Saldeath of One Piece

Saldeath is the keeper-commander of the Blugori of Impel Down.


Saldeath before the time jump

Like many employees of the Impel Downs, Saldeath’s appearance is reminiscent of that of the devil. On his white hat with a black skull are two horns and he always carries a trident. A special feature of Saldeath is his size, because he is about half the size of a normal human. His eyes are always half closed and he seems to have little or no hair. He wears a yellow shirt with a black tie and a white suit with equally white pants over it. Saldeath still has yellow shoes and gloves on.

During the time jump, Saldeath has grown significantly. While at 16 he was only about half the size of a normal human, after the time jump he measures over two meters.


Not much is known about Saldeath’s personality. As he is a high-ranking employee in Impel Down, he probably also considers criminals and pirates to be inferior and does not want to let a prisoner escape under any circumstances in order to protect the civilian population.

Skills, strength and power

Saldeath has a grip on the Blugori

Since he was never really seen fighting, nothing is known about his strength. If he does fight, it’s probably with his trident. As the commander of the Blugori, he holds a high position in Impel Down, so he seems to be trusted a lot. He controls the Blugori with his trident, which has holes in it. This allows Saldeath to play it like a flute, and the beasts obey his word.


Riot at Impel Down

Saldeath caught Luffy, Buggy and Galdino

Just as Luffy, Buggy, and Galdino arrived at Level 3, the guards there had a sea net raised as the three were in position. Saldeath, some guards, and the Blugori showed up to take care of the prisoners. Saldeath still remarked that they were lucky to have been captured by him, as the guardian beasts would be lurking further back. However, the Sphinx, who was also in the net, tore it apart, giving Luffy and the other two a chance to escape.

Later, Saldeath and the Sphinx crossed paths again in Level 3. When the Sphinx was defeated by Luffy and Bon Kurei, Saldeath became concerned about the fact that another prisoner had now escaped. As a result, he went back to Level 2 and, along with the Blugori, suppressed the uprising there so that the remaining troops could join him in Level 4. It was also brought under control and the prisoners were back in their cells. But Saldeath also reported that some keys were still missing.

Ivankov defeats the Blugori

Later, Hannyabal called troops to level 5, including Saldeath. Now that they were pulling out of Level 2, Buggy and Mister 3 saw their chance and freed some prisoners again. Of course, the few guards left on that level noticed this and called for reinforcements from Hannyabal through the Blugori. Meanwhile, a big fight had broken out in level 4 and some guards asked Saldeath to send his Blugori on Ivankov. Ivankov, however, defeated them with a Hell Wink.

After the two-year time jump, Saldeath is still employed at Impel Down and has grown significantly.


Saldeath as a child
  • In Japanese, his name is “Sarudesu”. “Saru Desu” (jap. 猿です) means “I am a monkey”which is how Luffy interpreted it and therefore misunderstood him.
  • In the SBS to volume 69, Saldeath is seen as a child.
  • His favorite food is Bulgogi.

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