Samurai (jap. 侍 ~ samurai) are swordsmen from Wano Country.

Features & Properties

Typical features, as exhibited by Kinemon and Ryuma, is the typical samurai braid, a kimono, and the wooden sandals called Geta (footwear). They are said to be so strong that even the navy stays away from Wano Country.

The samurai are not familiar with devil fruit due to the Isolationism on Wano Country. Whenever devil powers were involved, Kinemon and Kanjuro referred to them as “magic” from a strange fruit.

The Samurai are especially concerned with their pride and honor. Kinemon, for example, would not admit to being cold or hungry. He would also rather commit the ritual suicide Seppuku than admit defeat as he did in the battle against Trafalgar Law. Similar traits were evident in Momonosuke, who refused to accept help from strangers and preferred to starve for ten days.

They also possess an old-fashioned attitude towards women. When Kinemon was beaten by Nami, a woman, he wanted to kill himself. He also stated that women should walk three steps behind the man and speak calmly and meekly.

Known Samurai

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