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Sai is a member of the Chinjao family from Kano Country. On Dress Rosa, he participated in the tournament at the Corrida Colosseum with his brother Boo and his grandfather Chinjao to win the Fire Fruit. Currently, he is the husband of Baby 5 and, since the events on Dress Rosa, the 13th commander of the Happou Navy. As such, he is henceforth referred to as Don Sai. He is also in debt to the Straw Hat Pirates, which is why he joins the Straw Hat Grand Fleet as its commander on Dress Rosa.


Sai as a toy

Sai is a well-built man of normal height. He has dark brown, wild hair and sideburns. His clothing consists of a dark green cloak with a wide white collar and wide blue and yellow striped pants, which are held up by a red cloth belt. On his feet he wears black shoes. His most distinctive features are the tattoo in the shape of a 13 on his torso and the lack of a belly button.


Sai gets aggressive extremely easily. For example, after refusing Luffy’s thanks, he talked himself into such a rage that he shouted loudly at the straw-hatted captain and gave him the middle finger. In itself, Sai seems to get into something quickly. Another example of this is when he first apologized to a doctor normally for getting loud, then got down on his knees shortly after, and then asked for forgiveness loudly at the end.

He also seems to value fairness. For example, he stood up for Luffy after he was supposed to be eliminated from the tournament for fighting Spartan early, even though the Star Gladiator started the fight. He also doesn’t mind a “dirty” victory, as he stopped Baby 5 from committing suicide after Sai jokingly told her to. He knocked her to the ground and declared that he didn’t want to win like that.

By his own account, he lost all brotherly emotions, but still took revenge on Boo when the latter was defeated. But not out of familial charity, but because he feels responsible for his comrades as commander of the Happou Navy.

Skills and strength

The Hasshoken technique

Sai, like Don Chinjao and Boo, is proficient in Hasshoken. His attacks generate vibrations and a kind of shockwave that are capable of shattering a fighter’s helmet and armour through his shield. According to Sai, no defense can do anything against the blow.

While protecting Baby 5 from his grandfather, unimagined powers awoke in Sai and his kick became so strong that he was able to bend his grandfather’s head, which had been laced with haki. Don Chinjao then declared that Sai was now strong enough to split even an iceberg with his kick, so he officially declared him the leader of the Happo Navy. As a result, Sai also defeated Lao G, a high-ranking commander of the Donquixote Pirates, with a single kick, which even allowed him to tear a rift in the ground at the same time. This also showed that Sai is capable of using Busoushoku. Furthermore, he has mastered the Kenbunshoku.


At an unknown time, Sai was promised by his grandfather Uholisia, the daughter of the leader of the Nihou Navy, so that both teams would join forces. Sai himself did not actually want this to happen. Chinjao continued to give the position of 13th commander to Sai, even though Chinjao himself still remained in the gang as a mentor to keep an eye on Sai, which angered the latter.


Battle Royale at the Corrida Colosseum

Luffy defeats Sai

Along with his grandfather Don Chinjao and brother Boo, Sai traveled to Dress Rosa to compete in the Fire Fruit Tournament at the Corrida Colosseum. When Luffy, after fighting Spartan in the waiting room, was to be eliminated from the tournament early, he stood up for him since he had not started the fight himself. When the Straw Hat captain thanked him afterwards, Sai became enraged and had to be dragged away by Boo.

During the Battle Royales in Block C, Sai fought against other gladiators who had no chance against him. With the help of his skills, it was easy for him to defeat the less strong opponents without further ado. When his brother was defeated by Kelly Funk and Bobby Funk, he avenged the latter by defeating the two hitmen. Afterwards, he found himself in a fight with Ideo, and they proved to be evenly matched. However, now that his grandfather and Luffy were moving towards each other to fight, Sai and Ideo were in the way. With a kick from Luffy, he was eventually kicked out of the ring. From the water belt around the arena, he then watched as his grandfather met the Straw Hat Pirate and the shockwave of their punch swept over the audience.

Prisoner in the underground port

Captured participants

After ending up in the Dress Rosa underground with the other defeated gladiators, it was revealed that the gladiator Ricky was actually the former King Riku Doldo III. Sai then said that with his fall, the neighboring countries suffered great damage. Thus, Doflamingo was supplying weapons to the rebels of Ka no Kuni, after which the king sent the three members of the Happou Navy to locate and destroy the weapons factory. Shortly after, Sai was transported out of the room by Trébol and turned into a living toy by Sugar. Willing and unable to resist, he obeyed the orders given to him. When Sugar lost consciousness at the hands of Usopp, the curse was broken and he transformed back.

Alliance against Doflamingo

Together against the tyrant

When Pica’s factory and palace were moved and Doflamingo used his devilish powers to imprison the island’s inhabitants in his bird cage, Luffy, Zoro and Law set out to take out Doflamingo. Cavendish, Don Chinjao as well as Hajrudin and many other gladiators from the Corrida Colosseum who had been turned into toys joined the three.

Don Chinjao took the opportunity to tell Luffy that he no longer held a grudge against him. Sai further explained that it was actually the Happo Navy’s job to find and destroy Doflamingo’s black market, however they would now pay their debt to the Straw Hat and get Doflamingo’s head for him.

So the new alliance raced off together to take on the Donquixote pirate gang, and while Luffy, Jeet, Abdullah, Law and Zoro rode the bull Ucy across the Pica statue to level 2, the rest of the gladiators took the long way from level to level, fighting their way through the crowds. When they almost reached level 3, however, they were stopped by the officers of the Donquixote Pirates. Don Chinjao still wanted to charge through, but was stopped by Gladius from reaching the third level of the new King’s Plateau. The gladiators then decided to fight the officers so that the Straw Hat could make it to Doflamingo unhindered. Sai got involved in a fight with Baby 5 in the process.

The head of the Happou Navy

Sai Defeats Lao G

During the course of the fight, Sai made several comments and battle announcements which Baby 5 completely misunderstood. Believing that Sai was flirting with her and making declarations of love, Baby 5 then fell in love with Sai and vowed to do anything for him. Sai, in turn, believed this was a ruse by his opponent and said that he needed to defeat as many officers of the Donquixote Pirates as possible to pay his debt to the Straw Hat.

Baby 5 shortly after turned her hand into a gun, pointed it at her head, and was willing to kill herself to be useful to him by doing so, which shocked Sai, as he didn’t want to win that way. Sai tried to stop her, which brought the wrath of his grandfather, who was of the belief that it was shameful to help an opponent. Besides, he had already betrothed Sai to someone else. Chinjao, in his anger, then wanted to attack both Sai and Baby 5.

However, Sai repelled the attack, thus protecting Baby 5 and preventing her from committing suicide. As Sai then noticed, his kick was suddenly so strong that it even managed to knock Chinjao’s head over. His grandfather was proud of his grandson, as he had finally gained the strength necessary to run the gang on his own.

Chinjao then gave Sai his blessing as the official leader of the Happou Navy and would no longer interfere in any decisions. However, the conversation was disrupted by Lao G, who ambushed Chinjao and slammed him into the nearest rock. Lao G explained that everything on this island belonged to Doflamingo, including the humans, which is why he couldn’t let Sai take Baby 5 away from him. Sai was going to make Baby 5 his wife when he won, and defeated Lao G with just a kick to the face, which ripped a crack in the ground, into which Lao G then fell.

Final Battle on Dress Pink

After Sai’s victory, he and his fellow soldiers were threatened by Pica on the second level, as he wanted to punish Baby 5 for their treachery. Sai took the attack from Pica and then had to watch as he strode towards the old king’s plateau in his stone giant form to kill King Riku. Later, as the birdcage slowly contracted, he told his grandfather, Elizabello, and Orlumbus that they needed to wake up their defeated comrades so they wouldn’t be killed by the birdcage.

He and the other former gladiatorial combatants were temporarily cured by Mansherry’s devil powers shortly thereafter and appeared near the new King’s Plateau. There, some Donquixote pirates blocked the way of the civilians. The fighters defeated the pirates and then helped stop the birdcage. After Luffy’s victory, they watched as the birdcage finally disintegrated. They rested in the royal palace afterwards.

Foundation of the Straw Hat Fleet

The seven leaders pledge their allegiance to Luffy

While Luffy was recovering from his fight against Doflamingo, the former fighters of the Colosseum discussed how to proceed. They all decided to join the Straw Hat Pirates permanently as allies. After Luffy recovered and the navy – led by Fujitora – moved out to capture him, the pirates fled the navy on Orlumbus’ ship with the help of the civilian population. Once at sea, Cavendish, Bartolomeo, Sai, Hajrudin, Ideo, Leo, and Orlumbus communicated their decision to Luffy.

The exchange of sake bowls was to seal the alliance. Luffy, however, declined because he felt commanding a fleet of several pirate gangs was too uptight. He didn’t want to have supreme command over them, but to continue to allow them their freedom. However, should one of their own ever need assistance, he would rush to help, and vice versa should he need their assistance again.

The seven leaders were then only more convinced of their resolve, and declared that if they had freedom to do as they pleased, they would still become his allies, no matter what Luffy might say. Thereupon the Straw Hat Grand Fleet was formed.

The stories of the self-proclaimed Straw Hat Grand Fleet

Sai along with the Happou Navy set off for the homeland. Once there, Sai spoke to his formerly fiancée and broke off the engagement, whereupon she angrily beat him up. His body still completely wrapped in bandages, however, he subsequently married Baby 5, which brought great joy to all present.


Sai also attended the Levely and was pleased to meet Rebecca and Leo, whom he recognized immediately. However, he whispered in the latter’s ear that he wanted to sever ties with the World Government following the World Conference. During the turmoil surrounding Shirahoshi, he desperately tried to stop Rebecca from interfering, as it might result in the destruction of Dress Rosa. However, when Leo stormed off, Sai joined him, but was stopped by the CP0. It took the intervention of Saint Mjosgard to put an end to the goings-on, placing Princess Shirahoshi under his personal protection.


Sai as a child
  • The number tattoo 13 on his right side indicates his position in the Happou Navy as the 13th chief.
  • Sai’s name, in combination with Happo Navy, forms a pun on chop suey (Jap. 八宝菜, Happousai).
  • Like many characters, Sai also has a distinctive laugh. In his case, it is a string of several kas, that is, kakakaka.
  • His favorite food is his wife’s bento. His hate dish is crabs.
  • In the SBS to Volume 82, Oda draws Sai as a child.

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