Sadi of One Piece

Sady is warden-commander of the guardian beasts of the Impel Down.


The commander wears a very revealing pink suit. The sleeves are kept wide and feature several prongs. Sady’s eyes are always covered by the bangs of her orange hair, and on her head she wears horns that are part of her clothing. Her appearance is rounded off by a white cape, with a trident also being part of her appearance. She also wears white earrings in the shape of a candle.


Sady has a sadistic streak, so she likes it when other people suffer and can’t get enough of their screams. As a complete contrast, she encourages everyone to append the contraction “-chan” to her name. Likewise, she cares about her Guardian Beasts, so she was shocked that Minotaur was defeated and wanted revenge for it. However, the Guardian Beasts were whipped by her because they couldn’t find Bentham.

Skills, strength and power

Sady and her whip

As commander of the Guardian Beasts, Sady holds a very high position in the Impel Down hierarchy. She receives her orders from Magellan himself. The beasts are unconditionally devoted to her.

Sady is – although she actually always lets the guardian beasts fight for her – very strong. In battle she uses a whip. With this she could even bring down a stone bridge. Nevertheless, it was easy for Ivankov to defeat her and tie her up.


Rebuke of the navy

Sady denies entry

When a squad of marines planned to invade the prison to capture the intruder Monkey D. Luffy, they were stopped by Sady. The latter forbade the trot of marines from entering Impel Down, as outside help would immeasurably add to the ignominy that an intruder would bring to the surmountable prison anyway. However, she also added that the marines wouldn’t be of much help anyway, as the inside of Impel Down is one hell of a maze. People unfamiliar with it would be lost in it. Sady-chan stopped the marines from securing the outside of the prison for this reason, and immediately made her way inside with a giant koala that appeared behind her. They then closed the drawbridge at the front gate, Impel Down’s only entrance and exit, thus hermetically sealing it from the inside.

The fight against the invaders

Sady-chan vs. Emporio Ivankov

Later, she was in Level 4 with three of her Guardian Beasts to stop Luffy along with Magellan, Hannyabal, and some guards. One guard reported the defeat of the Minotaur. Horrified by this, Sady wanted to take revenge on Luffy for this, however she was assigned by Magellan to guard the gate to level 5. After Luffy was defeated by Magellan, he sent her and her beasts to the third level to look for Bentham. They didn’t find him, however, so Sady and her charges were called to level 4 by Hannyabal as reinforcements. There, they guarded the exit leading to the third level. The beasts defeated some escaped prisoners until suddenly Luffy, Crocodile and Jinbe finished them off. The shocked Sady now faced the prisoners alone and defeated a lot of them with the help of her whip. However, she was attacked and tied up by Emporio Ivankov shortly after. Despite this, she was still able to order the guardian beasts to take the elevator to the first level to prevent the intruders from escaping. However, they were again defeated by Luffy, Crocodile, and Jinbe.

After the two-year time jump, she still works at the Impel Down and has fallen in love with Magellan, now Vice Principal.


Sady as a child
  • There is often a “Mmmmhhh~ <3” in her sentences.
  • Their favorite food is the agonized screams of their captives.
  • In the SBS to volume 69, Sady is seen as a child.

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