Rusukaina is an island in the Calm Belt. Monkey D. Luffy trained on it with Silvers Rayleigh for a total of two years to become stronger.


Rusukaina has a total of 48 seasons per year. This means that the season changes every week.

Similar to Little Gardens, there is seemingly a large jungle on the island, with at least three volcanoes jutting out in the midst. Many of the massive trees also have a mushroom-shaped form. A species of Daft Green tree also grows on Rusukaina, according to Rayleigh this is the only safe place on the island.


Rusukaina is not home to a single human being. However, a country is said to have existed on the island in the past, but the inhabitants could not stand up to the extremely strong beasts in the fight for survival. According to Rayleigh’s estimate, there are at least 500 beasts that are stronger than Luffy, who already has tremendous strength.

Within the two years, Luffy had made friends with the animals of the island.


After Luffy suffered defeat after defeat after his stay on the Sabaody Archipelago and was also separated from his crew, Rayleigh made a proposal to him to delay his reunion with his crew for two years in order to train on Rusukaina. In the process, he also forbade Hancock to visit her lover. On their first day, Rayleigh explained the powers of Haki to his apprentice, and was able to take out a giant elephant without a single touch. The following day, Luffy put down his straw hat and Rayleigh’s Vivre Card at the only safe place on the island, officially beginning the training. He learned Gear 4 among other things there, and took a lot from Rayleigh that he remembered in later battles.

Two years later, Luffy was picked up by Hancock, her sisters Marigold and Sandersonia, and Marguerite and Nyon to leave for the Sabaody Archipelago. Rayleigh had parted ways with him six months earlier, after teaching the captain all he could about Haki.


  • Rusukaina translates as“anyone at home?„.

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