foot and rubbing the other leg on the ground, such heat is generated that he can even use it to break through the iron armor, one of the 6 secret formulas of the CP9. Sanji calls this technique “Diable Jambe” (jap. 悪魔風脚 (ディアブル・ジャンブ), Diaburu Janbu ~ His now even more monstrous kicks had even earned him a bounty of 77,000,000 and the nickname “Blackfoot” after the hard-fought victory over the CP9 agent Jabra on Enies Lobby. This also parallels his lifesaver and teacher, former pirate captain Jeff, who had a similar nickname, “Redfoot.”


Sanji is also capable of using observation haki. Sanji learned it during his two years of training in the kingdom of Kamabakka. The first time it was hinted at was on Fish Man Island. On Punk Hazard, he used it when he fished Kinemon’s torso out of a lake. In addition to observation haki, he is also proficient in armor haki. According to Oda, Sanji is even an expert in armor haki. Luffy mentioned to Law that besides him, Sanji and Zoro can use haki when it came to touching a logia user like Caesar Clown. The first time he actively used it was in the fight against his father, which surprised him a lot.

Raid Suit

Sanji’s Raid Suit

Since his adventures in Big Mom’s Totto Land territory, Sanji has been in possession of his own Raid Suit. Niji secretly smuggled it into Luffy’s bag during their last encounter on Cacao. Sanji, who despises his family to the core, initially had no use for it and was about to throw the box into the sea if Luffy and Chopper hadn’t loudly protested against it. On Wano Country, however, he decided to try out the Raid Suit, since they were dealing with one of the Four Emperors. The Raid Suit is a valuable combat tool due to Germa’s highly scientific technology, so it is made of fireproof material with memory effect. Actually, Sanji’s black suit in Northblue is commonly known as “Stealth Black” by the Germa. In order to distance himself as much as possible from his hated family, he instead dons the alias “O-Soba Mask” (jap. おそばマスク, O-Soba Masuku) to.

The suit gives Sanji the ability to fly in the air with the help of the shoes, like the other suits, and to boost his kicks with the accelerators on his heels. It also protects against enemy attacks like armor. Sanji’s Raid Suit stands out from the rest of his family in that he can adapt to the environment like a chameleon and become invisible. This is extremely useful not only in combat, for example to land surprise attacks like in the battle against Page One, but also for covert operations. On Onigashima, he managed to free Momonosuke, who was tied to a large cross for his execution and guarded by King and Queen.

Gene modifications

In order to turn them into exceptionally strong superhumans, Sanji’s father Judge performed gene modifications on his unborn children during his wife Sora’s pregnancy. Since Sora did not agree with his means, she took pills to neutralize the effect of the gene modifications. However, this method only saved Sanji from the gene modifications, who, unlike his siblings, was born a normal human. For this reason, as a child he did not make the same fighting progress as his siblings, which his father demanded of him. Because Sanji was more interested in cooking than in his training, he was often beaten up by his brothers, to whom he was always hopelessly inferior.

Tactical sense

The Cook is someone who usually thinks before he acts. He has a tactical sense and sometimes plans ahead, as on Arabasta, where he tricked Crocodile into freeing his captured friends from the Rainbow Casino. He also showed his tactical skills on Skypiea and Enies Lobby when he sabotaged Enel’s Maxim’s Ark and closed the Gate of Justice so that the Buster Call fleet would be caught in the giant whirlpools. On Zou, he quickly thought of a safe plan to free his friends from Capone Bege’s captivity after sensing Nekomamushi’s presence outside Bege’s body. He threw Nami, Chopper, and Brook out of Bege’s body and took Caesar Clown hostage to ensure that the Fire Tank pirate gang would not bother his friends further. In addition, Sanji deduced why his wanted poster said “alive only” and took advantage of this circumstance so that the pirates would not attack him further themselves.

Cooking and baking expertise

Ever since his childhood at the Germa, Sanji has been interested in cooking. After escaping from Germa, Sanji ended up with his future master Redfoot Jeff, who taught him everything he needed to know in a strange relationship. Over the years, Sanji thus became a master of his craft, whipping up masterful dishes for the Straw Hat Pirates on a daily basis. By his own admission, Sanji is a first-class cook at everything, including baking. Sanji could identify the ingredients for Big Mom’s wedding cake, which took Streusen and his cooks several days to complete, just by smelling them. Even Cacao’s cooks, who had worked on the first cake, were impressed by the feat, as he had even recognized Streusen’s secret ingredient, which the chef had spent a week pondering. The finished wedding cake, which Sanji baked in about a day with the help of pudding, chiffon, and the WCI31, was so good that Big Mom felt pure bliss as she consumed it. The reason for this was Sanji’s Simsim Whip, a special whipped cream with the ultimate sweetness that can knock people out with bliss for a short time after eating it.

The Simsim Whip is part of the “Offensive Kitchen” (jap. 攻めの料理, Seme no Ryōri) from the Kingdom of Kamabakka by Momoiro, which Sanji met in the Kingdom of Okama. The offensive cuisine consists of a total of 99 vital recipes. According to Ivankov, these dishes increase physical strength and, in a sense, shape the body. The Cook challenged the trannies to a fight in order to steal the recipes from them. Since the recipes are part of becoming a bride on Momoiro, they are not given to outsiders. By the end of the time jump, Sanji had managed to take all 99 recipes from the trannies.


Early childhood

Sanji is beaten up by his siblings.=

Sanji is the third-born son of the Vinsmoke family and lived in the Germa Kingdom since his birth. On him, his brothers and sister, their father Judge Vinsmoke performed genetic manipulations to give the children superhuman abilities. Judge planned for them to mature into strong warriors who would one day lead Germa 66. While his siblings showed exceptional strength and speed early on, Sanji quickly fell behind. An examination by the Germa 66 scientists revealed that the genetic manipulation had not worked on Sanji and he had remained an ordinary human. Because of his weakness, his brothers regularly taunted and beat him up. The fact that Sanji was more interested in cooking also met with little approval from his family. Only his sister Reiju took care of her brother in secret. Sanji also had a special relationship with his mother, whom he often visited at her bedside to give her his home-cooked meals. Despite the fact that they were inedible, she smilingly ate his meals and asked that he cook more for her. However, at an unknown time, she died.

When Sanji made no progress after his father urged him to train even harder because of his handicap, Judge finally made a decision. He faked Sanji’s accidental death in front of his organization and his other children and locked him in the dungeon with an iron mask. Even after Sanji desperately apologized for being born a weakling, Judge did not release him. After six months in the dungeon, Sanji asked the guards for cookbooks and utensils and practiced cooking. In one of the books, he read about the All Blue for the first time. A short time later, the Kingdom of Germa crossed the Redline with their equally land-mobile ships, getting from the Northblue to the East Blue, where the Germa 66 wanted to fight some wars.

Sanji’s last meeting with his father.

During the invasion of Cozia, Sanji finally decided to flee the kingdom in the face of Reiju. He hoped never to see his father again if he ran away here in East Blue. Reiju freed him from the dungeon. When he took the keys for his iron mask, he met his father Judge. However, he did not want to stop him and was even glad to get rid of his son in this way, since Sanji’s escape would be his certain death. His only condition was that Sanji should under no circumstances reveal his true identity as his son, since Judge considered him to be the only disgrace. In the confusion of the war, Sanji finally arrived on the passenger ship Orbit, which was anchored off Cozia.

Meeting with Jeff

Sanji dreams of the All Blue.

Sanji was Jeff’s protégé and head chef at Baratié, the lakeside restaurant the two had founded together. The two had a long history together that began eleven years ago. Back then, Jeff was still a pirate and his crew raided the Orbit, the passenger ship where Sanji, then only 10 years old, worked as a cook. While Jeff had a small altercation with Sanji, who refused to surrender defenselessly, he vowed that he would find the All Blue. Unfortunately, both ships got caught in a heavy storm, whereupon both sank. However, Jeff managed to save young Sanji, who was swept off the ship by a huge wave, and the two of them were washed up on a large rock, far from any civilization.

Sanji realizes that Jeff ate his own leg for him.

Unfortunately, there was no food on the rock: no plants, no animals, and the cliffs were too steep to reach the water and fish. All the provisions they had left were in a small sack, which also washed ashore and which Jeff left for Sanji. This portion should normally last for five days. Another sack washed ashore that was three times the size of Sanji’s. The latter was thinking of a larger provision at this point and complained about his, comparatively, tiny portion. Eventually, the two each sat down on opposite sides of the rock to watch for a ship that might rescue them. Days passed, but there was no ship in sight. On the 25th day on the island, Sanji’s supplies were nearing their end.

From then on, 45 more days passed in which he ate nothing, until finally, on the 70th day, he decided that he would kill Jeff and steal his provisions. He struggled to the other side of the island, where Jeff still sat, his bulging sack beside him. In order to get to the longed-for booty, Sanji slit open the sack with a kitchen knife. Perplexed, he had to look at how out of the sack came not food or something to drink, but tons of treasure! Sanji realized that he had received all the food from Jeff and asked him, completely confused, how the latter could survive.

As young Sanji walked around the latter, he discovered that Jeff had been feeding on his own leg! (This is where the manga version differs from the anime version, in which Jeff lost his leg during Sanji’s rescue and had not eaten anything on the island.) Following this, Jeff told Sanji that he had rescued him because they both had a dream of finding the All Blue. They decided to open a floating restaurant if they survived.

Relationship of two cooks

Sanji and Jeff have a strange relationship.

15 more days later, they are rescued by a large passenger ship and together they start a floating restaurant in the East Blue: The Baratié. On the Baratié itself, the two had a strange relationship. While it is thought that they had a deep connection due to the events they had experienced together, the two often argued and insulted each other incessantly. Sanji preferred to call Jeff “old bag” (“kusojijii” in the original “kuso” = “shit”, “jijii” = “old man”) and the latter called him “milk face” or “little one” (literally “little eggplant” in the original). In addition, they criticized each other’s cooking skills. But despite everything, Sanji had kept his promise and helped, for example, to defend the Baratié during Krieg’s attack.



Sanji must be hard: “Take a hit”

As the Straw Hat Pirates continued on their way, they reached the floating restaurant Baratié, where they met the head chef Sanji. Iron Fist Fullbody, who was present with his companion, was ridiculed by Sanji in front of everyone, which the latter did not like at all. Furious, he tried to show the charmer who he was dealing with, but Sanji was able to fend him off with ease. After a brief confrontation with Patty, the marine lieutenant was told that one of his prisoners had escaped. Shortly after receiving this news, the vice-captain of Creek’s pirate gang, Gin, who had been captured by Fullbody, appeared and demanded something to eat, as he was totally famished. The cooks refused him, but Sanji showed that he would give food to anyone who was hungry. Luffy observed this and immediately decided: Sanji will be the Cook of the Straw Hat Pirates! The rubber boy now tried to hire Sanji for his crew, but the latter did not want to become a pirate. Meanwhile, while Luffy was washing dishes, Sanji had discovered Nami, whom he adored with caresses. Jeff told him to get lost, because he couldn’t use him in his restaurant anymore.

Sanji thanks Jeff.

Two days later, Gin showed up accompanied by the Creek pirate gang. They wanted the restaurant’s cooks to provide food for the rest of the crew, who were also starving. On the condition of not harming the cooks, Gin had brought his captain along with his crew, but Krieg did not comply and even planned to take the baratié, since his flagship was badly damaged. The cooks fought back against their opponents and would not prepare food for them, but this time it was Jeff who threw a sack full of food at the godfather’s feet. After Creek’s pirate gang was back on their feet, he wanted to take the baratié. This sparked a fight against Pearl Iron Shield, who had shown up to make matters worse. Sanji had to take hard blows first, because Perle used huge shields as a weapon. In addition, Gin also took Jeff hostage, making it all the more impossible for Sanji to fight back. In the end, Gin intervened in the fight and wanted to kill his rescuer single-handedly. Influenced by guilt, however, he failed to kill the cook. After Luffy also defeated Krieg despite his steel armor, Sanji wanted to join the Straw Hat Pirates after being reminded by Jeff of the dream they both shared of finding the All Blue. In a very tearful farewell, Sanji thanked Jeff for everything he had ever done for him and promised him he would never forget. With that, he left the Baratié and began his pirate life. There was only one problem: Nami had run away with the Going Merry, so Luffy, Yosaku and Sanji set out in a shopping boat to find Nami.

They finally found Nami on the Conomi Islands, but she wanted nothing more to do with the Straw Hats. However, the gang was able to convince her to come back to the team by defeating her former gang, the Arlong gang. The next destination was Loguetown, where Sanji bought a rare elephant tuna. Then, after escaping the navy, the Straw Hat Pirates finally reached their long-awaited destination, the Grand Line. Before entering, the crew made another pact and Sanji vowed to find the All Blue.


An initially balanced fight.

After the Straw Hat Pirates had finally reached the Grand Line, left Cape of the Twins as well as Whisky Peak behind them, they now had Princess Vivi from Arabasta on board, who was trying to save her kingdom from Mr. 0, the boss of the Baroque Company. The crew headed for Little Garden, an island where time had stopped and dinosaurs populated the land. During a contest between Sanji and Zoro, the Cook accidentally discovered Mr. 3’s Wax House in the middle of the jungle. There he took a call from Mr. 0 and pretended to be Mr. 3. He told Mr. 0 that he had already wiped out all the straw hats. After a brief confrontation with the unlucky ones, he also obtained an Eternal port to Arabasta.

On Drum, the next island, the ship’s doctor Chopper could be hired and it went on purposefully to Arabasta. Still on the way there they met Mr. 2, whom they at first thought to be a friend. He possessed the devilish power of the tranny fruit and could transform into anyone he touched before. Once in Arabasta, Luffy, Zoro, Usopp, Nami & Smoker were captured by Crocodile in his lair in Rainbase in a sea stone cage. Through a trick by Sanji and Chopper, they were freed. A battle then ensued in Arbana between Sanji and Mr. 2. Both opponents were seemingly equally strong until the tranny turned into Nami, whom he had touched on the Going Merry. Sanji initially failed to hit Mr. 2 in the form of Nami, but was ultimately able to defeat him. After rescuing Arabasta and saying goodbye to Vivi, they discovered the stowaway Nico Robin, who wanted to sail on with the gang.


Sanji gives Satori the rest.

After gathering information about the Sky Islands on Jaya, the Straw Hat Pirates finally reached their destination in Heaven. But unfortunately, the Straw Hat Pirates had not paid customs for their visit to Skypiea, which is why they had now incurred the wrath of the god Enel. Thus, all comrades-in-arms except for Luffy, Usopp and Sanji were taken to the sacrificial altar in the Upper Yard. During the rescue operation, the trio had to deal with Satori, one of the four priests of the Upper Yard, whom they defeated after initial difficulties.

Later, when Nami, Usopp and Sanji brought the Going Merry to the agreed meeting place, they were surprised by Enel, who had eaten from the Thunder Fruit. Enel quickly electrocuted Sanji and Usopp. When the two woke up again, they found that they were alone on the ship. Sanji was horrified to realize that Nami was on the Maxim Ark, Enel’s ship, which was flying far above the ship in the sky at the time. Sanji convinced Usopp to sneak onto the ship to free the navigator, which they eventually did with the help of Usopp’s belt. While Usopp kept Enel busy, Sanji sabotaged the Maxim Ark. The Cook was then able to rescue Usopp in time, who was almost killed by Enel, but had to take the God punishment for it. In the end, Luffy was able to defeat Enel in battle.

Long Ring Long Land

Zoro and Sanji work together at last.

After the Straw Hat Pirates left Sky Island, the gang met the Foxy Pirates on the next island, Long Ring Long Land, who challenged them to a Davy Back Fight. After losing the first round, Sanji and Zoro had to face the knockout monsters in the knockout wrestling match in the next round. However, the two brawlers didn’t stand a chance against their opponents, so they had to settle their differences. That’s how they won in the end. In the end, Luffy also won the 3rd round of the Davy Back Fight.

A short time later, the team met Aokiji, admiral of the naval headquarters. This one demonstrated his ice fruit powerfully by freezing the sea. Even Luffy, Zoro and Sanji together could do nothing against him. To save his crew, Luffy challenged Aokiji to a duel, which he lost.

Water 7

Nico Robin turns herself from the crew.

After the battle against Aokiji, the gang reached Water 7 and wanted to repair the damaged Going Merry and hire a shipwright. While Luffy, Usopp and Nami were with the shipwrights, Sanji stayed on the ship and later wandered around alone. While doing so, he saw Robin, who was originally traveling with Chopper. The cook lost sight of her and ran into Chopper, who was also looking for Robin. Together they roamed the water town and eventually found Robin. Unexpectedly, she explained that she wanted to leave the Straw Hat Pirates and said goodbye because she had a dark side in her and would destroy the gang.

In addition, she had carried out an assassination attempt on Mayor Eisberg on the instructions of the secret organization CP9 and now wanted to shift the blame onto the Straw Hat Pirates. Sanji tried to stop her, but couldn’t and told Chopper to report to the others. He himself went to Blue Station, where he saw Robin boarding the Puffing Tom, which was ready to depart for Enie’s lobby. The Cook got on as a stowaway to save Robin from the World Government.

On the sea train, he tried to fight his way to Robin’s wagon, freeing Franky and Usopp, who were captured by the CP9. He then had to prove himself against the CP7’s cook, Wanze. After that, the trio tried in vain to free Robin from the clutches of the CP9, who still refused to come back. Although the wagon could be uncoupled, she and Franky could still be recaptured and brought back to the Puffing Tom thanks to Blueno’s devil power. The rescue operation failed and Sanji and Sogeking were picked up by Rocketman.

Enies Lobby

Jabra has no chance against Sanjis, Devil’s leg.

On Enie’s lobby, the Straw Hat Pirates (with the exception of Luffy) and the Franky Family fought their way through the many officials and marines of Court Island with the carpenters of the Galley-La until the crew reached the roof of the courthouse. Here the crew faced the CP9 with Spandam, Robin and Franky trying to convince Robin to come back to the gang, which she finally accepted. Thanks to Grandma Kokoro and the Rocketman, the gang made it to the Justice Tower. There they met Owl, who explained to them that every agent of the CP9 had a key to Robin’s sea stone handcuffs and only one was the right one. After his disappearance, the Straw Hat Pirates set out to fight the CP9.

Sanji encountered Kalifa in the process. However, he did not manage to harm a hair on her head, as he was known not to hit women. So he was eventually defeated by Kalifa. Later, he was able to save Sogeking, who was almost killed by Jabra. He wanted to take on the wolf-man instead of Sogeking. In doing so, Jabra resorted to means that were not fair and wanted to lie to Sanji with a touching story. His plan failed and the fight really began. Sanji struggled at first, but then managed to win thanks to his new technique Diable Jambe.

On the bridge of hesitation, Robin could be freed from her handcuffs and the rest of the crew also got on the bridge, while Luffy was still fighting Rob Lucci. After a fight against the naval officers who arrived and Luffy’s victory, the gang was able to escape thanks to the Going Merry who arrived. However, on the way back to Water 7, the Going Merry broke apart and eventually had to be burned at sea. After an emotional farewell, the Straw Hat Pirates returned to Water 7. There, Franky could then be hired for the crew and the journey continued.

Thriller Bark

Sanji angrily deals out.

After the Straw Hat Pirates left Water 7 again, they met the Gentleman Skeleton Brook, who was deprived of his shadow. While they were still talking, they arrived at the biggest ship in the world: Thriller Bark. While exploring, Luffy, Zoro and Sanji’s shadows were stolen by Gecko Moria. When they were taken back to the Sunny, Sanji learned that Nami was to be married by a Peeping Tom, which didn’t sit well with him. Sanji then faced Absalom, who wanted to marry Nami, in the chapel.

During the fight, Oz broke through the walls of the building. In the chaos, the almost defeated Absalom took his chance and fled with Nami. Sanji, however, could not pursue them, as he now faced another problem: Oz! During the course of the Straw Hat Pirates’s fight against Oz, they had to pull off a series of many combo attacks to take down the giant. Unfortunately, Gecko Moria also entered the scene, allowing Oz to stretch. In the end, however, the crew was able to prevail against both Oz and Gecko Moria.

But the series of tough opponents did not stop and Bartholomew Kuma appeared. Via Den-den Mushi he received the order from the Five Elders to wipe out all witnesses of Moria’s defeat. Zoro willingly sacrificed himself for everyone present, and Sanji was also willing to die for his friends if he had to. Eventually, Sanji was knocked unconscious by Zoro and found him covered in blood after Bear’s disappearance. After receiving a Vivre Card from Lola and Brook joining the gang, the crew continued on to Fish Man Island.


Sanji is tired of Duval’s whining.

After the adventures on the Thriller Bark, the crew had finally made it. They had sailed around half of the Grand Line and had now arrived at the Redline. Here they met the mermaid Camie and the starfish Pappag, whose friend Hatchan had been captured by the Tobiuo Riders. During the rescue operation at their base, it was revealed that Boss Duval harbored a hatred for Sanji because he looked exactly like his mugshot, which caused him to get into some trouble with the Navy and even leave him with a scar. Briefly, the Straw Hat Pirates got into trouble against the Tobiuo Riders, but eventually Sanji was able to defeat Duval with his Parage Shot, giving his adversary a new, handsome face. Later, just before arriving at Sabaody Archipelago, Duval thanked him for his new face and gave Sanji his Den-den Mushi number in case he needed help.

Sabaody Archipelago

The Straw Hat Pirates Meets on a Pacifista.

The Straw Hat Pirates arrived at the Sabaody Archipelago to have their ship coated. While the other members explored the archipelago, Sanji, Usopp and Franky stayed behind on the ship. But when Chopper called with concern that Camie had been kidnapped by human traffickers and was to be sold as a slave, the three moved out along with the Tobiuo Riders. They learned that Camie had been taken to the auction house on Grove 1. Sanji was with Duval, who gave him a list of the starting prices for each race. Sanji was disgusted.

They reached the Human Auctioning House and were able to free Camie. But Luffy had beaten a world aristocrat in return, which resulted in the appearance of an admiral. The Straw Hat Pirates now met with the suddenly appeared Silvers Rayleigh in Shakuyaku’s bar. After his agreement to coat the Thousand Sunny, the Straw Hats wanted to go into hiding so they wouldn’t run into the admiral. Unfortunately for them, however, they ran into PX-4, a Pacifista. They were able to defeat him with difficulty, but they had no chance against their opponents who appeared afterwards. Sentomaru appeared with PX-1, before Admiral Kizaru and finally Bartholomew Kuma also appeared. One by one, the Straw Hat Pirates was separated with the help of Bear’s devil power and hurled to various islands around the world.


Sanji’s Hell.

After Bartholomew Kuma’s attack, Sanji landed on this island. It was the second “women’s island” and all the women had the heart of a fair maiden. But as it turned out, the women were transvestites. Unhappy, he mentally informed Nami and Robin that he was in a real hell, because the transvestites were pursuing the cook after his arrival on the beach to turn him into one of their own. Soon Sanji was transformed into a tranny. However, upon Ivankov’s return, the king of Kamabakka, he was a man again. When the tranny king met the Cook, he refused to believe him that he was really part of Luffy’s pirate gang. Sanji was visibly angry and demanded a duel so that he could hijack a ship if he won.

However, in the nearby forest, the cook was quickly dealt with. Despite this defeat, Iva handed Sanji the current day’s newspaper, which reported Luffy’s current situation. On it was a photo of Luffy wearing a fake tattoo with a message to his crew members. Sanji immediately understood that they would not meet again for another two years on the Sabaody Archipelago. At a meal together, Sanji noticed the extraordinary food that seemed to give him strength. Ivankov explained to him that it was “offensive cuisine,” food that strengthened the body if eaten regularly.

Sanji meets Ivankov.

Sanji was impressed and asked Ivankov to teach him. The Tranny King explained that these 99 Vital Recipes would not be given to just anyone. First he had to become a virgin and learn the Newkama Kenpou. At first the cook refused, but Ivankov wanted to give him another chance. Sanji should steal all the recipes from 99 masters on the island, then Ivankov would grant him his wish and also give him a ship. However, the trannies living on the island would try day and night to turn him back into a tranny. Sanji agreed because he wanted to become stronger for his captain.

The reunification

Sanji and Zoro destroy PX-7.

Two years had passed and, as planned, the Straw Hat Pirates found themselves back on the Sabaody Archipelago one by one, including Sanji. He was in the company of Ivankov’s people and, moreover, was immediately blown away when he discovered the first real women on the island again. After he more or less said goodbye to Ivankov’s people and sent a “greeting” to them, he immediately went in search of Nami and Robin.

After arriving at Shakuyaku’s bar, he learned that he was the sixth member of the Straw Hat Pirates to return to the island. That Zoro, of all people, was the first to land on the island six days earlier visibly amazed Sanji. Afterwards, Sanji made a detour to Franky, who was on the Thousand Sunny, and gave him a Den-den Mushi. The way led further to Grove 42, where he wanted to buy something to eat for the onward journey.

There he met Zoro, who was arguing with the cook again. A short time later, Zoro and Sanji encountered Luffy and two Pacifista, as well as Sentomaru and the Navy. While Luffy destroyed one Pacifista with one blow, Zoro and Sanji tackled the second, which was also destroyed after a short time. Chopper picked up the trio with a Torino bird and they flew together to the Sunny. This was completely coated by Rayleigh. Finally united, the Straw Hat Pirates left the Sabaody Archipelago and dived with the destination Fishmen Island.

The fish man island

Sanji’s massive nosebleed.

There were a few obstacles in front of the gang, but they were able to overcome them unharmed. However, upon entering Fish Man Island, they were separated again, so Sanji was now traveling with Luffy, Usopp and Chopper. They met Camie, who accompanied them to Mermaid Bay. There, however, Sanji was struggling with massive nosebleeds from not seeing real women for two long years. Sanji needed a blood transfusion of his rare blood type from the trannies Splash & Splatter. While the other Straw Hats were invited to the Ryuuguu Palace, Chopper watched over the still-weakening Sanji. When royal soldiers tried to arrest them based on Shyarly’s prophecy, they beat them down. However, Sanji wanted to see the mermaid princess, so he volunteered to go to the Ryuuguu Palace. But before it came to that, they found the seriously injured Hatchan on the street.

In addition, the civilian fish people now intervened. They accused Sanji and Chopper of kidnapping some mermaids and wanted to arrest them themselves. At that moment, Luffy showed up with Megalo. When the shark suddenly spat out Princess Shirahoshi, the case was clear for the fish people. Sanji, on the other hand, petrified at the sight of the beautiful mermaid princess. While the fish people continued to be convinced of the pirates’ guilt, Vander Decken appeared, looking for Shirahoshi. After a small confrontation with the latter, the pirates fled to the sea forest, where Jinbe was already waiting and enlightened them about the past of the fish people. Shortly thereafter, the pirates watched as Hody Jones announced via Den-den Mushi that King Neptune would be executed in Gyoncorde Plaza in three hours. The gang devised a plan and stormed the plaza along with Jinbe and Shirahoshi.

The final blow against Wadatsumi.

The battle ensued against 100,000 of Hody’s assembled subordinates. Sanji and Jinbe fought Wadatsumi, whom they eventually defeated with a combo. To celebrate their victory against Hody and his band of pirates, Neptune threw a big banquet for the pirates. Meanwhile, Caribou also emerged from obscurity, about to kidnap Shirahoshi. Luffy, Zoro and Sanji dispatched the logia user with ease. On their way back, they met Big Mom’s candy collectors. Luffy messed with the latter using a Den-den Mushi, so the Straw Hat Pirates made an enemy of the Emperor. Finally, with the help of a trinary log port, the gang started their way back to the surface of the sea and thus to the New World!

Punk Hazard

Law interchanges the Hearts of the straw hats.

In the New World, the Straw Hat Pirates reached Punk Hazard Island. While some of the pirates explored the island, Sanji stayed on the Thousand Sunny with Nami, Franky and Brook. Using sleeping gas, however, they were stunned and, with the exception of Brook, trapped in a sturdy cell in a building. There they encountered the cut samurai Kinemon. Sanji agreed to help him and put his body back together. On their escape, the Straw Hats and Kinemon arrived at Biscuits Room, where they encountered giant children. These had apparently been kidnapped from their home island. The mastermind of the island – Caesar Clown – was conducting dangerous experiments on them. They asked the pirates to take them home. However, some guards of the building gave them trouble. When they stepped out in front of the entrance, they met the newly appointed Samurai of the Seas Trafalgar Law, who was about to face Vice Admiral Smoker and his G5 Navy. Law switched the hearts of the Straw Hats with each other so that Sanji ended up in Nami’s body.

Sanji fights against Vice Admiral Vergo.

Later, Sanji and the rest of the Straw Hat gang met up with the still-dissected Kinemon and the kidnapped children in a cave in the icy land. Since Kinemon was still searching for his torso, Sanji felt obligated to help him find it. With Zoro and Brook, he ran to the central lake of the island where the torso had fallen. At the same time, however, danger loomed from Smiley, a giant and poisonous slime creature that shot itself from the burning part of the island to the icy land, gradually poisoning the lake. Sanji jumped into the lake to fish out the torso and escaped before the poison reached him. Caesar Clown had now planned to turn Smiley into Shinokuni. When Smiley ate from a prepared candy, Smiley died and turned into a huge cloud of poison gas.

Sanji, Zoro, Brook and Kinemon were able to reach Caesar’s lab with difficulty. There, Sanji tangled with the treacherous Vice Admiral Vergo, who had previously taken down Tashigi. The fight was interrupted, however, as Vergo went to the SAD production room. Sanji, meanwhile, did everything he could to protect Tashigi and the G5 Marines from Shinokuni. With these, he also helped his fellow soldiers stop the rampaging children. After successfully escaping from the lab and capturing Caesar, the journey continued to Dress Rosa, as Luffy had formed an alliance with Law to overthrow Emperor Kaidou. To do this, they had to destroy the Smile factory, which was needed to produce artificial devil fruit that Kaidou obtained from Donquixote Doflamingo.


Sanji’s usual luck with women.

Once on Dress Rosa, the team split into three groups and pursued different goals. The four strongest melee fighters of the Straw Hat Pirates and Kinemon shared the goal of destroying the SAD factory. However, it didn’t take long for this group to unintentionally split up as well. Sanji met Violet, who asked him to accompany her to the next town and assassinate a man for her.

Sanji agreed, but realized he had fallen into a trap. Violet was in fact an assassin in the service of Doflamingo. Although Sanji was badly beaten up, he realized that she really needed his help. His words made her trust him, so she defeated her henchmen and freed Sanji. Violet then informed him that Doflamingos had never relinquished his status as Samurai of the Seas. Sanji immediately warned Trafalgar Law via Den-den Mushi, so Caesar’s surrender failed. Violet then gave him a map to the factory disguised as a toy house, and Sanji asked her to head to the west coast.

At the last second he stops Doflamingo.

On the streets of Dress Rosa, Sanji saw Kinemon being chased by Doflamingo’s people. After Sanji defeated them, he planned to return to the Thousand Sunny. Through Violet’s abilities, he learned where the ship was and also found that a battle was raging on deck. Therefore, he quickly made his way to the ship and was able to stop Doflamingo, who was also there, from attacking the rest of the crew. However, he could not keep up with the samurai in the air for long and was defeated quite quickly. He got back to the Sunny, where he told the others that the plan had changed and that according to Law they should go ahead to Zou with Caesar. Shortly after, however, they were suddenly attacked by a ship under the control of the Empress Big Mom. In a final conversation with Luffy over a Den-den Mushi, Sanji received orders to leave for Zou with the Sunny and return fire against Big Mom if necessary.


Sanji says goodbye to his friends

With the help of Nami’s ability to create a dense fog, they eventually managed to escape Big Mom’s ship and get to Zou. Arriving there just a day later, they were confronted with the sight of a battlefield and a large number of badly wounded Minks. They were also attacked by Sheepshead, a subordinate of Kaidou, but the Cook, with Brook’s help, was able to take him out without difficulty. When Sanji learned from Caesar that the poison gas used in the battle had come from him, he forced the scientist to use his devil powers and remove the gas completely. As a result, at Pedro’s request, they rescued the two rulers, Nekomamushi and Inuarashi, as well as the rest of the injured Minks. Thereupon, out of gratitude and cultural tradition, the Mink tribe exchanged precious robes with the Straw Hats and befriended them. Sanji and company, meanwhile, decided to remain on Zou until their captain and the other crew members from Dress Rosa would follow.

Two days before the rest of the Straw Hats reached Zou, Sanji was visited by Capone Bege and Pekoms representing the Big Mom pirate gang, who gave him an invitation to his own wedding. To save the recovering Minks from another conflict, Sanji, along with Brook, moved the negotiation site to a forest. He, as the third son of the Vinsmoke family, was to marry Pudding of the Charlotte family and thus daughter of Big Mom. Sanji saw no other way out of this situation, since they were all prisoners of Bege and he threatened to kill the others if he and Caesar did not follow. Sanji therefore wrote a short letter to Luffy in which he explained that he had to clear something up with a woman. He still freed Nami, Brook and Chopper, who had also been captured inside Capone, and apologized to them since he never wanted to hide anything from them. After he threw them out of the fortress, the others had to watch Capone leave the island together with Sanji and Caesar without having achieved anything.

Whole Cake Island

On the ship bound for Whole Cake Island, Tamago tried to convince Sanji to join the Big Mom pirate gang, especially because Big Mom would appreciate his past as a pirate and his cooking skills. Three days before Luffy and his comrades reached Cacao, Sanji also met with his bride, Pudding, to whom he initially explained that marriage was out of the question for him. On Cake Island, the Cook also met his family again for the first time. The first reunion with Yonji Vinsmoke was not very friendly and resulted in Sanji punching his brother in the face.

His own father challenged him to a fight to settle their past disputes, which Sanji only lost because he didn’t want to hurt the protective wall of uninvolved soldiers. Afterward, Judge Vinsmoke once again expressed his disdain for Sanji and that he was merely a means to an end to secure the union with Big Mom and her powerful pirate gang. Meanwhile, Reiju Vinsmoke also placed the explosive handcuffs on her younger brother to prevent the Cook from escaping. At a later dinner, also attended by Niji Vinsmoke and Ichiji Vinsmoke, the conflict escalated again and Sanji realized that not only his own life, but the lives of his lifesaver Jeff and the Baratié were at stake if he resisted the wedding. After Sanji later learned from his brothers the truth of Germa 66 and the shared past between their father and Vegapunk, as well as being beaten by them without resistance, Reiju offered him her help and doctored his wounds.

Sanji vs. Luffy.

On their way to Whole Cake Chateau, the Vinsmokes and Sanji happened to run into Luffy and Nami, who gleefully met their comrades. However, Sanji, to feign loyalty to his family and Big Mom, confronted his former captain, to the shock of the two Straw Hats, insulting him as riffraff and a pack of pirates before giving him a severe beating. Luffy, not believing his cook’s words, let Sanji go with silent tears for the time being, promising to wait for him at this point. After dinner with Pudding’s family, he confided in his fiancée about his past and the plan to ask Big Mom to spare his friends despite their offenses. He was later assured of this by Big Mom as well. Full of anticipation, he headed to Pudding with a packed lunch when he inadvertently overheard a conversation between her and the shot Reiju in which his fiancée literally revealed her true colors, taunting him and revealing that the wedding was merely a charade to wipe out the entire Vinsmoke family and take over their technology.

While Reiju was recovering in the hospital wing, she confided in her brother the true circumstances of the death of their mother, Sora, and that she did not want to escape her fate at the tea party. She confessed to Sanji that his handcuffs were merely dummies and that he should leave the island together with his friends and not look back, as he did then. Undecided what to do, he hurried through the castle, where he overpowered Bobbin and made his way to the place where Luffy wanted to wait for him. There he found the damaged and famished Luffy, to whom he gave his packed lunch and they were able to overcome their differences. Together they followed Jinbe’s plan to team up with Capone Bege to blow up the wedding, kill Big Mom and save his family from death.

Sanji saves his family.

The allies took their positions, so Sanji entered the plateau on Zeus together with Pudding, who feigned absolute infatuation for him despite her inner reluctance, and the wedding began. During the ceremony, Sanji caught the victorious Pudding off guard by noticing the beauty of her third eye and dodged the priest’s bullet as well as Charlotte Katakuri’s before the cake was destroyed by the Luffy clones and chaos descended upon the wedding party. He then saved Pudding, who shot furiously at him and missed before Charlotte Daifuku got in the way.

The cook later managed to repel the attack and get to his family, whom he saved from the certain firing squad. However, both the assassination attempt and the escape plan through the mirror world failed, so they all had to retreat into Bege’s body to re-survey the situation. At Bege’s fortress, they were surrounded by Big Mom and her band of pirates, so the Vinsmokes decided to fight their way out to avoid owing Sanji and his friends anything. Sanji and Luffy followed them and together they were able to block an attack from Big Mom. However, they were all overwhelmed and could only finally be rescued when the Tamatebako abruptly exploded, bringing down the entire Whole Cake chateau. In the northwest of the island, the alliance split up for the time being and together they fled from the forces of the Big Mom pirate gang, who longed for revenge.

Sanji is convinced of his cake

They escaped with the help of Pudding and Chiffon, who convinced Sanji that they needed to bake a new wedding cake together on Cacao to really seek their escape. Together they flew there on Pudding’s flying carpet. They reached the Forest of Seduction again and encountered King Baum, which Nami was controlling one more time when Big Mom appeared riding Zeus and gave the group a hard time. On Cacao, Pudding changed the memory of Totto Land’s most renowned chefs so that Sanji could help them. Everyone present was completely thrilled that the Cook could reconstruct the exquisite ingredients of the cake just by smelling them. When the cake was ready enough for them to make their way back to the Thousand Sunny, they were attacked by Charlotte Oven, whom Sanji was able to temporarily disable in disguise, however, and their departure with the Fire Tank Pirates was finally secured. There, the delicious taste of his cream alone convinced Bege that he would not poison the cake.

Pudding and Sanji returned to Cacao to intercept Luffy there in front of the assembled Big Mom pirate gang. There, the two also said goodbye to each other and Sanji expressed his gratitude to Pudding, who was moved to tears, kissing him as a final request before immediately altering his memories and removing that moment from his mind. Sanji immediately grabbed his captain as he returned victorious from the Mirror World together with Pekoms, but was cornered by a superior number of Charlotte children and only saved by the suddenly appearing Germa 66. After arriving back on the Thousand Sunny, Sanji protected Carrot from Daifuku’s Djinn before the Sun Pirates showed up to ensure their escape, with Wadatsumi saving the Thousand Sunny from an attack by Big Mom’s flagship. Jinbe then decided to stand by his old comrades and promised to meet up with them all on Wano Country. Reluctantly, Sanji and the others set sail for Wano Country and later successfully left Big Mom’s territory. There he also learned of Pedro’s sacrifice, for which he also felt responsible.

Wano Country

On the journey to Wano Country, Sanji noticed that his brother Niji had also entrusted him with a Raid Suit. However, he did not want to use it out of contempt for his family. He then surveyed his new bounty with mixed feelings, which had risen to 330 million, surpassing Zoro’s, but also bearing his real family name, which depressed Sanji quite a bit. Likewise, they learned of the details about the reverie taking place and Sanji was pleased to see a picture of Vivi in the newspaper.

When the gang reached the coast of Wano Country and was pulled into a mysterious whirlpool, Sanji brought Brook, Chopper, Nami and Carrot to safety, but this separated them from Luffy and the Sunny. They later encountered Kinemon, who was eventually able to reunite them with the Straw Hat in the ruined Castle of Oden. There, Kinemon outfitted the rest of the Straw Hat gang with the country’s typical clothing and told them about the true past, that the samurai had traveled through time. At that moment, they were surprised by Kaidou’s dragon form. After Luffy stormed off to confront Kaidou, the latter attacked the castle with a massive wave of fire.

Together with the kunoichi Shinobu, Sanji was able to rescue the remaining Straw Hats. During Luffy’s imprisonment in Udon, Sanji opened a soba noodle stand in the flower capital under the alias Sangoro to recruit more samurai to fight Kaidou. Sanji’s stall was especially popular with women and attracted a lot of attention as a result. When Robin, Franky and Usopp ate there with him, some of the shogun’s subordinates got in their way and tried to extort protection money from Sanji. They were quickly overpowered, however, before the Straw Hats were overwhelmed by the arrival of the courtesan Komurasaki and her beauty.

Sanji vs Page One

Later, one of the Flying Six, Page One, went looking for the soba stall vendor to take revenge for the attack on the Kyoshiro family. To do this, he destroyed numerous other soba stores to lure Sanji out. The latter eventually turned himself in and activated his new Raid Suit as a cover. A fight then broke out between Sanji and Page One. After Sanji landed an attack on Page One in the latter’s hybrid dinosaur form, he interrupted the fight and left the flower capital for the time being, going to Ebisu with Usopp, Franky, and Law. There, Sanji heard of Komurasaki’s supposed death, so Sanji wept bitterly for the loss of this beauty. Afterwards, Sanji made his way alone to the bathhouse, where he snuck in using the invisibility of his Raid Suit. Nami, Robin and Shinobu were also there, taking a short break. However, Basil Hawkins and X. Drake surprisingly raided the bathhouse, as the samurai’s plan to the 100-beast pirate gang had been leaked. At one moment, when Nami’s towel slipped off her body, exposing her naked body, the invisible and previously undetected Sanji got a violent nosebleed, revealing his presence. With the smut boy’s help, however, Nami, Robin, and Shinobu escaped the bathhouse unharmed. However, Sanji had previously heard that Law’s crew members had been captured and were serving as bait for Law.

Sanji and Zoro rescue O-Toko.

Back in Ebisu, the Straw Hats made the acquaintance of Tonoyasu. To everyone’s irritation, Kanjuro and Shinobu, who spoke with him, did not know him at all. However, when they heard of his capture and impending execution in Rasetsu shortly thereafter, they immediately set out to rescue him. Unfortunately, they arrived on the scene too late, as Shogun Orochi had already killed Tonoyasu, who was in fact the former daimyo of Hakumai Shimotsuki Yasuie. Sanji and Zoro then protected the latter’s daughter O-Toko, who was also targeted by Orochi. After O-Toko was safe, Sanji had a short fight with X. Drake. Heartbroken, Sanji then watched Zoro leave the scene with the beautiful Hiyori, who was actually trying to protect Sanji from her attackers. The situation in Rasetsu then dissolved and the final preparations for the Fire Festival began.


The Straw Hat Pirates is ready for battle.

On the day of the Fire Festival, the Straw Hat Pirates, along with the Heart and Kid Piratess, sailed toward Onigashima, where the Alliance planned to attack Kaidou and his Beast Pirates. On the high seas, they encountered the Red Sword Sheaths, who were on a confrontation course with ships belonging to the Beasts Pirates. Kanjuro turned out to be Orochi’s spy here, who kidnapped Momonosuke. When the Beast Pirates attacked the alliance with their long-range cannons, Jinbe emerged and sank the enemy ship. With a new comrade at their side, the Straw Hat Pirates also took out the enemy sentries at the entrance to Onigashima.

To blend in with the beast pirates, Kinemon used his devil powers to outfit the rebels with camouflage after landing on the island. Sanji then headed inland with a few others. In the process, they passed Black Maria’s brothel, which the excited Sanji immediately entered in search of women. To his disappointment, however, he came out again without having encountered anyone. Sanji then separated from the group. He later showed up at the Live Stage in Kaidou’s castle, where Momonosuke was tied to the cross and about to be executed. Using the invisibility of his Raid Suit, Sanji was able to sneak past King and Queen, free Momonosuke, and hand him over to Shinobu. Sanji then collided with King, who rammed him into a tower. Due to the resilience of his Raid Suit, Sanji escaped relatively unscathed. Afterwards, the entire Straw Hat Pirates gathered on the Live Stage.

Sanji calls Robin to help.

Luffy and Sanji then made their way to the roof, where Kinemon was fighting Kaidou with the other samurai. Sanji, meanwhile, had to keep Luffy from getting involved in pointless fights. Shortly after, Jinbe joined the two. Together they fought their way up to the second floor, when Sanji suddenly heard the call of a woman, so he separated from Luffy and Jinbe. But this turned out to be a trap set by Black Maria and her subordinates. Black Maria captured Sanji in her cobwebs and tortured him. She demanded that he call for Nico Robin through the Marys to bait her. To Black Maria’s amazement, Sanji actually called for Robin’s help. The Cook then urged Black Maria to release him as she had promised, but the pirate wanted to make him her pet like the other men before. Before she could torture Sanji further, Robin Black slapped Maria with a huge hand. In addition, Brook freed Sanji from the cobwebs. After thanking Robin for his trust in her, Sanji left Black Maria to his friends in good conscience. He himself set off again to support Kinemon’s group.

Sanji with the bandaged Zoro

Meanwhile, Sanji heard through a transmission that the Beast Pirates were pursuing Momonosuke, so Sanji changed his destination once again. Before he arrived at Momonosuke’s house, Sanji was stopped by Trafalgar Law, who had just come down from the roof with Zoro. Law handed the badly injured Zoro to Sanji and disappeared as quickly as he had appeared. Angered by this appearance, Sanji of necessity provisionally doctored Zoro and bandaged him completely. From Kawamatsu, Sanji learned that Kinemon had already rushed to Momonosuke’s aid, so Zoro suggested heading to the live floor. While Sanji and Zoro fought their way through the ranks of the enemies, they heard through the Marys that Kaidou had defeated Luffy in the meantime. However, Zoro and Sanji doubted the veracity of this news. Afterwards, Sanji interfered in the fight between Chopper and Queen. Sanji praised Chopper for his perseverance against the main representative and handed Zoro to him. At the same time, he encouraged Chopper not to be rattled by Luffy’s supposed defeat. Queen, on the other hand, was to leave the reindeer to him.

Shortly thereafter, Zoro also intervened in the action again, who regained his strength thanks to a miracle medicine from the Minks. In a joint attack, Sanji and Zoro attacked King and Queen. When the two main representatives were back on their feet, Sanji noticed that his body felt strange since the use of the Raid Suit.


Sanji’s flag
(top old, bottom new)
  • Unlike Zoro, who fights with his swords mainly with his hands, Sanji uses only his legs to knock out the opponent with kicks.
  • There are two places where Sanji overrides this rule:
    • When the Straw Hat Pirates leaves Whisky Peak, he points a gun at Miss Bloody Sunday. However, he does not use it.
    • In the battle against Wanze, the CP7’s cook, he used kitchen knives in combat to cut the latter’s noodle armor.
  • Sanji initially wanted to cook Chopper and sometimes refers to him as “emergency provisions” to annoy him.
  • Sanji’s left eye was always covered by his bangs before the time jump. This is probably because Oda didn’t want to mirror its trademark, the curled eyebrow at the outer end. There has also been speculation that he has only one eye, for example, or that the other is permanently heart-shaped. There is a part in the manga where Sanji is lying on his back and his bangs do not cover his face, but there is a speech bubble in the way. Only after the time jump did we realize that Sanji also has a curled eyebrow on his left eye. However, it is not curled at the outer end, but at the inner end, which means that if you were to look at both eyebrows, they would be asymmetrical to each other.
    • However, there are a few places in the anime where you do see the left eye before the time jump, for example episodes 21, 27, 82 and 128.
  • His name derives from the Japanese word “sanji,” which means a midday meal (around 3 o’clock) (Although it can also mean “misfortune” or “terrible event” and can be associated with his past). His birthday, in turn, March 2, is derived from his name: San means 3 and ji 2, according to Japanese reading thus 2nd March. Furthermore, his name indicates that he is the third son of the Vinsmoke family.
  • As a child, Sanji tried smoking because he believed it would make him more adult.
  • Sanji has a panic fear of insects and spiders.
  • He describes himself as the “Love Cook.”
  • Sanji often uses the word “Mellorine” (a dairy-free alternative to ice cream) to describe his delight in Nami, Vivi, and Robin.
  • Sanji usually takes on the role of the lifeguard, for example if one of his friends falls into the water with devilish powers, it is usually Sanji who saves them! (Cf. Baratié Saga (Chapter 66), but also on Skypiea and Water 7).
  • Sanji is a chain smoker, but in the first American 4kids version this was changed, here he sucks lollipops continuously. After the anime series was sold to FUNimation, the cigarettes were retouched out completely for the TV broadcast on Cartoon Network. However, FUNimation’s streaming and home video exploitation is completely uncensored.
    • During the Totto Land arc, an animal copy created by Charlotte Brûlée can be seen as Sanji sucking on a lollipop.
  • Besides, Sanji has a great resemblance to Rocko from Pokémon. Rocko also likes beautiful women and can cook well, just like Sanji.
  • Movie 3 shows how Sanji got his pseudonym “Mr. Prince”. He wore the sunglasses for the whole movie. When the Straw Hats met the new Beast King Chopper again, Sanji said he would rather be a prince than a king. At the beginning of the fight between Sanji and Heavy, Heavy asked who he was. Sanji’s answer to that question was “the prince.” However, in the course of the fight between the two, his sunglasses broke.
  • Originally Oda had the name for Sanji Naruto intended (in reference to the crinkled eyebrow), but when the eponymous manga series Naruto in the Weekly Shōnen Jump, he chose Sanji.
  • Sanji’s blood type is S RH-. According to Chopper, it is very rare.
  • Sanji’s lighter, which he uses in One Piece movie Z and since the Punk Hazard arc, was designed by Oda in 2012 in cooperation with the French company S.T. Dupont. It is called “Sleeping Mermaid” and was only available in a limited edition.
  • Sanji’s punishment as a child of having to wear an iron mask because his father wanted to hide his identity parallels Duval, who also disguised his appearance with an iron mask. Ironically, so that the Navy did not confuse him with Sanji.
    • This could be an allusion to the real Man with iron mask an unknown state prisoner of Louis XIV in France, who was also imprisoned and wore an iron mask. The story of the man in the iron mask was told by the French writer Alexandre Dumas in a novel and was the subject of several feature films.
  • On 07 December 2019 in the city Mashiki, Kumamoto, erected a bronze statue of Sanji as part of the One Piece Kumamoto Revival Project.
  • You can see his autograph on Sanji’s Vivre Card and in Volume 333.
  • One Piece was part of Nissin Foods‘ advertising campaign called Hungry Days, which was to promote Cup Noodles. The ad features the Straw Hat Pirates and many other characters from the One Piece universe in a high school setting. The characters were created by the mangaka Eisaku Kubonouchi designed
  • Sanji stars in the one-shot Shokugeki no Sanji. This was released in honor of One Piece’s 21st birthday.
  • Physical excursion on Sanji’s kicking force

The following calculations are based on the following assumptions:

  • There is no wind
  • Sanji kicks Bon Curry and he flies 50 meters. So is x=50
  • Bon Curry is 6 feet tall and gets kicked in the face. So is y0=2
  • As Bon Curry hits the ground at the end. y=0
  • Sanji kicks horizontally, so is vy=0
  • Since a trajectory is always parabolic, we can now calculate how long Bon Curry’s flight will take:
  • So after only 0.64 seconds Bon Curry has flown 50 meters
  • This makes it possible to calculate what speed he had immediately after Sanji’s kick:
  • So Sanji’s kick abruptly accelerated him to 280.8 km/h!
  • Let’s assume that the contact between Sanji’s leg and Bon Curry’s head lasts 0.1 seconds….
  • So its acceleration is 780 m/s²
  • Let’s further assume that Bon Curry weighs in at 70 kg….
  • …then a force of 54600 newtons is needed to make it fly like that….
  • …which corresponds to a whopping 5571 kg.
  • In conclusion, both Sanji’s leg and Bon Curry’s neck are extremely solid, and Sanji displays monstrous kicking power!
Censorship in the US version (Cartoon Network)

Information from the SBS

  • According to Oda, Sanji has a kicking power of the equivalent of 21 bat (the power to destroy 21 baseball bats with one kick). (SBS Volume 8)
  • Oda reminds Sanji, if he were an animal, of a duck. (SBS Volume 20)
  • Sanji’s favorite island and season is Robin on a Nami island. (SBS Volume 38)
  • Sanji smells like cigarettes and seafood according to Chopper. (SBS Volume 40)
  • Sanji’s assigned color is blue. (SBS Volume 40)
  • Sanji’s assigned numbers are 05 and, following his name, 32 (3=san, 2=ji). (SBS Volume 40)
  • His favorite dish is spicy pasta with seafood and really anything you can drink black tea with. (SBS Volume 45) His least favorite is Devil’s Tongue, because it has no nutrient content. (SBS Volume 73)
  • If the Straw Hat Pirates were a family, Sanji would be the second son. (SBS Volume 48)
  • In SBS Volume 56, Oda shows us what Sanji would look like if he were female.
  • If Sanji lived in the real world, he would come from France. (SBS Volume 56)
  • Sanji’s thoughts are “women, Nami-san, Robin-chan, food, food” and as with all straw hats, “friendship.” (SBS Volume 59)
  • If each straw hat were assigned a flower that looked most like her/him, Sanji would bear the closest resemblance to a delphinium, according to Nico Robin’s Seiyuu Yuriko Yamaguchi. (SBS Volume 60)
  • If Sanji were president, women would be overreached. There would be total discrimination against men, so there would be a rebellion that Sanji would lose, and with it his position. (SBS Volume 61)
  • Sanji, like Nami and Nico Robin, bathes every day. (SBS Volume 67)
  • In response to a reader’s question about whether the model for Sanji… Leonardo DiCaprio was, Oda replied that many people suspected this. In fact, however, served Steve Buscemi in his role as “Mr. Pink” in Reservoir Dogs as a template. (SBS Volume 68)
  • Trafalgar Law’s nickname for Sanji is. Blackfoot-ya(SBS Volume 72)
  • Sanji would be the prefecture in Japan Kyōto represent. (SBS Volume 72)
  • Sanji goes to sleep at 00:00 and gets up again at 05:00. (SBS Volume 74)
  • If Sanji wasn’t a pirate, he would be working in a beauty salon. (SBS Volume 76)
  • Seafood is what Sanji is best at cooking, though he is basically good at preparing anything. (SBS Volume 79)
  • Like Zoro, Nami and Franky, Sanji doesn’t like eating ice cream. (SBS Volume 84)
  • In a 50-meter race, Sanji would finish in 2nd place. (SBS Volume 85)
  • Because Sanji is the only one of his brothers in whom the genetic manipulations have not taken effect, Sanji has blond hair like his father. (SBS Volume 87)
  • In the SBS to Volume 98, Oda drew Sanji at 40 and 60.
  • Suppose Sanji ate a devil fruit, then he would receive the powers of the swim fruit. (SBS Volume 98)
  • Sanji likes his fried eggs best fried on both sides, poached and with salty sauce. (SBS Volume 99)

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