Salome of One Piece

Salome is Boa Hancock’s companion animal.


Salome is very big compared to the boas of the other Kuja. Hancock therefore often uses her as a seat. On her head she wears a skull and a blue mane, which is untypical for a snake. Salome has white skin and some pink spots on it. She also wears a purple bandana.


Salome usually stays near her mistress and follows her everywhere, so she was present during the battle between Marigold and Sandersonia, serving as Hancock’s throne.

She also accompanied Hancock to the fight against Whitebeard and his crew in Marine Ford. Hancock spoke with her, voicing her concerns about Luffy to the Serpent.


  • It is not known if Boa Hancock also uses Salome as a weapon like the other Kuja.

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