Sabo of One Piece

Sabo was a childhood friend of Ace and Luffy. He is also the son of a nobleman. After being shot at by a world aristocrat while at sea, Luffy and Ace believed he was dead. However, on Dress Rosa, Sabo reappeared as Chief of Staff (Eng. manga) or Tactical Director (Eng. anime) (jap. 参謀総長, Sanbō Sōchō) and Number 2 of the Revolutionary Army, and covertly entered the tournament at the Corrida Colosseum for Luffy as “Lucy” to win the Fire Fruit.


Sabo with 10 years

Sabo was a boy about Ace’s age ten years ago. He had blond hair at the time and wore a scarf around his neck. He also wore light-colored pants and black shoes, as well as a dark jacket and an oversized black top hat with glasses on it. Another characteristic was that he was missing a tooth in his upper row of teeth.

On Dress Rosa, Sabo first assumed Luffy’s identity as Lucy, taking on his red cape, helmet, and sunglasses. To make his disguise more believable, he also painted an X-shaped scar on his chest. He still carried a pipe as a weapon. When he removed his disguise, it was apparent that he had acquired a large scar on his left eye. However, the rest of his clothing matched that of his childhood.


Sabo was a young thief who had already made himself known on the island. He was able to calm down the angry Ace very quickly when he tried to hit Luffy, but Sabo reminded him that he was just saying thank you. He had the courage to storm out of home and take up residence in Gray Terminal, and likewise to rush to the aid of his friends when Gray Terminal was about to be burned to the ground. He was greatly embarrassed that he was a nobleman, so that he harbored rage against them. His dislike for her was so deeply ingrained that it remained even after his amnesia, though he had even forgotten his own name. Also, unlike many aristocrats in One Piece, he never considered himself better because of his lineage. His dream was to enjoy freedom as a pirate and travel the world.

Not being able to save his brother Ace from his fate due to his memory loss took a toll on Sabo. Because of this, he even put the well-being of his remaining brother Luffy above his duties to the Revolutionary Army. Koala has called him a selfish man because of this, and it seems this wasn’t the first time she and Hack had to suffer because of Sabo’s high-handed actions. Sabo continues to have habits of hanging up in the middle of phone conversations, which usually annoys Koala or Hack.

Skills & Strength

Sabo in battle against Burgess

Sabo is a talented thief, in addition to being a good fighter for his age. Even at a young age, it became apparent that he was born with just as much fighting ability. Thus, he managed to knock out the much older and stronger pirate Porchemy. He is Ace’s equal, which he proved in several training fights with him, winning 24 times and losing 26 times in 50 fights. His weapon was a long steel pipe. During his time with the Revolutionaries, he was trained by Hack in hand-to-hand combat until he was 13 years old. After that, Dragons took care of his own training, as Hack could no longer teach him anything.

Twelve years later, Sabo had risen to become a leading member of the Revolutionary Army. He continued to use his steel pipe as his weapon. With it, he managed to destroy the sword of Diamante, the hero of the Corrida Colosseum and one of the top commanders of Donquixote Doflamingo, without any problems. Moreover, he is able to strengthen the pipe by means of Haki, but also with the help of his newly acquired devil powers. This is because during his mission in Dress Rosa, he gained the powers of the Fire Fruit and can completely transform his body into fire and produce it. He thus proved to be a worthy opponent against Admiral Fujitora. Even Jesus Burgess couldn’t do much to counter his newly acquired power and was defeated with relative ease.

Sabo has acquired the power of the Fire Fruit

But even without his weapon or his devil powers, namely with his bare hands Sabo has a high destructive power. He uses a special fighting technique in which he forms his fingers like the claws of a dragon. According to his own account, this also gives them the strength of one, and they can exert enough pressure to crush a human skull like an eggshell, which he also demonstrated on Vice Admiral Bastille’s bone mask. He destroyed Jesus Burgess’ elbow armor, armored with Haki, like this with his bare hands, which he had also reinforced with Haki beforehand. He could also destroy iron, in the form of cannons and swords, such as Vice Admiral Bastille’s sword, with ease. Furthermore, he collapsed the entire ring of the Coliseum with his battle technique, ending the tournament. In addition, he has mastered Observation Shaki.


The escape from home

Sabo had a difficult past

Before Sabo settled in Gray Terminal, he lived in a mansion with his noble parents. While they taught young Sabo manners and polite behavior, the latter suffered from the imposed mores. His parents hardly gave any sign of love. If Sabo played or painted, he was forbidden to do so, as it was not productive or did not help to improve the status of his family. If he had a quarrel with a child whose parents were richer, his parents sided with the other child. He escaped and found his place in Gray Terminal, where he also set up camp.

Life with Ace and Luffy

Sabo beats down Porchemy

10 years ago, after Dadan took in Luffy and also Ace before that, Ace met up with Sabo in Gray Terminal, where they both had their lair. Luffy also showed up, however he was unwanted and had been steadily following Ace for the past few weeks, which visibly bothered the latter. Sabo and Ace, who were not thrilled with Luffy’s appearance, decided to execute the boy, which proved difficult as they had never killed anyone before. A short time later, Luffy was taken hostage by Porchemy as he was looking for Ace and Sabo. He tortured him for several hours, but the latter revealed nothing about Ace and Sabo. Finally, the two revealed themselves and attacked Porchemy. When he tried to go after Ace, Sabo knocked him right out. They grabbed Luffy and fled to Dadan’s hut. The latter had already learned quite a bit about young Sabo, so she was not impressed by his appearance.

Nevertheless, she let the boy squat in her hut. He, Ace, and Luffy kept the little family constantly supplied with food. Meanwhile, Luffy trained his devil power under the supervision of Ace and Sabo. Even though Luffy could never win, he was constantly improving. As the three boys roamed the capital of the Goa Kingdom, bouncing tipples in several pubs, they encountered a man who approached Sabo about coming back home with him. After they fled, Sabo told Luffy and Ace his story.

The son of a nobleman

Sabo is forced..,to return home

He confessed to them that he was the son of a nobleman. He was not an orphan, nor was he born in Gray Terminal. The man who had called him was his father. As they planned their future, they toasted it and their new brotherhood together and drank the sake Dadan had pilfered. Much time passed and the three boys grew bigger and stronger. One day Sabo was captured by Bluejam and delivered to his father. The latter ordered the pirates to take care of the two children. Sabo, however, saved his brothers by swearing allegiance to his father. Weeping, he followed his father.

Back in his mansion, he was introduced to his adopted brother Sterry, whom the young rebel did not want to love, so he beat him and made off again. On the way he heard that Gray Terminal was to be destroyed, as in a short time a world aristocrat was to come and survey the kingdom. The next morning, Sabo ran in shock towards the gigantic mountain of garbage to warn the people living there, as they knew nothing about it.

Sabo meets Dragon

Desperately he tried to save some of the inhabitants, but he couldn’t do it. Luffy and Ace, who had been tied to a stake in the sea of flames by Bluejam, were able to free themselves, but they were surrounded by the endless flames. In desperation Sabo turned to a hooded man to whom he described his situation. To this a fellow soldier now announced that the preparations for his plan were complete. He was recaptured and brought home. He was now to learn, like Sterry, and make his parents happy. The adopted son therefore meant to be always there for his father, who went with him to buy expensive clothes, because of the imminent arrival of the “sky dragons”. However, Sabo escaped again, he was seen sailing outside the city on the day of the arrival of the World Nobles.

Sabo’s departure

Sabo’s ship is sunk byWorld Aristocrat Jalmack

There Sabo went to meet the ship of the world aristocrat Jalmack, the latter opened fire on Sabo as the ship was in his way. Sabo desperately tried to put out the fire, however, he was unable to control it, so it sank. Later, Luffy and Ace learned through a suicide note from Sabo that he was heading out to the open sea. Both assumed that Sabo had perished.

Against expectations, Dragon was able to save the boy from drowning, but not without preventing long-term health consequences for Sabo. After Dragon had Sabo treated by his ship’s doctor, he woke up with no memories of his past. He even didn’t remember his name, but fortunately a follower of Dragon’s was able to find it while rummaging through Sabo’s personal belongings.

Dragon suggested taking him back to his parents, but Sabo felt a deep dislike for his childhood home inside him. For this reason, the revolutionaries kept him with them and trained him. Hack took care of his training, but three years later he couldn’t teach him anything, so Dragon himself trained him from then on. About three years later, Koala joined the revolutionaries. She, Hack, and Sabo became friends and fulfilled missions for the Revolutionary Army together. During the two-year time jump, he also met Nico Robin. He suggested teaching her the Dragon Claw, but ended up supporting Koala when she taught Nico Robin some basics of Fishman Karate.



Sabo was first mentioned by Ace when he spoke to Luffy shortly before his death.

…If it was the Sabo thing…
…and a little brother like you..,
who I had to look after,
…I wouldn’t have lived..,
…I wouldn’t have wanted to live…
-Ace shortly before his death.
Sabo regains his memory

Sabo had not regained his memory by this time. It wasn’t until he read the news of Firefist Ace’s death that memories of his childhood surfaced before his eyes, and tears came to his eyes for not being able to help his brother. The shock was so great that he went into a coma for three days, even suffering from a high fever. Hack and Koala had been very worried about him during that time. When he woke up again, he sought to talk to Dragon. In a cover story, Sabo was seen visiting the grave of Ace and Whitebeard after two years and placing a bottle of sake and three saké bowls in front of it. He also pinned a newspaper to Ace’s gravestone that reported the return of the Straw Hat Pirates.


Sabo meets Luffy for the first time in 12 years

Contrary to expectations, Sabo was not dead. He suddenly appeared just before the deciding match for the Fire Fruit in the Corrida Colosseum on Dress Rosa. Luffy could no longer attend the tournament, as Donquixote Doflamingo had dragged Trafalgar Law off to his palace.

After a brief conversation with Luffy, who was surprised to see his brother who was believed dead before him, Sabo promised the Straw Hat that he would take care of the Fire Fruit. He then assumed Luffy’s identity as Lucy and entered the ring for him so that the latter could save Law and defeat Doflamingo. Just before the final match, he encountered Rebecca and assured her that he meant no harm. Dress Rosa reminded him somewhat of his own homeland.

Sabo vs Admiral Fujitora

Shortly after, the finals began and Sabo, disguised as Lucy, entered the ring. The Fire Fruit lay as a prize in a chest on the back of a struggling fish. Sabo immediately tried to get to the Fire Fruit, but was prevented from doing so by Diamante. He broke the latter’s sword and then messed with Jesus Burgess. Sabo also broke the latter’s elbow armor. As the fight continued, he instructed Bartolomeo to protect Rebecca from Diamante. Then, after finally changing back the toys Sugar had transformed, Sabo blew up the entire ring to win the match. Sabo took advantage of the chaos and grabbed the Fire Fruit, then bit into it. He caught Rebecca and destroyed the remaining ring with a fire fist. He then met up with Koala and Hack, also members of the Revolutionaries. They had come to Dress Rosa to stop the island’s arms shipments, which supported wars in other countries.

After Doflamingo locked the island in its birdcage, Sabo set out alone. He shortly confronted the navy, which was hot on the heels of Luffy and his gladiatorial alliance. Sabo felt it was his duty to protect his little brother. He first took out the lowly marines and Vice Admiral Bastille before facing off against Fujitora. However, they broke off the duel prematurely. A short time later, after protecting some civilians from falling debris, he made his way back to the Coliseum, where he freed the prisoner gladiators from their cells. Koala then contacted him, as she observed Jesus Burgess targeting Luffy. Sabo immediately went on his way.

Sabo takes down Jesus Burgess.

Before Jesus Burgess could lay a hand on the weakened Luffy, Sabo stepped in. He kicked the “champion” away and made it clear that he was Lucy from the Coliseum eating the Fire Fruit. Burgess changed his plan and went for Sabo’s devil fruit. However, Sabo was clearly superior to Burgess and defeated him with his devil powers. In a last desperate act, Burgess provoked Sabo into letting his guard down. Sabo saw through his plan and severely injured him with a fire fist. He then planned to meet with Koala and the other revolutionaries in the underground port. The night after the events, he went to Kyros’ house where the Straw Hats were recovering from the fighting. He wanted to see Luffy’s face one last time, but he was already asleep. To the others he reported his memory loss. Shortly after, he left Dress Rosa, as the CP0 was already on their way back to the island. Before that, he had a Vivre Card made by Luffy, of which he took a piece with him.


Sabo eventually returned to the Revolutionaries’ headquarters, which was, however, discovered by Jesus Burgess shortly after and subsequently destroyed by the Blackbeard pirates.


After Sabo’s whereabouts were initially unknown, he was seen again on Momoiro, the Revolutionaries’ new headquarters. There he, along with Dragon, Koala, Ivankov, and Inazuma, awaited the rest of the Revolutionary Army commanders to discuss their plans at the upcoming Levely. Sabo, meanwhile, was amused by Luffy’s newspaper article regarding the events on Whole Cake Island.

Mary Geoise

The Revolutionaries vs. Two Admirals

Just before the Levely began, Sabo infiltrated Mary Geoise with Morley, Lindbergh, and Karasu. In doing so, he took over as a guard for his stepbrother, King Sterry. The mission of the four revolutionaries was to free Bartholomew Kuma, who in the meantime had to serve the World Nobles as a slave. Thereby, according to Sabo, there were only the alternatives success or death for them. On the fourth day of the Levely, a fight finally broke out between Sabo as well as his companions and the two admirals Fujitora and Aramaki. The exact outcome is unknown, however, the Levely ended on schedule and the World Economy newspaper had a harrowing report on Sabo.


  • On the cover of Chapter 596, Sabo is shown as an adult for the first time.
  • The crossed-out S on Ace’s upper arm is meant to commemorate Sabo. The S represents Sabo’s pirate flag, which is crossed by two bones.
  • Like each of the three brothers, he also has a peculiar headgear.
  • Sabo’s character design is likely an homage to Artful Dodger, a character from Charles Dickens’ novel Oliver Twist
  • Eiichiro Oda, who is a huge Dragon Ball and Mobile Suit Gundam fan in his own right, chose Sabo’s voice actor, Tooru Furuya.
  • Just like Luffy, Sabo often mispronounces other people’s names.
  • In SBS Volume 90, Oda drew Sabo at 40 and 60.
  • His favorite food is Ramen.

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